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Refugees The Huffington Post

From Damascus To Carnegie Hall, A Refugee Child Prodigy Plays The Piano For Peace

UN Seeks $8.4 Billion To Help Syria Refugees

Haunting Video Uses An Empty Manhattan To Call Attention To Syria's Child Refugees

U.S. 'Steps Up,' Considers 9,000 Syrian Refugee Applications

French Catholics Remind Iraq's Christians That The World Hasn't Forgotten Their Pain

Migrants Still Dying After Mediterranean Maritime Rescue Operations Scaled Back

UN Says 13.6 Million Displaced By Wars In Iraq And Syria

A Syrian Student's Harrowing Journey Smuggled Through Eight Countries In Search Of Asylum

Syrian Refugee Barber Provides Haircuts To Iraqis Displaced By Violence

Bulgaria Violates International Law By Denying Syrians Asylum, Rights Group Says

Smuggled Across Turkey's Border, Homeless Syrians Call A Bus Station Home

U.S. Officials Say Fewer Iraqi Refugees On Sinjar Mountain, Rescue Mission 'Far Less Likely'

UN Rescues Some Refugees From Sinjar Mountain

How Syrian Refugee Children Are Trying To Simply Be Kids While Overcoming Hardships Of War

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