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National League

Why Opening Day Always 'Strikes' A Wistful Chord

Iris Ruth Pastor | Posted 04.01.2016 | Fifty
Iris Ruth Pastor

I know there are certain things I'm not rational about and one of them is my husband playing baseball. It all started when we were dating. He was playing baseball after work. I was spending time with my two young sons after work. I never got to see him play. I've been waiting patiently ever since.

It's All About The American League At MLB All-Star Game

AP | Jade Walker | Posted 01.16.2017 | Sports

CINCINNATI (AP) — Mike Trout flashed the skill that puts him at the front of baseball's new generation, just moments after four of the all-time grea...

Sport and Society for Arete-Baseball

Richard Crepeau | Posted 12.10.2014 | Sports
Richard Crepeau

The playoffs opened September 30 with the Wild Card Game in the American League where the Kansas City Royals showed up as the surprise guest and host. Over and over again came the reminders that the Royals had not been in post-season play since 1985 when they won the World Series.

NL Wild Card Race Exposes Potential Downside of Playoff Expansion

Mitch Goldich | Posted 11.11.2014 | Sports
Mitch Goldich

The field has been so underwhelming, we've found ourselves reading and writing previously preposterous statements like, "Wow, the Marlins are only 3.5 games out."

Should Matt Harvey Get The Ball?

Posted 07.11.2013 | Sports

San Francisco Giants manager Bruce Bochy is faced with the sort of tough decision only possible at the All-Star Game: Which ace should start for the N...

With Yankees Impending Invasion of CitiField, Why Is Mr. Met Smiling? Dismal Days for Mets Fans.

Howard Barbanel | Posted 07.24.2013 | Sports
Howard Barbanel

Met fans have gotten to a point where they'd be thrilled just to have a .500 season, let alone a post season. Yet management allows the Mets to get worse and worse and to fans it appears they don't seem to care.

VOTE: Who Should Win The NL Cy Young Award?

Posted 11.14.2012 | Sports

While there were several superlative pitching performances in the National League -- there were five starters who had an ERA under 3.00 with at least ...

The MVP Race Heats Up

Andrew Wild | Posted 11.26.2012 | Teen
Andrew Wild

The American League MVP race has taken an unexpected twist. Mike Trout had emerged as the runaway favorite for a while after Josh Hamilton fell into a slump, but now things aren't looking so certain.

Buster Posey Back on the Rise

Malaika Bobino | Posted 11.22.2012 | Sports
Malaika Bobino

Posey is a front runner for the league MVP award and was named the recipient of the 2012 Willie Mac award. "It was a unanimous decision," said Giants manager Bruce Bochy.

Top 5 Sports Stories

Len Berman | Posted 11.12.2012 | New York
Len Berman

During the Cowboys opening night win over the Giants, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was seen on camera having his son-in-law wipe his glasses for him. Well he's received so much ribbing he now wants to have the last laugh.

Confessions of a Mets Addict

Howard Barbanel | Posted 08.13.2012 | Sports
Howard Barbanel

Met fans experience emotions that whipsaw from agony to ecstasy at speeds analogous to the mood swings of a newly menopausal woman. Hot flashes followed by rapid crashes are not uncommon in either situation.

MLB Should Stop Using All-Star Game to Decide World Series Home-field Advantage

Rob Kirkpatrick | Posted 01.01.2012 | Sports
Rob Kirkpatrick

For the integrity of the game, MLB needs to do away with the ridiculous and arbitrary rule that awards home field in the World Series to the team from the league that won the All-Star Game.

Playoff Picture: National League

The Huffington Post | Chris Greenberg | Posted 11.21.2011 | Sports

Around 9:00 pm EST on Tuesday night, it looked as if the clock was already striking midnight for the St. Louis Cardinals. The Atlanta Braves, who ...

MLB Talking Realignment?

ESPN | Posted 08.12.2011 | Sports

A simple form of realignment being seriously considered has been raised in the labor talks between Major League Baseball and the players' association,...

Who Will Win The National League Cy Young Award?

Posted 05.25.2011 | Sports

San Francisco Giants ace Tim Lincecum has won the National League Cy Young Award for the last two years. He led the N.L. in strikeouts in 2010, but Ro...

The Yankees and the Curse of Empire

Larry Abrams | Posted 05.25.2011 | Sports
Larry Abrams

The Yankees multi million dollar free agent signings of pitchers almost always turn out badly.

The National League Playoffs: The Three Aces

Larry Abrams | Posted 05.25.2011 | Sports
Larry Abrams

The Phillies are a team that can go mysteriously dead at any given time for no particular reason. Factoring in their unpredictability, there are two reasons to pick them to win.

Who's Your Padre?

Adio Royster | Posted 05.25.2011 | Sports
Adio Royster

The San Diego Padres have gotten no kind of national media love and/or respect. Am I the only one that thinks this is just a little bit crazy? Someone needs to show these Friars some love. Since no one else will, I guess it's up to me.

Top 5 Sports Stories

Len Berman | Posted 05.25.2011 | New York
Len Berman

For once the National League wins home field for the World Series. And Braves catcher Brian McCann, who had the big hit, actually has a shot at playing in the Fall Classic.

I'm Sorry, Omar

Steven Hirsch | Posted 05.25.2011 | New York
Steven Hirsch

As uneventful as the offseason was with the exception of Jason Bay, Omar Minaya more than made up for it by greatly improving the Mets over the first three months of the season.

Why the Mets Will Make the Playoffs in 2010

Steven Hirsch | Posted 05.25.2011 | New York
Steven Hirsch

Here are four reasons why I think the Mets have the potential to be a contender in the National League East this season.

Imagine Coors Field Today -- Time to Change Baseball Season

Michael D. Brown | Posted 05.25.2011 | Denver
Michael D. Brown

Suppose the Rockies were now playing in the World Series. What exactly would the world think, looking out on Denver from the television cameras in Coors Field?

Top 5 Sports Stories

Len Berman | Posted 05.25.2011 | New York
Len Berman

On paper rain helps the Angels. If games get rained out, off days go away. And since the Angels have 4 starters and the Yankees 3, edge to the Angels. Of course, the Yankees have Mariano Rivera.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Your 2009 NL Manager of the Year, Mr. Jim Tracy

Ari Shapiro | Posted 05.25.2011 | Sports
Ari Shapiro

Major League Baseball will announce its 2009 National League Manager of the Year on Wednesday. The only way Jim Tracy doesn't walk away with the award is if Clint Hurdle gets to cast all 32 votes.

Will the Real Jim Tracy Please Stand Up?

Ari Shapiro | Posted 05.25.2011 | Denver
Ari Shapiro

I need someone -- anyone -- to explain to me how Jim Tracy has managed the Colorado Rockies to the verge of the MLB playoffs. I just don't get it.