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How to Spot Cyber Vulnerabilities in Your Business!

According to a recent Reuters article, Facebook inadvertently exposed the email addresses and phone numbers of approximately 6 million...
Turning a 'No, Thank You' Into a 'Yes, Please'

Turning a 'No, Thank You' Into a 'Yes, Please'

We've all heard it before: You approach a potential client or customer with your best pitch for your incredible services/products and you...

Facts of Business Life: If You Don't Market Your Business, You Don't Have One

In my new book, The Facts of Business Life, I explore what's required to operate a successful business, and the facts every successful...

Make Sure You're Paying New Hires the Right Amount: 9 Professionals Weigh In

What's one resource that you use for evaluating pay scales for new hires? The following answers are provided by the Young Entrepreneur...

How to Get Massive Exposure for Your Business With an iPad Magazine

06. 3.2013
There are 120 million+ iPad users who are looking for content to read and things to buy through the Newsstand app. This sounds a lot like...

4 Ways Big Business Can Be a Keystone in Entrepreneurship Ecosystems

06. 3.2013
To any size company out there, why not adopt your community and see how you can be a keystone in your local ecosystem of entrepreneurs?...

4 Things You Don't Know About Private Companies

As the U.S. stock market has climbed this year, initial public offering filings and pricings are also outpacing last year's figures, based...
What Is

What Is "Entrepreneurship" in the 21st Century?

Most ventures fail. Most entrepreneurs make a lot less money than if they worked for someone else. The road to success is often long and...
Confidence Helps Women Business Owners Take Flight

Confidence Helps Women Business Owners Take Flight

05. 6.2013
A friend of mine who teaches people how to fly told me there is a big difference between her male and female students. Male students almost...

Empowering Ourselves Through Others

05. 6.2013
We need to make sure our people are ready for any changes, including the most unexpected, even unprecedented challenges, which have become...

Five Hidden Company Killers

Some company killers are obvious. Competition. Obsolescence. Too much debt. They're sexy problems. They make the headlines and you're already...
Community Is the New Currency

Community Is the New Currency

For entrepreneurs considering where to start a company or how to engage the assistance of others, there is some value to "the Village,"...

WordPress Hackers Serve Up Cautionary Tale to Small Businesses

Once again we come back to the very real threat this kind of malware presents to the small- to medium-sized business who will very commonly...