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Poverty and Education

The Global Search for Education: An Education in Africa

C. M. Rubin | Posted 06.12.2015 | Education
C. M. Rubin

"When I visited a local village, what everyone told me -- the chiefs, the parents, the children -- was that girls weren't in school because it was the...

Bridging the False Dichotomy Between Poverty and Education Reform

Dan Cardinali | Posted 02.03.2014 | Impact
Dan Cardinali

In Kalamazoo, the silos that separate schools, businesses and civic organizations are coming down as everyone accepts a shared responsibility to prepare young people for a successful, productive life.

Children and Their Learning and Behavioral Needs: Not a Luxury, a Necessity

Dr. Jane Aronson | Posted 09.29.2013 | Impact
Dr. Jane Aronson

People who are poor and have children are not able to advocate for them, so they are not able to perform optimally in school. Someone might smile broadly with pride, with statistics on how many poor children are attending classes. They would be fooling themselves.

The Gorilla Speaks: It's Time to Change the Conversation About Public Education

Nancy Letts | Posted 06.23.2013 | Parents
Nancy Letts

Instead of pitting public schools against charters and vouchers, we've all got to take an unvarnished look at the gorilla in the room: poverty.

Joy Resmovits

Should We Be Focusing Education Policy On Rich Students? | Joy Resmovits | Posted 02.01.2013 | World

NEW YORK -- Lawmakers should be more careful when using international test scores to drive education policy, argues a pair of researchers in a new pap...

Poor Babies Set Up for a Lifetime of Illness

Joanne Goldblum | Posted 02.04.2013 | Impact
Joanne Goldblum

One in five American children lives below the poverty level. Are we really willing to let them walk into a future of life-limiting and life-threatening illness?

Critical Mess

Dr. Michael J. Feuer | Posted 01.06.2013 | College
Dr. Michael J. Feuer

One of the rhetorical puzzles that arose during Supreme Court arguments in the Fisher case poses a "catch-22" that could spell the end of affirmative action. The problem is that using numerical targets is illegal, but not using them might make the admissions process appear vague or unfair.

Kids in Poverty Can Still Learn

Kevin P. Chavous | Posted 12.23.2012 | Education
Kevin P. Chavous

All kids can learn. But all kids cannot learn in the same way. It is incumbent upon us to meet these kids where they are and utilize the approach that best serves them, including offering more quality options for them.

Restoring Hope and Faith, One Young Child at a Time

Romanita Hairston | Posted 12.13.2012 | Impact
Romanita Hairston

The Center for Children in Poverty estimates that we have lost all of the gains we made over the past 50 years in child well-being. We've lost opportunity. We are facing a crisis that demands an urgent response in these politically charged and polarized times.

Paul Tough: The Obama Administration's Big Missed Opportunity

| Posted 11.04.2012 | Education

This piece comes to us courtesy of The Hechinger Report. What if much of what we think we know about success is wrong? What if the metrics we use i...

Is Education A Privilege For The Elite?

The Huffington Post | Samreen Hooda | Posted 08.30.2012 | Education

In June, Mitt Romney told Virginians on the campaign trail that he wanted "to make sure that we keep America a place of opportunity..." "...where e...

Poverty Is Not Destiny: Demanding Change for the Future

Alyssa Granacki | Posted 10.29.2012 | Education
Alyssa Granacki

2012-08-28-scblog2.pngEducation, combined with social programs and fair wages, can help cure the epidemic of poverty that has swept our nation.

Parents Considering Moving Out Of Worst State In Country For Education

Posted 08.06.2012 | Education

Jen Morris really values education. So much so that she's thinking about moving her family out of the state they've lived in for decades. The "Kids...

Joy Resmovits

Chasm In The Classroom: Inside The Battle To Close The Achievement Gap | Joy Resmovits | Posted 06.29.2012 | Education

NEW YORK -- Ana Enriquez, 17, did her homework in a rat-infested South Bronx apartment, where she shared a bed with her mother and lived with five ot...

Joy Resmovits

Chronic Absenteeism Hurts Millions Of Students | Joy Resmovits | Posted 05.17.2012 | Education

Danet Robaina-Cline, an attendance counselor at Chaparral High, considers her school lucky. Like other schools in Las Vegas, a city reeling from th...

Joy Resmovits

Public Schools Start Tracking Alumni In College | Joy Resmovits | Posted 04.18.2012 | Education

From the federal government to school boards, policymakers and administrators are increasingly setting their sights on "college and career readiness" ...

Bolder, Broader Strategy to Ending Poverty's Influence on Education

Pedro Noguera | Posted 07.23.2012 | Education
Pedro Noguera

American policy makers and reformers must be willing to accept the obvious: School reform efforts can't ignore the effects of poverty on children's lives or on the performance of schools.

The Global Search for Education: More From India

C. M. Rubin | Posted 12.04.2011 | Education
C. M. Rubin

"On the face of it, the two systems are at least a century apart and may have nothing to learn from each other."

Joy Resmovits

75 Trillion Reasons Why U.S. Math Proficiency Matters | Joy Resmovits | Posted 10.17.2011 | Education

U.S. students rank poorly in proficiency on both domestic and international math exams, a problem that could cost the country $75 trillion over 80 yea...

Is Higher Education Living Up to Its Promise of Opportunity for Low-Income Students?

Michael Laracy | Posted 05.25.2011 | College
Michael Laracy

Michelle Asha Cooper, president of the Institute for Higher Education Policy, contributed the following commentary on the correlation between postseco...

Narrowing the Digital Divide

Margee Ensign | Posted 05.25.2011 | World
Margee Ensign

The world's educational resources increasingly are in the palm of our hand. The only question is whether we can envision and create a new educational world where all children have access to the world's knowledge.

The Tale of the Tape: Child Almost Gets Left Behind

Esther J. Cepeda | Posted 05.25.2011 | Chicago
Esther J. Cepeda

The way to ensure no children get "left behind" isn't more cash to schools, it's more resources to people.