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Nancy Grace

WATCH: Nancy Grace Cuts Mic During Heated Clash Over George Zimmerman

Posted 07.12.2013 | Media

Nancy Grace hosted George Zimmerman's friend Frank Taaffe on her Tuesday HLN show but ended up cutting his mic during the interview. Taaffe was sp...

CNN Reportedly Bans Nancy Grace From 'GMA'

The Huffington Post | Rebecca Shapiro | Posted 07.05.2013 | Media

HLN host Nancy Grace was allegedly banned from appearing on "Good Morning America," the New York Post reported on Friday. Grace regularly appeared ...

'Tragedy Tick' Nancy Grace Is Really Creeping Jon Out

Posted 05.10.2013 | Comedy

Ever found yourself watching Nancy Grace and thinking, "something is very, very wrong with this woman"? So has Jon Stewart. Jon opened Thursday's "...

Jon Stewart Mocks Nancy Grace

Posted 07.09.2013 | Media

Jon Stewart took CNN to task on Wednesday for its coverage of the Jodi Arias trial. The network has gone all in on the salacious court case, but St...

WATCH: Something's Off About This CNN Interview

Posted 05.09.2013 | Media

CNN aired a split screen interview between Ashleigh Banfield and Nancy Grace on Tuesday. The only problem? The two hosts appeared to be speaking from ...

Nancy Grace Delivers Reliably Bonkers Coverage Of Jodi Arias Trial

The Huffington Post | Jack Mirkinson | Posted 07.08.2013 | Media

With the Jodi Arias trial reaching its climactic moment on Wednesday, the eyes of the nation turned, as they always do, to Nancy Grace. The HLN anc...

WATCH: Nancy Grace Gets Jodi Arias's Beauty Tips

Posted 05.08.2013 | Comedy

As the Jodi Arias murder comes to a close, Nancy Grace has a lot to ask about sex, lies and murder. Or, scratch that. Nancy Grace has a lot to ask abo...

Survey: Results Suggest Neither Acquittal Nor Death Likely in Jodi Arias Murder Trial

Tanya Young Williams | Posted 05.30.2013 | Crime
Tanya Young Williams

My goal was to attract 1000 respondents to establish a credible level of confidence in the accuracy of the results. However, after one day of people sharing the links via social media and the Huffpost article, the numbers began to swell at a rate of 100 respondents per hour.

WATCH: Anderson Cooper, Nancy Grace Team Up To Solve Chilling Mystery

The Huffington Post | Jack Mirkinson | Posted 05.22.2013 | Media

Anderson Cooper and Nancy Grace teamed up on Thursday night to try and solve a thrilling, chilling mystery: "The Case of the Missing Handcuff Necklace...

Survey: What Do You Think of Jodi Arias, Travis Alexander and the Murder Trial?

Tanya Young Williams | Posted 05.21.2013 | Crime
Tanya Young Williams

The Jodi Arias trail has brought the discussion of domestic violence to the forefront of the news. But much confusion remains.

Arias vs. Apple

Susan Silver | Posted 04.23.2013 | Comedy
Susan Silver

Well, today I finally had my media meltdown! It was a long time coming. But today's myriad of activities I had to accomplish led to the apotheosis of this particular bombardment/nightmare.

Blood Money Shows a Fictional View of the Casey Anthony Trial

Jackie K. Cooper | Posted 03.11.2013 | Books
Jackie K. Cooper

The facts surrounding the Casey Anthony trial and outcome were difficult to absorb even as they were occurring. To see a similar story that is fiction places too many constraints on what could have happened and why.

Nancy Grace Settles Lawsuit

Posted 01.07.2013 | Media

Nancy Grace and CNN have settled a lawsuit with the family of a woman who killed herself after the HLN host harshly criticized her on her news show. ...

The Police State Comes To Arkansas

Radley Balko | Posted 02.17.2013 | Politics
Radley Balko

Unfortunately, not an exaggeration: "[Police are] going to be in SWAT gear and have AR-15s around their neck," Stovall said. "If you're out walking, ...

The Great Blackout on Bravo's Housewives of Beverly Hills: Celebs Speak Out

Tanya Young Williams | Posted 01.19.2013 | Entertainment
Tanya Young Williams

There are no African-American women on the The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills or The Real Housewives of New York and I wanted to know why. Rich is rich no matter what color. So I looked into it.

Nancy Grace On What She'd Ask Casey Anthony Today

Posted 08.07.2012 | TV

Nancy Grace stopped by to chat with Andy Cohen on "Watch What Happens: Live" (Sun.-Thu., 11 p.m. ET on Bravo). Naturally, they got onto the topic of o...

David Lohr

Woman Dubbed 'Vodka Mom' By Nancy Grace Committed Suicide, Police Say | David Lohr | Posted 07.12.2012 | Crime

Nancy Grace is in the spotlight again following the suicide of a 29-year-old Minnesota mother of four who was recently featured on her television show...

'Fringe' Star Gets New Gig

Posted 06.22.2012 | TV

A couple more "animals" are headed to USA. According to TVLine, "Fringe" actress Blair Brown is set to guest star on an episode of USA's "Politi...


Posted 04.26.2012 | Media

HLN host and former "Dancing With The Stars" competitor Nancy Grace will produce a film for Lifetime. Grace will produce a movie based off her debu...

'Raising Hope': Nancy Grace Presides Over A Shocking Twist

Posted 04.11.2012 | TV

While most shows save their big shocking moments for their season finales, "Raising Hope" (Tue., 9:30 p.m. ET on Fox) dropped a bombshell on their vie...

WATCH: Nancy Grace Flips Out

Posted 04.03.2012 | Media

HLN host and former "Dancing with the Stars" competitor Nancy Grace appeared on "Good Morning America" on Tuesday and clashed with ABC's legal analyst...

College-Bound in Hollywood

Nancy Berk, Ph.D. | Posted 05.28.2012 | Parents
Nancy Berk, Ph.D.

Parent-child conflict and higher education anxiety is front and center in Hollywood these days.

WATCH: Nancy Grace Gets Bleeped Out Talking To George Zimmerman Friend

Posted 05.28.2012 | Media

Nancy Grace tussled with Joe Oliver, the friend of Trayvon Martin shooter George Zimmerman, during her Tuesday show. Oliver has become Zimmerman's ...

How Trayvon Martin Became a Missing White Girl

Evan Shapiro | Posted 05.28.2012 | Media
Evan Shapiro

When a young white girl goes missing in America, it immediately becomes a national story. However, when a young black person is killed or goes missing in America, very few people outside their family hear about it.

Nancy Grace's Surprising Revelation About Metta World Peace

Posted 03.02.2012 | Media

The outspoken Nancy Grace appeared on Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live" Thursday night and revealed some surprising information about her fellow "Danc...