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Rick Perry Ad

Perry's 'Tired Old PR Gimmick' Slammed By Another Dem Gov

The Huffington Post | Paige Lavender | Posted 09.12.2013 | Politics

Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) is taking his jobs pitch to another state, telling people in Maryland to "think Texas." “When you grow tired of Marylan...

Sam Stein

How The Rick Perry Campaign Deceived Reporters | Sam Stein | Posted 09.24.2012 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Presidential campaigns deceive political reporters all the time and often get away with it. Texas Gov. Rick Perry's presidential pri...

Ignoring the Publicity Seekers: A New Year's Resolution We Should All Make

Mitchell Bard | Posted 03.01.2012 | Politics
Mitchell Bard

I think we're paying a price for our obsession with faux celebrity. So even though I know it's a losing battle, my 2012 New Year's resolution is meant to take a shot at fighting back.

WATCH: Perry's Wife Touts 'Christian Values' In New Ad

The Huffington Post | Alana Horowitz | Posted 12.21.2011 | Politics

Rick Perry has enlisted his better half to help win over voters in Iowa. In a 30-second spot released Wednesday, Anita Perry tells viewers the story o...

The Unbearable Lightness of Being Rick Perry

Jason Stanford | Posted 02.18.2012 | Politics
Jason Stanford

Gone is the Brokeback Mountain jacket. In "Politically Incorrect," Perry is wearing the business casual uniform of a blue blazer and a light blue oxford with a buttoned-down collar.

Max J. Rosenthal

WATCH: Ohio Democrat Spoofs Rick Perry Ad | Max J. Rosenthal | Posted 12.19.2011 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Sporting a cowboy hat and a brown brush jacket like the one worn by Heath Ledger in "Brokeback Mountain," Ohio congressional candidate A...

Rick Perry 'Strong' Parody (VIDEO)

James Kotecki | Posted 02.11.2012 | Comedy
James Kotecki


Jason Linkins

Fred Karger Lambastes Rick Perry In Spoof Of Widely 'Disliked' Ad | Jason Linkins | Posted 12.12.2011 | Politics

Fred Karger, as readers know, has been entirely shut out from the 2012 debate process owing to his low standing in the polls (which might improve if h...

Brokeback Perry

Jim David | Posted 02.02.2016 | Queer Voices
Jim David

Perry is playing right into the Christian-as-victim mentality that inflates the slightest disagreement with their most radical factions into an anti-Christian bigotry. The most rudimentary gay rights are seen as "intimidating" religious freedom.

Vet Heckles Perry Over Controversial Ad

The Huffington Post | Luke Johnson | Posted 12.12.2011 | Politics

Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry was heckled Sunday in Ames, Iowa over his recent ad criticizing President Barack Obama for signing legisl...

Rick Perry's Despicable Campaign Ad

Sally Steenland | Posted 02.09.2012 | Religion
Sally Steenland

In a despicable new campaign ad, he tells lies, advocates discrimination against gay and lesbian Americans, gets history upside down, whines like a victim -- and does it all in the name of Christianity.

Sam Stein

Rick Perry Anti-Gay Ad Puts Spotlight On GOP Consulting Class | Sam Stein | Posted 12.09.2011 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Texas Governor Rick Perry's controversial new ad attacking Obama for repealing the military's Don't Ask Don't Tell policy has infuriated...

Rick Perry Surpasses Rebecca Black In 'Dislikes'

The Huffington Post | Dean Praetorius | Posted 12.25.2011 | Technology

UPDATE (CORRECTION): As has been pointed out, Justin Bieber's "Baby" is clearly the most disliked YouTube video ever, with over 2 million dislikes. Th...

The Dangerous Mix Of Religion And Politics

Rev. Dr. C. Welton Gaddy | Posted 02.07.2012 | Religion
Rev. Dr. C. Welton Gaddy

Under the guise of spirituality, Perry has taken the manipulation of religion for partisan political advantage to an incredible, almost unbelievable extreme.

Perry Defends Contentious Obama Criticism

The Huffington Post | Paige Lavender | Posted 12.08.2011 | Politics

Rick Perry defended his latest campaign ad -- which criticizes Obama for repealing the U.S. military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy -- in an intervi...

Perry Goes After Obama Over Don't Ask Don't Tell

The Huffington Post | Luke Johnson | Posted 12.07.2011 | Politics

Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry pledges to end "[President Barack] Obama's war on religion" in a new television ad airing in Iowa, railin...

WATCH: Rick Perry Turns His 'Oops' Into An Ad

The Huffington Post | Chris Gentilviso | Posted 07.11.2012 | Politics

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has had his share of mind-numbing moments. As the calendar closes in on the Iowa caucuses, the GOP presidential hopeful appears ...

Rick Perry Knocks President Obama's Upbringing, Attitude

The Huffington Post | Posted 11.17.2011 | Politics

President Barack Obama's "privileged" upbringing and inability to accept responsibility makes him out of touch with struggling Americans, Texas Gov. R...

Amanda Terkel

WATCH: Rick Perry Says Obama's Policies Are 'Socialist' | Amanda Terkel | Posted 11.16.2011 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) is running a new 30-second ad that advocates voting President Obama out of office in 2012 because his "sociali...

Perry Gets Aggressive With Major Campaign Move

New York Times | By JIM RUTENBERG | Posted 01.11.2012 | Politics

In an aggressive move to pull his campaign out of the trough that was his Wednesday night debate performance, Rick Perry has effectively bought himsel...

WATCH: This Explains A Lot

Posted 01.11.2012 | Comedy

When Rick Perry couldn't remember the name of the third governmental agency he intended to cut, most declared the campaign over. But Conan revealed th...

Step Right Up Here Folks, Tell You What I'm Going to Do...

Norman Lear | Posted 12.25.2011 | Politics
Norman Lear

I am haunted by something I saw on my TV set this morning. Governor Rick Perry was telling us how simple it would be to fill out a tax form for those who bought into his plan. And to illustrate his point he pulled out what looked to be a blank 5"x7" card.

Rick Perry's Harsh Attack Appears To Walk Fine Line With The Rules

Posted 12.10.2011 | Politics

A new, slickly produced campaign ad from Texas governor and GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry appears to run afoul with the rules with its use of ...

WATCH: Rick Perry Hammers GOP Rival With Harsh Attack

The Huffington Post | Luke Johnson | Posted 12.10.2011 | Politics

Texas Gov. Rick Perry is out with a new scathing attack ad linking former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney to President Barack Obama on the issue of hea...