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Self Employed

Arthur Delaney

The Indignity Of A Layoff After Decades Of Hard Work | Arthur Delaney | Posted 03.24.2012 | Business

Linda Hall of Spokane, Wash. has worked hard all her life but hasn't earned any respect from the labor market. Laid off for the first time at age 62, ...

Main Street or Wall Street? Why Not Both?

Kristie Arslan | Posted 05.08.2012 | Small Business
Kristie Arslan

If we're going to talk about tax reform, we need to be talking about reform across the board, not just for those who seem to command the most attention and action from Congress and the White House.

2012 Tax Tips: 6 Ways to Keep More Money in Your Pocket!

Ash Cash | Posted 04.18.2012 | Black Voices
Ash Cash

If you are like most Americans, you are most likely looking forward to receiving your tax refund check, so that you can pay down some debt, take a vacation, or buy something really nice. Here are some tips that will help you maximize your 2012 tax refund.

State of the Union: A "Level Playing Field" Must Include the Self-Employed Agenda

Kristie Arslan | Posted 03.25.2012 | Small Business
Kristie Arslan

If the President and Congress are really serious about ensuring a fair tax code, they'll take action on the tax and other policy changes that level the playing field for the foundation of the American economy: the self-employed.

Self-Employment and the Tax Man: 6 Ways to Keep Yourself Out of Trouble

Ash Cash | Posted 03.21.2012 | Black Voices
Ash Cash

Whether you work 9-5 and have a side hustle or you are a full-blown entrepreneur, the following are tips that every self-employed person needs in order to keep themselves out of trouble with our dear old Uncle Sam.

Small Business Planning During an Uncertain Economy

Kristie Arslan | Posted 03.04.2012 | Business
Kristie Arslan

The self-employed and small-business owners of America encourage Congress to extend the payroll tax cuts for an entire year so there's one less thing we have to accommodate for in our plans for success.

Entrepreneurs' Memoirs: A Gold Mine of Information for Self-Employed Wannabes

Frank Farwell | Posted 02.19.2012 | Small Business
Frank Farwell

Entrepreneurial memoirs are a treasure chest of information and entertainment and fit the bill perfectly for all the work-for-yourself wannabes on your holiday list

Extending the Payroll Tax Cuts Into 2012

Kristie Arslan | Posted 02.12.2012 | Business
Kristie Arslan

As 2011 comes to a close, so does the payroll tax cut for millions of Americans. If Congress does not come to an agreement, we'll start out 2012 by paying higher taxes.

M.B.A., But No Job? It's Time to Become an Entrepreneur

Frank Farwell | Posted 02.01.2012 | Small Business
Frank Farwell

Today's stark economy negates the working-for-yourself honeymoon and forces rookie entrepreneurs to pay absolute attention from day one. That's why today's entrepreneurs may have a leg up on us old-timers.

Reducing the National Debt While Keeping Small Businesses Top of Mind

Kristie Arslan | Posted 01.16.2012 | Business
Kristie Arslan

It is our hope that the super committee will be able to come to a consensus that will alleviate the national debt and work in the favor of one of America's largest economic strongholds -- small businesses.

Establishing Credibility as a New Business

Andrea Sittig-Rolf | Posted 01.10.2012 | Business
Andrea Sittig-Rolf

Being self-employed can be rewarding, but it's often challenging when you're starting out. To get a new business off the ground, you need customers, but customers aren't easily willing to put their trust in a newbie. It's a catch-22 -- and nobody wants to be the guinea pig.

Dacula, GA: Local Businessman Working To Keep His Dream Alive | Posted 01.08.2012 | Home

"Living the American dream to me is trying to make my own way, trying to make my own business ..."...

Refined Tax Code Will Stimulate Entrepreneurship

Kristie Arslan | Posted 01.03.2012 | Business
Kristie Arslan

A corporation is able to write off its employees' health insurance, lowering its taxable income. Self-employed business owners, on the other hand, must pay for health insurance with post-tax dollars.

The DIY Approach to Job Creation

Kristie Arslan | Posted 12.11.2011 | Small Business
Kristie Arslan

Putting people back to work does not necessarily mean giving a corporation an incentive to hire. In fact, the best job for some of the nine million unemployed could be one they create for themselves: self-employment.

Innovation Plus Job Creation = National Self-Employment Initiative

Kristie Arslan | Posted 12.06.2011 | Small Business
Kristie Arslan

Washington is awash in rhetoric about the importance of America's small businesses as engines of economic recovery, but there is little to no action coming out of the policy arena to help these businesses actually fuel economic growth.

Are You Cut Out to Own Your Own Business?

Don McNay | Posted 11.15.2011 | Business
Don McNay

Most people want a regular work routine. Their lives are based on forty-hour work weeks and steady paychecks. When people tell me they want to start their own business, I ask them whether they can really live without regular income.

Ten Lessons from Ten Years of the Self-Employed Life

Mark Silver | Posted 11.13.2011 | Business
Mark Silver

It took me quite awhile to get into the groove of working from home productively. At this point, I can't imagine leaving the house for fifty hours a week to go work somewhere else.

Are You Ready to Jump Into the World of Self-Employment?

Don McNay | Posted 10.10.2011 | Small Business
Don McNay

If Americans like the idea of self-employment and know it presents the greatest opportunity for growth, what is stopping some of them from taking the plunge?

Making It in the World of Self-Employment

Don McNay | Posted 09.23.2011 | Business
Don McNay

Being self-employed is good for people who need, or want, to work outside the nine-to-five world, even if it's temporary. Self-employment is not often about financing a start-up company and making the INC 500. It is often about making a living at something you enjoy.

Amy Winehouse's Death: A Wake Up Call for Small Business Owners

Tricia Fox | Posted 09.23.2011 | Business
Tricia Fox

Whether you are a pop star, a plumber or a business consultant, the same rules still apply: you are the product. And if that's the case, you are going to need to take really good care for yourself if you want your business to succeed.

Debunking One Size Fits All

Kristie Arslan | Posted 08.30.2011 | Business
Kristie Arslan

Leaders from both parties are embroiled in the debt drama leaving taxpayers and the financial markets to wonder if there is any hope that Congress can balance our nation's books.

New Healthcare Rules Could Unlock Entrepreneurship

John Arensmeyer | Posted 08.02.2011 | Business
John Arensmeyer

America prides itself on being the land of entrepreneurialism, yet the act of denying people health coverage for a preexisting condition discourages that tradition.

Tax Day: Let's Make the Tax Code Fair

Kristie Arslan | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business
Kristie Arslan

What the self-employed need is more than just lip-service from President Obama and Congress, who both are proclaiming that it's the small business community that will put our economy back on track.

Self-Employment Keeps the Unemployment Rolls Low

Kristie Arslan | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business
Kristie Arslan

The unemployment rate is now at its lowest level - 9.4 percent - in 19 months, despite millions of Americans who would like to go back to work. While ...

Ten Surprising Ways to Thrive as a Freelance Writer

David Hochman | Posted 05.25.2011 | Media
David Hochman

It's possible to not only survive, but thrive in challenging times as a freelance writer. And it only took me eighteen years to think of some ways.