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How To Pick Your Life Partner

Tim Urban | Posted 04.27.2014 | Women
Tim Urban

Given that the choice of life partner is by far the most important thing in life to get right, how is it possible that so many good, smart, otherwise-logical people end up getting it so wrong?

7 Healthy Weeknight Dinners For Two

Phoebe Lapine | Posted 04.23.2014 | Taste
Phoebe Lapine

Sometimes it's our significant other that feeds our bad eating habits.

The Surprising Sexual Reason Pompeii's Lead Is a Slave

Vicky Alvear Shecter | Posted 04.23.2014 | Entertainment
Vicky Alvear Shecter

I was deep into writing my young adult novel set in Pompeii, Curses and Smoke, when my editor sent me a message that would've made any writer's blood turn to ice.

Our Cocoon -- A Poem

Jacob Weber | Posted 04.20.2014 | Arts
Jacob Weber

You're still sleeping. And I'm up, trying to work, to focus to not log on to you know what. I catch a moth in the dim hall search every inch of a cl...

The Urban Girl's Dictionary

Allison Bagley | Posted 04.20.2014 | Style
Allison Bagley

A guide to words I wish were part of our common vernacular.

20 Ways to Embrace Your Single Self, Even if You Are in a Relationship

Shannon Kaiser | Posted 04.16.2014 | Women
Shannon Kaiser

So many of us lose ourselves in our romantic relationships; we try to morph into a version of who we think we should be, hoping our partner will love this version of us more than our true self.

Does the U.S. Really Need a National Condom Day?

Christopher Purdy | Posted 04.16.2014 | Impact
Christopher Purdy

National Condom Day and Valentine's Day both fall on February 14. Nobody expects Congress to observe Condom Day or for President Obama to announce tha...

Love Is in the Air This Valentine's Day: Even When PTSD Is Present

Harry Croft, M.D | Posted 04.16.2014 | Healthy Living
Harry Croft, M.D

The good news is that PTSD doesn't have to put a damper on your Valentine's Day. With appropriate and effective treatment the condition can be controlled, allowing love and romance to prosper yet again in your relationship.

Valentine's Day Special: The 14 Most Romantic Cities in the U.S.

Marlo Thomas | Posted 04.16.2014 | Home
Marlo Thomas

This year, my Valentine (you may have seen me with him -- Irish guy, white hair, blue eyes, adorable) and I will be staying close to home for this most beloved of Hallmark holidays. We've been on a tear since before Christmas and we needed to slow down. Besides, the hearth is always good for the heart.

The Valentine's Day Tradition This Unromantic Woman Wants To Start

Roz Warren | Posted 04.16.2014 | Fifty
Roz Warren

At some point in the relationship, every man I've ever gone out with has looked at me sadly and concluded 'You aren't very romantic, are you?' I am not. I am loving and funny and loyal. But romance has never been my thing.

Your 2014 Horoscope: Exciting Romance or Sexual Liberation?

Larry Schwimmer | Posted 04.15.2014 | Healthy Living
Larry Schwimmer

A transit is an astrological event that comes into your life and changes it. Where the change occurs depends on which of the 12 Houses of your birth chart that transit affects.

The Top 10 Ways Women Settle for Low-Fat Love

Patricia Leavy, PhD | Posted 04.15.2014 | Women
Patricia Leavy, PhD

In all areas of life women often settle for less. I think of this as a low-fat version of love, including self-love, by substituting what we really want for what we think we can get and then trying to pretend we're more satisfied than we are.

Great Expectations for Valentine's Day

Jess Carbino | Posted 04.15.2014 | Women
Jess Carbino

60% of men and 68% of women believe that Valentine's Day is not just a commercial holiday, but also about love. Moreover, men and women seem to have a pretty clear idea about what Cupid should bring for Valentine's Day.

On Loving Men Beyond the Erection

Mark Travis Rivera | Posted 02.02.2016 | Queer Voices
Mark Travis Rivera

One day I met a man who helped me redefine what my sexuality means to me. This guy, whom I will refer to as "James," was attractive: He had this way with words, and a smile that took my breath away. James happens to be transgender; he was assigned "female" at birth.

The Most Important Event on a First Date

Mawuena Akyea | Posted 04.15.2014 | New York
Mawuena Akyea

So the First Date is almost done. The conversation has been effortless and insightful. Your jokes were hilarious and at one point, your hands touched. And it was not awkward. Now the waiter, who has been eyeing your lady a bit too conspicuously, brings the check.

Myths And Truths: The Most Romantic Cities Around The World

Sonia Gil | Posted 04.15.2014 | Travel
Sonia Gil

Paris and Venice are arguably the most romantic cities in the world. But are they?

Don't Be a (Financially) Stupid Cupid

Neale Godfrey | Posted 04.14.2014 | Money
Neale Godfrey

Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but there's nothing romantic or sexy about going into debt. This Valentine's Day, use your head as well as your heart. Spend within your means. Be creative.

To the Romance-Resistant on Valentine's Day

Suzette Standring | Posted 04.14.2014 | Healthy Living
Suzette Standring

Valentine's Day draws near, and the romance-resistant need a little push. On Feb. 14, some women (or men) wish for hopeless romantics, but feel dis...

What Love Looks Like

Cynthia Dagnal-Myron | Posted 04.14.2014 | Healthy Living
Cynthia Dagnal-Myron

I call him her "training wheel love." The boy she practiced the art of falling into and out of love with in ways that will inform all the rest of her relationships forever. And she was very lucky to have found, so early, a love so sweet.

This Is The Ultimate Valentine's Day Date, According To Science

The Huffington Post | Taryn Hillin | Posted 03.11.2014 | Weddings

Valentine’s Day is upon us, which means one of two things: You’re either stressing about being single on Feb. 14, or you’re stressing about plan...

Real Talk: Are You Stuck In The Friend Zone?

Youth Radio -- Youth Media International | Posted 04.14.2014 | San Francisco
Youth Radio -- Youth Media International

By Chaz Hubbard "You're like a brother to me." It's a phrase that's broken a lot of hearts, and if you've ever had it said to you, more than likely,...

What Valentine's Day Means When You're a Multinational Couple

Katie Mgongolwa | Posted 04.14.2014 | Women
Katie Mgongolwa

We have both spent years away from our family and homelands, been on the other side of the world when loved ones passed away, missed our best friends and mama's cooking and native language. To be together, we had to fight.

Valentine's Day in London: 6 Ideas We Love

WHERE | Posted 04.14.2014 | Travel

With Valentine's Day approaching, you may be looking for London's unusual, unique or downright luxurious ways to mark the event with your significant other. Here are six of our favorites.

How Rewarding Is Love? Some Clues From Neuroscience

Dr. Judson Brewer | Posted 04.14.2014 | Healthy Living
Dr. Judson Brewer

Not caught up in the personal highs and lows of romance, people like Mother Theresa and the Dalai Lama have a track record of getting a lot of work done -- for the benefit of many, many people. Do the experiential differences between selfless and 'attached' love also show up in the brain?

Ask Michael Cohen: My Valentine's Day Do's, but Mostly, Dont's

Michael Cohen | Posted 04.14.2014 | Style
Michael Cohen

I'm not okay with Valentine's Day. I'm not going to pretend I am. It's not because I'm single. I didn't even like it when I was in a relationship with a guy that sent me not one, but two-dozen malnourished red roses from 1-800-Flowers. Thanks for nothing, Groupon.