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Presidential Debate

There Was Something Missing From The GOP's 'Debate' On Criminal Justice Reform

The Huffington Post | Nick Wing | Posted 01.29.2016 | Politics

The first YouTube question at the GOP debate Thursday night went to Mark Watson, an Army veteran who typically video-blogs about technology. He press...

The Presidential Candidates Flunk On Income Inequality

Cody Cain | Posted 01.26.2016 | Politics
Cody Cain

The greatest issue plaguing our society today is that of income inequality. Yet astonishingly, the current presidential candidates have failed to propose any adequate ideas for solving it.

GOP Presidential Contenders Forgot About Women During Debate

The Huffington Post | Dana Liebelson | Posted 01.15.2016 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Republican presidential contenders scrapped over the economy, national security and guns in Thursday night's main stage debate in South...

The Republican Debate Is Going To Be A Wild Free-For-All

The Huffington Post | Igor Bobic | Posted 01.14.2016 | Politics

Republican presidential hopefuls will square off once more during Thursday’s Fox Business debate in South Carolina, where they’ll have on...

America's Grand Distraction With Terrorism Is Dangerous

Peter Navarro | Posted 12.23.2015 | Politics
Peter Navarro

We must not take our eyes off very real threats elsewhere in the world every time a bomb goes off in the Middle East or a couple of terrorists kill innocents on American soil. So get a grip America -- and more of a stiff upper lip.

Will a Sinking Fleet Sink the Clinton Pivot to Asia?

Peter Navarro | Posted 12.17.2015 | Politics
Peter Navarro

REPRINTED COURTESY OF REAL CLEAR DEFENSE Real Clear Defense: Hillary Clinton's Achille's Heel Pivot to Asia from Peter Navarro on Vimeo. ...

Jeb Is the Republicans' Only Chance Against Hillary

Richard Brodsky | Posted 12.17.2015 | Politics
Richard Brodsky

The Republican electorate is the problem, not the candidates. The candidates are trapped in a world that is dominated by anger and alienation, not a contest of ideas or even personalities. Jeb is the perfect case.

The F-35 Strafes the Presidential Debate -- Taiwan's Trump Card?

Peter Navarro | Posted 12.15.2015 | Politics
Peter Navarro

This week, the Republican presidential candidates square off in Las Vegas, Nevada for the last debate of 2015. Here's a hypothetical exchange between the CNN anchor of "The Situation Room" and the leading candidate

From Real Clear Defense: More Subs, More Subs, More Subs?

Peter Navarro | Posted 11.30.2015 | Politics
Peter Navarro

So what's our next president to do to meet the challenge of China's growing "carrier killer" arsenal of missiles, mines, cruise missile-equipped catamarans, and ultra-quiet diesel-electric submarines?

Buy Made in China, Weaken National Security?

Peter Navarro | Posted 11.25.2015 | Politics
Peter Navarro

This Black Friday weekend, American consumers will add billions of dollars to the US trade deficit as they binge on Made in China holiday gifts.

Where's Log Cabin Republican Activism This Campaign Season?

Irene Monroe | Posted 02.02.2016 | Queer Voices
Irene Monroe

I am hoping to see LGBTQ Republicans publicly bring to the fore how being anti-LGBTQ in 2015 is a huge political liability for any Republican candidate, especially one seeking the highest office in the land.

Top Five Things to Watch for at the Republican Debate

Matt Teitelbaum | Posted 11.10.2015 | Politics
Matt Teitelbaum

Eight candidates will take part in Tuesday night's Republican presidential debate airing on the Fox News Business channel. Here's what you'll want to look for as the primary season enters its final months before the first votes are cast in the Iowa caucuses.

Presidential Debates and Speed Dating

Chad Stone LD | Posted 11.09.2015 | Divorce
Chad Stone LD

That's right, the sound bites rolling off the candidates' tongues reminded me of that great American invention, speed dating, which enables lucky men and women to go out on a dozen dates in a single evening.

GOP Debate Demand: An Undemanding Debate

Rick Horowitz | Posted 11.07.2015 | Politics
Rick Horowitz

The poor dears didn't care for the questions! So now they want changes.

Report: CNBC Employees 'Shell-Shocked' After Chaotic Debate

CNN | Mehreen Kasana | Posted 10.30.2015 | Media

For the CNBC employees who boarded a charter plane right after Wednesday's bruising GOP debate, the redeye flight was physically smooth but emotional...

Reporter Allows GOP to Slide on Ticket Controversy

Jason Salzman | Posted 10.28.2015 | Denver
Jason Salzman

Republicans continue to blame CNBC outright, or imply that CNBC is responsible for severely limiting the number of seats available for today's GOP pre...

Podiums, Platforms, and Polls: Public Opinion on Election Debates

Kathleen Weldon | Posted 10.22.2015 | Politics
Kathleen Weldon

The 2016 election has many more debates in store for voters. If precedent holds, these debates will provide pundits with fodder for many columns and interested citizens with some insights into their potential leaders.

Presidential Election: Crying (Tears of Hope) for you, Argentina

Jesica L. Santos | Posted 10.21.2015 | World
Jesica L. Santos

On October 25, Argentinians will go the polls to elect their next democratic president who, for the first time since 2003, won't have "Kirchner" as a last name. But the choice Argentinians will really be making concerns not an individual but, rather, the type of country they want to recover.

It Is Time to Get on Board, Progressives!

Bob Herbst | Posted 10.19.2015 | Politics
Bob Herbst

After electing three Presidents with little or no Washington experience, paying them to learn and make their mistakes, we now have in Hillary Clinton a long-time Washington hand with substantial executive and legislative experience.

Why This Muslim Woman Is Voting for This Jewish Man

Yasmina Blackburn | Posted 10.15.2015 | Politics
Yasmina Blackburn

As much as I would love to see the first woman president take office - a woman from my neck of the woods to boot - Hillary got pushed down the ladder of my consciousness for a man with a fire in his belly named Bernie Sanders.

Taking Marijuana Reform Seriously

Chris Weigant | Posted 10.14.2015 | Politics
Chris Weigant

The concept that the federal "War On Weed" needs to end is now about as mainstream as it gets, and after the people have led so admirably on the issue in the past decade, the politicians are finally deciding it is safe to follow this trend.

Everything You Need to Know About the Democratic Debate

Brian Hanley | Posted 10.13.2015 | Politics
Brian Hanley

Expect Hillary Clinton to come prepared and Bernie Sanders to emerge as the crowd favorite. Don't underestimate Martin O'Malley, but Joe Biden will remain in third place without even officially entering the race or the debate stage.

Powerful Solutions for a Powerful Problem

Center for Community Change Action | Posted 10.13.2015 | Impact
Center for Community Change Action

Tuesday's debate will be Democratic presidential candidates' make-or-break opportunity to show whether they're serious about addressing this powerful problem.

How the Elizabeth Warren Wing Shifted Tuesday's Democratic Debate (Video)

Adam Green | Posted 10.10.2015 | Politics
Adam Green

As Democrats get ready for a presidential debate in Las Vegas, it's clear that the Elizabeth Warren wing of American politics has fundamentally shifted the ground on which candidates will stand Tuesday night.

The Aging Issues Every Presidential Candidate Needs To Address

Carol Marak | Posted 10.09.2015 | Fifty
Carol Marak

The 2016 presidential election is crucial for programs that affect 44.7 million Americans. Which candidates will stand up for the issues that have a significant impact on our fast growing aging population?