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Prehistoric Mammals

Giant Prehistoric Rodent's Titanic Teeth Weren't Just For Biting

The Huffington Post | Jacqueline Howard | Posted 02.05.2015 | Science

When scientists discovered the fossilized skull of a huge prehistoric rodent six years ago in Uruguay, they could tell right away that the extinct buf...

Jacqueline Howard

These 5 Prehistoric Mammals Were Pretty Monstrous | Jacqueline Howard | Posted 12.24.2014 | Science

There's no doubt bunnies, piglets, and even squirrels are cute and cuddly -- but it turns out that some of their prehistoric ancestors and relatives w...

Maybe Humans Didn't Drive Mastodons To Extinction

The Huffington Post | Jacqueline Howard | Posted 12.03.2014 | Science

Maybe humans weren't to blame for the demise of the American mastodon after all. For years, conventional wisdom held that mastodons were hunted to ...

Fossil Reveals Secret Of Long-Lived Prehistoric Mammals

LiveScience | Charles Choi | Posted 08.16.2013 | Science

A fossil of a chipmunklike animal discovered in China is now helping reveal how this group of mammals reigned as long as the dinosaurs did, researcher...