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California's Classic Road Trip: The Pacific Coast Highway

David Code | Posted 06.24.2016 | Travel
David Code

Most of my family's travel is international, but when my son suggested driving the Pacific Coast Highway from San Francisco down to Los Angeles, we couldn't resist.

An Easy Summer Dinner for When It's Just Too Hot to Cook

Maria Rodale | Posted 06.16.2016 | Taste
Maria Rodale

by guest blogger Stephanie Eckelkamp, senior associate editor at Prevention magazine Most summers, I actually find the thought of cooking kind of n...

Fresh Summer Pasta Recipe: Lemon Pepper Pappardelle with Artichoke Pesto & Asparagus

Stephanie Kordan | Posted 06.07.2016 | Taste
Stephanie Kordan

Summer is almost here, and as the daylight lingers outside, this luscious, lemony pasta is sunshine in a bowl. Pappardelle is a ribbony sort of pasta noodle that can carry more of the artichoke pesto with each forkful. The word origin for pappardelle, pappare, in Italian, means to devour, as you may find yourself doing once you taste this dish.

Stove Top Aged Cheddar Mac n Cheese with Pancetta Sage Breadcrumbs

Selena Sharpless | Posted 05.09.2016 | Taste
Selena Sharpless

When it comes to food I have strong opinions on what I like and what I don't. Actually this pertains to all aspects of my life; there is just no time for wishy washy in-betweens.

Bobo's Trattoria: Good Energy!

Rick Steves | Posted 05.04.2016 | Travel
Rick Steves

It's funny to me how travelers are disinclined to walk just 5 minutes away from the tourist zone to find a restaurant filled with locals (not tourists...

Turning into a Tuscan Pasta-Making Machine

Rick Steves | Posted 04.27.2016 | Travel
Rick Steves

One of my favorite agriturismi (farmhouse B&Bs) in Tuscany is Cretaiole, where Isabella and Carlo host about 15 visitors at a time for week-long stays...

Even The Worst Cook Can Make This Super-Easy One-Pot Pasta

The Huffington Post | Kristen Aiken | Posted 04.27.2016 | Taste

Maybe you're the kind of person who lives for your next recipe -- you pore over cookbooks to find your next project, and you take painstakingly styled...

Seriously Slurp-able Singapore Street Noodles

Food Fanatic | Posted 04.24.2016 | Taste
Food Fanatic

Looking for a noodle dish loaded with spicy flavor and easy to prepare on a weeknight? Singapore Street Noodles is a sure bet. I had the pleasure ...

This Easy Homemade Pesto Tastes Way Better Than Anything Out of a Jar

Maria Rodale | Posted 04.19.2016 | Taste
Maria Rodale

by guest blogger Paul Kita, food and nutrition editor at Men's Health There's nothing like a good pesto to slap your tastebuds awake after a winter o...

Ridiculous French 'Carbonara' Recipe Sparks Outrage In Italy

HuffPost Italy | Sara Elkamel | Posted 04.07.2016 | Taste

A video showing a recipe for a French twist on the Italian pasta dish Carbonara has just gone viral, drawing the ire of Facebook users throughout Ital...

A Taste of Northern Italy In Austin

Suchi Rudra | Posted 04.06.2016 | Travel
Suchi Rudra

(photo by Suchi Rudra) Last June, in the midst of a European heat wave, I slowly made my way down through Italy over the course of three weeks. It wa...

Easy Vegetarian Pasta Salad Recipe

Loretta Chen | Posted 04.04.2016 | Taste
Loretta Chen

One of my favorite and easy things to eat and make is a salad. However, sometimes a salad with just vegetables is unsatisfying.

You've Probably Been Saucing Your Pasta All Wrong

La Dolce Vita | Jessica Kane | Posted 03.14.2016 | Travel

There are things we Italians know how to do by tradition, as we learned them at home and, in some cases, through pure instinct. One of these is using ...

How To Cook Pasta In Just 60 Seconds

The Huffington Post | Julie R. Thomson | Posted 02.18.2016 | Taste

Pasta's one of the easier meals to make at home. Boil water, cook, top with sauce and you're done. But sometimes it feels like it takes just a little ...

11 Pasta Recipes You Should Be Making

Rachel Hollis | Posted 02.03.2016 | Taste
Rachel Hollis

What's the point of the weekend if not for eating all the carbs? I don't know about you but I LOVE pasta! Whether it's cold and in the form of a salad...

(Not) Cooking Off the Cuff: My Latest To-Cook List

Edward Schneider | Posted 01.20.2016 | Taste
Edward Schneider

We're away again, in the Netherlands following a few days in London. As usual, even in the one week we've been eating out, I've come upon a number of things I'll be looking to make at home in one variant or another -- or in one case something I wish I could.

You're Cooking Your Pasta All Wrong, Here's Why

Thrillist | Posted 01.19.2016 | Taste

By: Dan Gentile @dannosphere Credit: Perry Santanachote/Thrillist One of the first meals any clueless college student learns to make is pasta...

3 Easy and Healthy Ways to Make Your Lunch Taste Incredible

SELF | Posted 01.13.2016 | Taste

Including a yummy superfood salad recipe! By Tatiana Boncompagni, SELF This article originally appeared in the January/February 2016 issue of SELF...

Carrot Pasta

PureWow | Posted 01.06.2016 | Taste

We've never been known to turn down a bowl of pasta. Spaghetti, ravioli--we love them all. And to our list we add this recipe for carrot pasta. The co...

Napa Valley's Hidden Gems: Food, Ambiance, and Architecture

David Code | Posted 12.18.2015 | Travel
David Code

For many people, Napa=Wine. But for us, Napa=food, ambiance, and architecture. You have a lot to look forward to when you visit.

Biting the Big Apple: A Tour of Manhattan's Street Cuisine

Peter Mandel | Posted 12.16.2015 | Travel
Peter Mandel

If you want to know New York, get to know its street cuisine. I learned it early. Growing up in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood, I would get a lunch of two hot dogs in steam-soft rolls from the guy who set up his stainless-steel pushcart on the corner of 17th Street every morning, rain or shine, Saturdays and holidays, summer-fall-winter-spring.

Child, Please: Make Your Own Pasta Sauce. Here's How.

Inverse | Posted 12.09.2015 | Taste

This article originally appeared on Inverse. By Colin St. John Aziz Ansari's Master of None has been getting a lot of killer press. One of the maj...

3-Ingredient Fettuccine Alfredo Just Won Dinner

LittleThings | Posted 12.02.2015 | Taste

One of the greatest dilemmas when cooking pasta is whether to mix in sauce from a can, or to whip it up yourself. Pre-made sauce is tempting, but now you have 3-ingredient pasta sauce.

5 Pasta Recipes Every True Italian Should Know

D by La Repubblica | Jessica Kane | Posted 12.01.2015 | Travel

Foreign guests at home who are clamoring for a carbonara? Or maybe a nice plate of spicy spaghetti at midnight in a friend’s house in New York or Am...

Dress Up Your Pasta With Something Different (And Easy) This Week

The Huffington Post | Chanel Parks | Posted 12.01.2015 | Taste

Pasta is one of the easiest things to cook, so why not dress it up with a sauce of your own? That's right, we're talking homemade sauces, not the ones...