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Segregation The Huffington Post

The 9 Most Segregated Cities In America

A Young Diahann Carroll's 'Shocking' Racist Encounter On A Train In D.C.

Obama Administration Unveils Ambitious Plan To Combat Residential Segregation

After Being Denied In 1942, 92-Year-Old Woman Finally Receives Her Library Card

This Is Where School Funding Is The Least 'Fair,' According To New Reports

John Legend: Racism Is Killing Our Kids

This Documentary Powerfully Explores Two Counties That Have Been Racially Divided For Years

Student Indicted For Hanging Noose Around Ole Miss Statue Honoring James Meredith

Boston Schools To Reflect On City's Violent Past With Desegregation In New Curriculum

The Most Important Issue No One's Talking About In The Chicago Mayoral Race

Moving Low-Income Families To Wealthy Areas Helps End Poverty Cycle

Gordon Parks' Never-Before-Seen Photos Of 1950s Segregation

Portland School Board Meeting On Racial Segregation Faces Protests

How A Potentially Mortifying Grocery Store Interaction Changed One Child's Life

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