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18 Alternative Posters You Won't Find In Every Dorm Room

The Huffington Post | Carly Ledbetter | Posted 08.17.2015 | HuffPost Home

If you've ever lived in or visited a college dorm, you've probably seen the same old dorm posters a million times.  Between oversized prints...

Maddie Crum

14 Stunning Designs That Perfectly Illustrate America's Decades-Long Fascination With Posters | Maddie Crum | Posted 04.16.2015 | Arts

Uniquely situated at the point where art and consumerism intersect, posters serve a purpose slightly different than other design objects. In addit...

35 Of The Most Impressive Communist Propaganda Posters

Huffington Post Japan | Posted 12.26.2014 | Arts

Propaganda posters were among the most significant tools for influencing public opinion in the Soviet Union. The text that accompanied each poster ...

Stunning New Book Documents 100 Years Of Black Cinema In Posters

The Huffington Post | Katherine Brooks | Posted 10.09.2014 | Arts

Since 1973, cinephile John Duke Kisch has been documenting the evolution of African American film through a beloved, but sometimes overlooked medium -...

Minnesota State Fair in Posters

Minnesota Historical Society | Posted 10.28.2014 | Travel
Minnesota Historical Society

The first Minnesota State Fair was held in 1859 and has been held every year since then with five exceptions. This annual Minnesota summertime trad...

Apes with Machine Guns, the Doom of Mankind

Jordan Hart | Posted 09.09.2014 | Comedy
Jordan Hart

Last week something crazy happened. I saw a poster for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes that was so mind-blowing I had to do a double take to make sure I wasn't hallucinating.

If All Movies Were Made in the Mid-Century, These Would Be the Posters | Posted 05.11.2014 | Arts

I would SO go to more movies if the posters looked like these!

"See America" Campaign Is About Connecting and Reconnecting Americans to Our National Parks

Theresa Pierno | Posted 03.28.2014 | Impact
Theresa Pierno

Over 75 years ago, President Franklin D. Roosevelt launched a New Deal program called the Federal Art Project to help put the nation's artists to work...

Classic Movie Posters Have Never Looked So Dirty

Posted 01.25.2014 | Arts

Oh, the age old conundrum of how to advertise for an erotic film festival when the blush-worthy images popular in the movies are just too naughty for ...

Handmade Posters Capture The Beauty Of America's Glorious Parks

Posted 01.25.2014 | Arts

In the 1930s the U.S. government commissioned a series of posters to celebrate the country's gorgeous public landscapes. The project, "See America," r...

13 Vintage Propaganda Posters That Highlight The True Art Of Revolution

Posted 12.19.2013 | Arts

The legacy of the Cuban Revolution is a complex and widely debated issue; however, one thing is for certain. The movement was a springboard for some s...

14 Literary Posters That Turn Famous Authors' Words Into Art

Posted 12.02.2013 | Arts

Who doesn't love a good literature-meets-graphic-design project? We came across the work of Obvious State's Evan Robertson last year when he debut...

These Are Not Your Average Travel Posters

The Huffington Post | Lisa_Miller | Posted 06.27.2013 | Travel

Hey! Pokémon fans! If you could go on a vacation to Kanto, would you? Los Angeles-based Little Pixel Posters will take you on an imaginary journey...

Black Bodies In Propaganda

AP | JOANN LOVIGLIO | Posted 06.03.2013 | Arts

PHILADELPHIA -- A new exhibit created by a University of Pennsylvania professor and host of a popular public television show examines how wartime prop...

24 Gorgeous Hand-Painted Indian Movie Posters

Andy Deemer | Posted 02.20.2013 | Entertainment
Andy Deemer

Ramachandraiah prints movie posters for a living. He's done it ever since 1971, when he bought an ancient lithograph press. He keeps it in a factory north of Bangalore, far from the English town where it was built 111 years ago.

Holy Motors: Exclusive New Art

Farihah Zaman | Posted 12.15.2012 | Entertainment
Farihah Zaman

Holy Motors (Indomina Releasing), which won the Prix de la Jeunesse at Cannes earlier this year and just came off a similarly successful run at the New York Film Festival, has unveiled new promo art for the film.

Who Stole David Hasselhoff?

The Huffington Post | Ron Dicker | Posted 07.18.2012 | Entertainment

David Hasselhoff doesn't need to drunkenly eat a hamburger to get attention. He doesn't even need to be real. Cardboard cutouts of Hasselhoff promo...

Most Common College Dorm Posters (SLIDESHOW)

The Huffington Post | Alyssa Creamer | Posted 07.13.2012 | College

College students aren't too bothered about originality when it comes to posters. If you live in a dormitory, or have ever been near one, you are g...

Dancing With the Movie Stars: The Art of the Movie Poster

Mike Kaplan | Posted 09.08.2012 | Home
Mike Kaplan

2012-07-09-Capture.JPGThe ideal movie poster is a microcosm of the movie itself, capturing with inventiveness the feeling one has after leaving the cinema.

Art Collecting 101 for Grown-Up Apartments

Chrissy Crawford | Posted 08.20.2012 | Women
Chrissy Crawford

Many art lovers reach a moment when their artistic taste has become too sophisticated for posters but original fine art is still financially out of reach.

Vintage Propaganda Posters For Books

Posted 06.19.2012 | Books

"We Can Do It!" "Loose Lips Sink Might Ships!" "Your Victory Garden Counts More Than Ever!" What World War II posters lacked in subtlety, they made...

The Crazy Things We Say To Our Children

Posted 04.11.2012 | Parents

Kids get credit for saying the darndest things -- when really, it's what parents say to their children that's hilarious. For example: "I am not ta...

Olympic Posters Through History

Posted 01.18.2012 | Arts

In the early 1900s, the posters used ancient Greek figures to represent the ethos of the Olympics. Today, however, artists are exploring abstractions ...

PHOTO: Does This #OWS Poster Go Too Far?

Posted 11.19.2011 | Arts

A poster for Occupy Wall Street's (OWS) November 17 'Day of Action' seems to compare OWS to the historic 1989 protests at Tiananmen Square in Beijing,...

Dave Jamieson

Video Mocks GOP, Business Groups For 'Hysteria' Over Unions | Dave Jamieson | Posted 11.14.2011 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Back in August, federal regulators issued a rule requiring businesses to hang posters informing employees of their rights to collective ...