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'The Good Wife' Recap: Drinking With Kalinda in "Don't Fail"

Karen Fratti  05. 9.2015
What a solid almost ending to this season. I'm always a huge fan of contemplative Alicia (can we say "Mind's Eye?")
17 Things 'Mad Men' Should And Shouldn't Do Before It Ends

17 Things 'Mad Men' Should And Shouldn't Do Before It Ends

Maureen Ryan  05. 6.2015
“Mad Men” ends forever May 17, and there are some things it’d be lovely to get from it before it goes. Now, let’s just acknowledge...
'Grey's Anatomy' Recap: Life Goes on in 'She's Leaving Home'

'Grey's Anatomy' Recap: Life Goes on in 'She's Leaving Home'

Karen Fratti  05. 5.2015
Did you even think it was possible that this story could go on? It's impressive that they did and I don't think it was even that forced...

'The Good Wife' Recap: Things Fall Apart in "The Deconstruction"

Karen Fratti  05. 2.2015
There is nothing worse to watch than Alicia Florrick sobbing by herself in her apartment. All around, this episode was about how absurd...

Grey's Anatomy Recap: RIP McDreamy in 'How to Save a Life'

Karen Fratti  04.24.2015
Is anyone else sort of embarrassed about how sad they are about Derek? Last night was tough and after having rewatched it again, I can...

'The Americans' Recap: Paige What Are You Doing? Please Stop.

Karen Fratti  04.23.2015
The whole season was slow burn -- there was a teeny tiny less violence than usual. Not so many shock and awe, or sit on the edge of your...

The Good Wife Recap: Back At the Beginning in "Winning Ugly"

Karen Fratti  04.17.2015
Am I the only person thoroughly enjoying the sort of meta editing techniques like Alicia watching CBS News on mute and then turning up...

The Americans Recap: Are They Going to Kill Martha?

Karen Fratti  04.17.2015
Granny's back. Stan is at Martha's. We are heading into a finale and the stakes are higher than ever before. Are we all having mini strokes...

'The Good Wife' Recap: Scandal in 'Loser Edit'

Karen Fratti  04.12.2015
So much scandal these days! This week opened with a very "Good Wife"-y montage of Alicia being interviewed by an evil journalist who wants...