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It's No Surprise That Fashion Designer Rachel Antonoff's Dog Does Clothes So Well But Prefers Being Naked

Suzanne Donaldson | Posted 10.13.2015 | Style
Suzanne Donaldson

"I really got my education from being thrown into the deep end with no formal training."

7 Lessons I Learned From My Childhood Pets

Erin Hinkle | Posted 10.08.2015 | Women
Erin Hinkle

For anyone who has ever loved and formed a bond with a pet, you understand the way they can make your heart swell with joy, or the comfort they give by sitting in your lap and letting you know they are your number one fan. Although they are no longer a part of my life, I have learned many things from two of my childhood pets.

This Raccoon is Classier Than You

The Huffington Post | Samantha Guff | Posted 10.08.2015 | Weird News

Meet Pumpkin, the classiest raccoon on the Internet (and possibly in the world). She isn't your average trash-picking night prowler: Pumpkin lives in...

Your Cat Completely Rules Your Home, According To New Study

The Huffington Post | James Cave | Posted 10.07.2015 | HuffPost Home

You're living in your cat's house, and there's nothing you can do about it. To find out whether humans or their pet counterparts rule the la...

To Anyone Who Has Ever Lost a Pet

Fatherly | Posted 10.06.2015 | Parents

He sighed again, and there was something of an apology in it. "I am sorry you have to do this," he told me. I pulled my phone from my pocket and called the vet. He said to come whenever I am ready. I said "a few hours," to give the kids time for their goodbyes.

WATCH: Guilty! Naughty Animals Caught in the Act

HooplaHa | Posted 10.05.2015 | Comedy

Whether your puppy looks at you with its huge brown eyes or your cat acts like they have no idea what you're talking about, their mischief is just something you have to laugh at!

The Dog That Came to Stay

Melinda Wentzel | Posted 10.04.2015 | Good News
Melinda Wentzel

The plan was to adopt a rescue dog for my dad, one that would serve as a loving companion for him as he grappled with Alzheimer's disease. Something that would ground him as his world fell apart. The trouble was that I needed grounding, too.

China Is Genetically Engineering Mini Pigs To Sell As Pets

The Huffington Post | Carla Herreria | Posted 10.04.2015 | Science

We'd all like our baby pets to stay perpetually tiny, but scientists in China are taking that desire to a whole new level. BGI, a genomics institute l...

Location-Based Parenting

Robin Raskin | Posted 10.02.2015 | Technology
Robin Raskin

To track or not to track? I'm convinced that tracking our kids, our elderly and our pets is going to become commonplace. The technologies work relatively well and could be the deal breaker in many an unpleasant situation.

9 Questions To Ask Before Choosing An Outdoor Wedding Venue

Christina Millikin | Posted 10.02.2015 | Weddings
Christina Millikin

There is something so breathtaking about celebrating your love outdoors surrounded by beautiful scenery, warm weather, and lovely people. Whether in a vineyard or a garden, an outdoor setting is a definite "I do" for my brides and grooms.

5 Things I Learned From Working for an Animal Shelter

Bernard Lima-Chavez | Posted 10.02.2015 | Green
Bernard Lima-Chavez

One part of the adoption process needs to be educating people- on the specific animal they want to adopt, on what kind of medical care will be needed, on keeping the dog safe, on the importance of basic obedience training, and the list goes on.

Our Pets Gift to Us

Patrick Vaughn | Posted 10.01.2015 | Religion
Patrick Vaughn

Action adventure star, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, announced last week that his dog had died after eating toxic mushrooms. He called it a reminder that we have "to live and love as greatly as we can because tomorrow is never guaranteed." It's amazing what our pets can teach us.

This Traveling Dog Film Festival Is Raising Money for Animal Shelters Across America

Jen Reeder | Posted 10.01.2015 | Good News
Jen Reeder

I love dogs, so I was thrilled last month when my town's animal shelter hosted the Bow Wow Film Festival. My husband and I had a fun date that involved popcorn, beer and watching about two hours of short films celebrating dogs.

