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Fall Beer Tour Alert: Lady Brewers Pull Back The Curtain On Germany's Craft Beer Scene

Tom Conrad | Posted 09.20.2016 | Travel
Tom Conrad

On tap for the Pink Boots Society's Beer Bratwurst and Beyond Fall Road Tour: Sister Doris, Germany's Last Beer-Brewing Nun and Under-the-Radar Craft ...

6 Unexpected Recipes That Use PBR, From Sushi To Sandwiches

Foodbeast | Posted 03.18.2017 | Taste

We now have six more reasons to place PBR at the top of the grocery list.

You'll Never Guess What Turns This Rice Blue

Foodbeast | Posted 02.19.2017 | Taste

Chef Daveux found that the Butterfly Pea Flower tea actually did the job as he boiled six tea bags and let the color form in the water. He then put some rice in a rice cooker, added the blue water and out came the Cookie Monster-looking rice.

This Guy Will Convince You That Beards Are Freaking Great

The Huffington Post | Andy McDonald | Posted 09.29.2015 | Comedy

Ever sit around and talk about beards, or look at beards, or talk about looking at people who are talking about beards? We don't, either. BUT this gu...

What Happens One Hour After Drinking A Can Of PBR

The Huffington Post | Aaron Nemo | Posted 07.30.2015 | Comedy

Coca-Cola lovers are suddenly reevaluating their soda intake. That's thanks to The Renegade Pharmacist, a UK blog run by Niraj Naik, who created an in...

How a Texan Becomes Cool in N.Y.C.

Sarah Enelow | Posted 05.16.2015 | New York
Sarah Enelow

Upon going home and doing some research, I learned that the minimalist artist Donald Judd fled the New York art scene for Marfa back in the '70s, and slowly established it as an arts destination that was now enjoying serious notoriety. But as a Texan myself, I had not gotten the memo.

It Doesn't Matter How Many Bones This Man Has Broken -- He's Still Riding The Bull

The Huffington Post | Sebastian Murdock | Posted 01.29.2015 | Weird News

You mess with the bull, you get the horns. Professional bull rider J.B. Mauney knows that all too well. The North Carolina cowboy has been riding s...

Slowing Down to Listen

Cassidy Hall | Posted 03.31.2015 | Religion
Cassidy Hall

I only knew Bill for about 2 years and the culmination of his kindness, generosity, openness, and love, accounted for a lifetime with a surrogate grandfather.

WATCH: We Ride Bull As Good As We Sling It!

The Huffington Post | Sebastian Murdock & Sam Wilkes | Posted 01.15.2015 | Weird News

This ain't our first rodeo. On Wednesday, the Weird News team took a trip to Johnny Utah's in New York City to ride their most fearsome creature --...

Bull Rider Neil Holmes: Making History One Ride at a Time

Cynthia Dagnal-Myron | Posted 11.29.2014 | Sports
Cynthia Dagnal-Myron

"I really don't consider myself a cowboy," he explained. "To me, a cowboy is someone that is actually farming and ranching. Me, myself, I feel that I'm just a bull rider with the best job in the world."

'Defend Our PBR!'

The Huffington Post | Bill Bradley | Posted 09.24.2014 | Comedy

Trouble is brewing, nation. Stephen Colbert has learned that Pabst Blue Ribbon, Old Milwaukee, Schlitz and Colt 45 are all being sold to a Russian ...

Here Are The Most-Googled Brands In Each State

The Huffington Post | Kevin Short | Posted 10.08.2014 | Business

Wisconsinites love their PBR and tech giants such as Microsoft, Google and Yahoo reign supreme on the West Coast, at least according to America's Inte...

The Real Reason Hipsters Love PBR

The Huffington Post | Rebecca Hiscott | Posted 05.29.2014 | Business

Researchers have figured out (finally!) what makes a run-of-the-mill beer like Pabst Blue Ribbon become so improbably cool. In a new study publishe...

Texas Ring Exacts Toll On Journalist Bull-Fighter

James M. Clash | Posted 07.19.2014 | Travel
James M. Clash

(Photo by Andy Gregory, courtesy of Jim Clash) "Auto-racing, bull-fighting and mountain-climbing are the only real sports... all others are games." ...

Why Dive Bars Are The Best Bars

The Huffington Post | Andy McDonald | Posted 04.04.2014 | Taste

That old-school juke box definitely doesn't have an Internet connection.

Bill Murray Golfing In PBR Pants May Break The Internet

The Huffington Post | Hilary Miller | Posted 03.28.2014 | Celebrity

There are few things that have more viral charm than actor Bill Murray and the beer best known for its participation in frat pong tournaments, Pabst B...

Apparently Now a Tax Expert, ESPN's Kenny Mayne Helps Mustache-Clad Hipsters with IRS Challenges

Dr. Abraham Froman | Posted 05.04.2014 | Weird News
Dr. Abraham Froman

It goes without saying that one of the key drivers of the Mustached American experience in recent years has been the skinny jean and lower nose foliage-clad American hipster species. Now it's time to educate hipsters in non-ironic ways.

You Can Blame Hipsters For That $7 Bud Light

Posted 05.21.2013 | Business

Cheap beers are becoming less cheap, and for that you can thank hipsters. A recent study by Restaurant Sciences found that your everyday, low-cost ...

This Is Truly Beer Art

Posted 12.03.2012 | Comedy

Artist Gerrard Paschke painstakingly made this lamp out of a PBR can and tabs. Because PBR fans are never pleased until they have a new way to tell th...

It's Definitely Coming Down

Al DeLuise | Posted 01.09.2013 | Fifty
Al DeLuise

With all that has happened (and is happening) down the Jersey shore, I can't help but think about all the time I spent down there. Ghosts of my youth can be found up and down the shoreline.

The Best And Worst Cheap Beers: A Blind Taste Test

Posted 08.19.2013 | Taste

We have to be honest. We really weren't looking forward to this taste test. Swigging down 10 different kinds of cheap, bottom-shelf beer in succession...

Pabst Replaces College Student's Stolen Beer

Posted 05.03.2012 | Home

What's to do when your Pabst Blue Ribbon beer gets stolen? The beer man comes to the rescue! At least that was the case for University of Nebraska...


Posted 12.28.2011 | Entertainment

If you need a reason to smile, we've got it. Behold the best thing ever: Patrick Swayze getting his groove on in a 1979 Pabst Blue Ribbon commerci...

Beer And Facebook Don't Mix, Says SEC

Posted 08.08.2011 | Technology

By Jonathan Stempel NEW YORK (Reuters) - It was a takeover attempt that fizzed out. Two advertising executives who used Facebook and Twitter to ...

Madigan Goes After Pabst For 'Binge In A Can' Blast

The Huffington Post | Jen Sabella | Posted 06.21.2011 | Chicago

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan is joining a chorus of state and city officials calling for Pabst Blue Ribbon to reduce the alcohol content in ...