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The People Behind the "Let Women Die" Act

Elizabeth Shipp | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
Elizabeth Shipp

Elections have consequence,s and for American women, that can't be made any more painfully clear than by the recent actions by newly elected anti-choice members of Congress.

Abortion Foes Don't Care About Women's Rights or Civil Rights

David A. Love | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
David A. Love

Those who invoke race and slavery when denying a woman's right to choose are trying to obfuscate and change the subject. Their policies are hurting poor women of color.

What Every Woman Needs to Know About the Office of State Attorney General

Christine Bronstein | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
Christine Bronstein

Until recently I had no idea how much control the Attorney General has over my uterus. As Attorney General, Kamala Harris will make choice a priority in her administration.

After criticism, radio hosts Rosen and Pfaff address McInnis lapses

Jason Salzman | Posted 05.25.2011 | Denver
Jason Salzman

Some say I'm beating my head against the church wall by critiquing conservative talk radio, no matter how reasonable my criticism is. But KOA's Mike Rosen and KLZ's Jim Pfaff, both conservative radio hosts, recently responded on the air to issues raised in this blog.

McInnis Said He Had "Zero Rating by NARAL;" Talk-Radio Host Should Set Record Straight

Jason Salzman | Posted 05.25.2011 | Denver
Jason Salzman

I love it when any candidate (Democrat, Republican, or American Constitution Party) tells a reporter to prove him wrong and the reporter proceeds to prove him wrong.

Weekly Pulse: Obama Signs Health Reform Bill, Backlash Begins

The Media Consortium | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
The Media Consortium

By Lindsay Beyerstein, Media Consortium blogger Yesterday, President Obama signed health care reform into law. As Mike Lillis explains in the Washingt...

Back Up Your Birth Control Day of Action: Time to Close the Gap on EC Access

Kelli Conlin | Posted 05.25.2011 | Home
Kelli Conlin

Stories of our neighbors' lack of access to health care--ranging from a friend denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition to a relative who c...

McInnis Says He's OK With Flip-Flopping Politicians, But Talk Show Host Lets It Slide

Jason Salzman | Posted 05.25.2011 | Denver
Jason Salzman

Some say I'm beating my head against a church wall when I ask social conservative talk-show hosts to act more like journalists and ask tough questions of conservative candidates.

A Feminist's U-Turn: A Torrid Tale of Disappointment and Discovery

Megan Carpentier | Posted 11.17.2011 | Healthy Living
Megan Carpentier

Writing about women's issues made me learn more about those issues and feminist theories about them than a classroom ever did. It also allowed reclaim the word "feminist" for myself.

State Legislatures Take Aim at Women

Tamar Abrams | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
Tamar Abrams

State legislatures are often fertile ground for contentious or ribald behavior. And, while great strides have been made in the past decade to diversif...

My endorsement in the PA-06 : Women's rights are no joking matter.

Kate Michelman | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
Kate Michelman

Political campaigns often are illustrative of larger matters. For me, the campaign for the Democratic nomination in Pennsylvania's sixth Congressiona...

Pro-Choice License Plate Advocated In Virginia: Supporters Threaten Lawsuit

AP | By DENA POTTER | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics

RICHMOND, Va. -- Abortion-rights advocates have been unable to halt the "Choose Life" license plate variations in nearly two-dozen states, so now they...

CBS's Super Bowl Error Was One of Transparency

Kelli Conlin | Posted 05.25.2011 | Media
Kelli Conlin

By surreptitiously and unexpectedly changing its policy, CBS has effectively denied us the ability to respond with an equal and adequate counter-argument.

Ruth Proskauer Smith, 1907-2010

Kelli Conlin | Posted 05.25.2011 | Home
Kelli Conlin

Ruth Proskauer Smith, a founding hero of the reproductive rights movement, died last night at 102 years of age. As we celebrate today the anniversary...

A National Day of Action to Stop Stupak

Rebecca Sive | Posted 05.25.2011 | Chicago
Rebecca Sive

Today I feel like I'm still 18, in the fall of 1968, gathering nickels, dimes and dollars for a friend to take the bus to Rapid City, South Dakota to get an (illegal) abortion.

Think The 2008 Colorado Personhood Amendment Was Extreme? Get A Load Of The 2010 Version

The Colorado Independent | Joseph Boven | Posted 05.25.2011 | Denver

A version of the anti-abortion initiative soundly defeated by Colorado voters in 2008 is making its way to the 2010 ballot, this time reworked as an "...

Top 10 Reasons This Woman Can't Write for Late Night Comedy Shows

Catie Lazarus | Posted 05.25.2011 | Comedy
Catie Lazarus

My lady sensibility is limited to menstruation (hilarious), babies (adorable), and unicorns mating (adorably hilarious).

Abortion Rights Groups Scramble In Stupak Amendment's Wake

AP | JULIE HIRSCHFELD DAVIS | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics

WASHINGTON — Abortion rights groups, outflanked and outnumbered in the health debate, are scrambling to regain lost ground after the House passe...

An Open Letter to Mayor Moneybags

Alan Singer | Posted 05.25.2011 | New York
Alan Singer

Dear Mayor Bloomberg: For $10,00, cash or personal check, I will vote for you, pure and simple. For $50,000 plus expenses, I will have my car (a 2001 Toyota Echo) painted with your picture.

Harold Ford Abortion Attack: NARAL Hits Possible Gillibrand Challenger On 'Pro-Life' Stance

Huffington Post | David Weiner | Posted 05.25.2011 | New York

Harold Ford Jr. has barely stuck his toe in the water and already the sharks are circling him. News that the former Tennessee congressman is mulling ...

NARAL and Planned Parenthood: Ineffectiveness Anti-Choice Democrats Can Rely On

Jane Hamsher | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
Jane Hamsher

Democrats in Congress have just proudly signed a deal that allows a bunch of old men who have spent the better part of the last century avoiding their own sexual issues to dictate access to abortion services.

A Woman Scorned: The Betrayal and Backlash of the Stupak/Pitts Anti-Abortion Amendment

Kelley Bell-Wenzlaff | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
Kelley Bell-Wenzlaff

The health care bill is so important, we can't let this amendment get in the way of its passage. But don't mistake that to mean its O.K. to ask the ladies to "take one for the team," not this time.

Abortion Is New Front in Health Care Battle

Wall Street Journal | FAWN JOHNSON and LAURA MECKLER | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics

Most versions of the Democratic health plan would create subsidies for lower-income people to buy private health insurance. If that insurance includes...

Women Need a Plan B

Kelli Conlin | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
Kelli Conlin

Heightened awareness is critical to increasing use of Plan B: a safe, effective back up method of birth control. Nearly 40 percent of women 18-30 remain unaware of this valuable medication.

NARAL Endorses Sotomayor For Supreme Court

AP | JULIE HIRSCHFELD DAVIS | Posted 05.25.2011 | Home

WASHINGTON — The abortion rights group NARAL ProChoice America says it's endorsing Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor. NARAL says Sotomayor'...