WATCH: Extravagant Las Vegas Pet Hotel Will Make You Wish You Were a Dog

HooplaHa | Posted 10.01.2015 | Travel

Las Vegas is known for being extravagant and over the top from its people and food to its hotels. When it comes to the Luxe Pet Hotels... it is no different! No need to leave your pet at home when you vacation to Las Vegas.

Travels With Journey to the Fairmont Miramar Hotel and Bungalows: For Some of the Best Days of Your Lives

LuxEco Living | Posted 09.30.2015 | Travel
LuxEco Living

By Nancy and James Chuda Founders of LuxEcoLiving and Healthy Child Healthy World The Fairmont Miramar Hotel and Bungalows gets 5 Paws! Excellent loc...

Travels With Journey: Bacara Resort and Spa Is One of the Most Beautiful Beach Getaways

LuxEco Living | Posted 09.30.2015 | Travel
LuxEco Living

By Nancy and James Chuda founders of LuxEcoLiving and Healthy Child Healthy World Four Stars and Five Paws Santa Barbara, California LuxEcoLiving's...

How to Immediately De-Stress When You Are Overwhelmed

Lisa K. | Posted 09.30.2015 | GPS for the Soul
Lisa K.

While life will always have its stressors, these are the few ways that I handle life's stress from overwhelm. They work for me every time.

Rescuing Winston Churchill

Jean McCormick | Posted 09.29.2015 | GPS for the Soul
Jean McCormick

In January 2013, on a chilly, rainy Washington, DC morning, I adopted a 5-lb, one year-old Yorkie "mix." With 1.4 million dog adoptions in the US ea...

A Veterinarian Rises From the Ashes to Save a Ravaged Town's Animals

Jessica Vogelsang | Posted 09.25.2015 | Impact
Jessica Vogelsang

At his home in Middletown, a small town of 1900 just north of California's storied wine country, veterinarian Jeff Smith ventured outside after the worst had passed to find only eight of the 20 homes in his neighborhood survived the firestorm.

The Black Dogs Project: Chet's Story

Michelle Higginson | Posted 09.23.2015 | HuffPost Home
Michelle Higginson

Did you know that black dogs are often among the last to be adopted and the first to be euthanized in animal shelters?

Mrs. Sizzle Says: 'It's New York Fashion Leash!' #NYFL

Suzanne Donaldson | Posted 09.22.2015 | Style
Suzanne Donaldson

Remy @myhigherstandard wearing a WILDEBEEST collar and a RUGGED WRIST leash with Mom Jane Larkworthy @wmagjane in YSL heels and a vintage dress by Ja...

The Biggest Mistake Pet Owners Make at the End

Jessica Vogelsang | Posted 09.22.2015 | Green
Jessica Vogelsang

If I had a big huge red pen and could permanently strike five words from the Standard Veterinary Dialogue, it would be this: "You'll know when it's time."

When A Dog Begs For Forgiveness You Can't Stay Mad

The Huffington Post | Cavan Sieczkowski | Posted 09.18.2015 | Good News

Sometimes an "I'm sorry" doesn't cut it, but when a dog begs for forgiveness it's hard to stay mad.  Facebook user Anthony Federica Granai, ...

Let These Pet–People Match-ups Be Your Guide To Perfect Animal Companionship

Posted 09.18.2015 | Good News

Everyone deserves to come home to a furry, slobbering welcome that nearly knocks you over, a gentle purr or the loud rustling of excitement in a paper...

Some Animals Can Suffer From Mental Illness, Too

Science of Us | Posted 09.16.2015 | Healthy Living
Science of Us

Maybe you've had or heard about a pet cat on Prozac, or a dog that doesn't quite seem like itself in the weeks following the death of another animal in the home. Some scientists are starting to seriously investigate the inner lives of animals, including potential signs of mental illness.