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Sharron Angle The Huffington Post

Angle Suggests Free Market Could Solve Pre-Existing Conditions Coverage

AFL-CIO Sends Out 2.5 Million Mailers

Sharron Angle Slips, Again Says She Wants To 'Take Out' Harry Reid

Jim DeMint: Tea Party Candidates Can Win Midterm Election Races

Tea Party's Senate Victories: Who Can Keep The Momentum Until November?

Angle Offers Rationale For Bailing On Ralston Debate: She Wants 'An Informed Electorate'

AFL-CIO Debated Over How Hard To Attack Republicans

AFL-CIO Sends Out Two Million Mailers; Blast Palin, Angle And Paul

New Poll: O'Donnell-Castle Race 'Too Close To Call'

Former Nevada Senate Candidate: Members Of The GOP Were Pushing Me To Advocate A 'Civil Uprising'

Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Debate?

Sharron Angle Addresses 'Second Amendment Remedies': Revolution Is 'Possible'

Nevada Senate 2010: Harry Reid Racks Up Republican Endorsements

Sharron Angle Declines To Disavow Extremely Controversial Claims, Says 'I'll Be A Mainstream Senator'

Sharron Angle SUED For Posting Full Newspaper Articles

Sharron Angle Claims Unemployment Insurance 'Really Doesn't Benefit Anyone'

Sharron Angle Called 'Extreme,' 'Uncompassionate And Non-Caring' By GOP Gov's Ex-Wife (VIDEO)

Sharron Angle Spokesperson Denies She Wanted To Withhold Aid From Hurricane Katrina Victims

Sharron Angle Denies Saying Federal Government Initiatives Violate 'The First Commandment'

Sharron Angle In 2005: I Would Have Voted 'No' On Hurricane Katrina Relief Funds (AUDIO)

Harry Reid Hammers Sharron Angle For Calling Unemployed 'Spoiled' In New Campaign Ad (VIDEO)

Sharron Angle Won't Disavow Claim That Some Members Of Congress Are 'Domestic Enemies'

Sharron Angle Voters: Most Wish They Had A Different Candidate (POLL)

Harry Reid, Sharron Angle Trade Attacks: Guns And Rape vs. 'Love Triangle' (VIDEO)

Sharron Angle Campaigned Against Black Football Jerseys On Religious Grounds: Color is 'Thoroughly Evil'

Sharron Angle Compares Herself To America's 'Founding Fathers'

Climate Change Emerges As Hot Button Issue As GOP Candidates Question Global Warming