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Colorado Asks Supreme Court To Toss Marijuana Lawsuit Filed By Anti-Pot Neighbor States

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Trinidad James: When I Call You My N***a, It's Love!

This Twister-Shaped Tower May One Day Sit In The Heart Of Tornado Alley

OU's Student Leaders Want To Highlight 'Courage' Of Whoever Leaked SAE Video

Video Appears To Show OU Frat's House Mom Chanting 'N***a' Several Times

Oklahoma Lawmaker Wants To Test Everybody For Syphilis Before Marriage

Oklahoma House Panel Approves Bill To Punish Licensing Of Gay Marriage

Oklahoma Pastors Don Hoodies To Protest Proposed Bill

Will Oklahoma Successfully Kill This Man, Or Botch Another Execution?

Oklahoma Prisons Boss 'Confident' Inmate Will Be Properly Executed

Wearing A Hoodie In Oklahoma Could Soon Cost You A $500 Fine

Judge OKs Oklahoma's Controversial Lethal Injection Protocols

Oklahoma Set To Use The Same Drugs It Used In The Botched Execution