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Winning? It's Just 1 Thing

Ken Reed | Posted 10.25.2016 | Sports
Ken Reed

I believe the healthiest - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually - way to view sport is this: Winning isn't everything, it's just one thing.

Chess for Success: This Week In Daily Giving

Ari Nessel | Posted 09.20.2016 | Impact
Ari Nessel

At the end of this month, Walt Disney Productions will release Queen of Katwe, a film that highlights the story of a young Ugandan girl whose world ra...

He Could Have Won The Race. Instead, He Helped His Brother Finish It

The Huffington Post | Maxwell Strachan | Posted 09.21.2016 | Sports

Alistair Brownlee could have bypassed his toppling brother on the way to a first-place finish for the day at the World Triathlon Series in Cozumel, Me...

A Youth Soccer Team Beat Their Opponents, Then Comforted Them

The Huffington Post | Maxwell Strachan | Posted 09.01.2016 | Sports

Losing is hard. Almost everyone knows that. But less considered is how to win with class. Barcelona’s under-12 team gave a master class in the latte...

The Ultimate Battle in SportsWorld: Ego vs. Soul

Ken Reed | Posted 08.26.2016 | Sports
Ken Reed

Vince Lombardi was quoted as saying, "Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing." That's it. If you don't win, the whole endeavor is a waste o...

The Olympics Are Over...But The Story Tail Is Long

David Sable | Posted 08.23.2016 | Business
David Sable

I've admitted to being a sucker for the Olympics. But, truthfully, I am a sucker for those moments that, to me, are redolent of what the Olympics are...

The Olympics Is Not The Place For Politics Or Hatred

Steve Siebold | Posted 08.16.2016 | Sports
Steve Siebold

The one place that should be sacred and free of politics, religious debates, discrimination, hatred or anything else negative is the Olympics. While the world's greatest athletes are competing in Rio, the focus should be on being the best you can be and making your country proud.

The End Of The Olympics?

Ginny Gilder | Posted 08.01.2016 | Sports
Ginny Gilder

The Rio Games mark the end of the twelfth decade of the modern Olympics, an impressive track record, yet far outstripped by the tenure of the original Games, which started in 776 B.C. and lasted nearly twelve centuries.

Help Your Child And Teen Learn To Win And Lose Well -- The Ins And Outs Of Sportsmanship

Laurie Hollman, Ph.D. | Posted 07.05.2016 | Parents
Laurie Hollman, Ph.D.

In today's culture where everyone sometimes gets a trophy for trying their best which has the positive effect of praising effort and hard work, it's s...

In Praise of Division III Athletics

L. Jay Lemons | Posted 04.08.2017 | Sports
L. Jay Lemons

Division III, the largest grouping in the NCAA's membership, aspires to be the purist form of intercollegiate athletic competition. As there are no athletic scholarships, all athletes compete for the love of sport.

Sportsmanship Taking a Beating From Ego

Ken Reed | Posted 04.04.2017 | Sports
Ken Reed

Sports have always brought out the best and worst in people. One of the compelling aspects of sports is that character is openly on display. Problem is, the ugly side of sports is getting way too loud.

10 Ways to Improve Your Child's Education at Home

Laurie Hollman, Ph.D. | Posted 03.25.2017 | Education
Laurie Hollman, Ph.D.

How do children learn? Certainly, it's our job as parents to send our kids to schools, be their advocates in getting a fine education, ascertaining special services as needed, and taking the time to learn how the curriculum is organized. But what about our role at home?

Cam Newton: A Role Model in Progress

Jesse Andreozzi | Posted 02.11.2017 | Sports
Jesse Andreozzi

Right now, though, if he's going to dab, dance, and dish it out when he wins, he needs to own it when he loses. This situation is all the more frustrating given all the critics who will jump on Newton for anything little fault they can find.

My Son Didn't Start Today, And I Couldn't Be Prouder

Chris Fore | Posted 02.09.2017 | Parents
Chris Fore

Parents, your kids will be fine if they don't start -- as long as you're fine! For the first time my son didn't start today, and I couldn't have been prouder. He was the only one on the bench standing and cheering for his teammates.

6 Lessons We Can Learn About Sportsmanship From Cam Newton

Anya "Yaya" Reed | Posted 02.08.2017 | Sports

Whether it be getting that big promotion or signing a huge client, you want to shout it to the world, but this is where celebrating with grace comes in handy. While we are on cloud nine after coming out victorious, there's probably someone else on the losing side.

Trophies for Participants, and Parolees

Lisa Smith Molinari | Posted 11.12.2016 | Sports
Lisa Smith Molinari

I grew up in Western Pennsylvania -- the cradle of quarterbacks, Steeler Country, the home of those folks accused of "clinging to their guns and relig...

10 Messages All Sports Should Leave Behind

Becky Blades | Posted 11.02.2016 | Sports
Becky Blades

Let's face it, professional sports give mixed messages about competition and team play. Some of it is the stuff fairy tales are made of, and some of it is worse. That's why you'll love this story.

High School Football Sportsmanship Doesn’t Get Better Than This

The Huffington Post | Justin Block | Posted 11.02.2015 | Sports

One of the first cliches youth sports coaches drill into impressionable young athletes is about "respecting your opponent." That value, however, repre...

Shouts From the Sidelines: Lessons in Life

Christine Carter | Posted 10.20.2016 | Parents
Christine Carter

What is sometimes shouted from the sidelines is quite a portrayal of many life lessons we want to instill in our kids. There are tactics and tests that play out on the field which if used in the game of life can prove to be quite valuable.

Your Child's Coach Is a Jerk? Now You Can Let the League Know It

Fred Engh | Posted 09.23.2016 | Sports
Fred Engh

Since parent evaluations are anonymous to the coaches, parents can provide honest feedback without fear of backlash or repercussion. The coach only sees their overall score for each key coaching area.

7 Things Sports --and Wrestling--Taught My Sons That I Could Not

Michele Weldon | Posted 09.05.2016 | Parents
Michele Weldon

For millions of American parents, Saturdays -and Sundays-- are again fully booked with carpooling, cheering from the sidelines and unfortunately sooth...

Uganda And Taiwan Little League World Series Teams Show What Sports Should Really Be About

The Huffington Post | Justin Block | Posted 12.28.2016 | Sports

The famous Vince Lombardi line, "If winning isn't everything, why do they keep score?" is often times quoted as a truism, but it's not. Winning is ...

We All Should Have a Kid This Gutsy!

Fred Engh | Posted 07.22.2016 | Parents
Fred Engh

We've all see the bumper sticker on the back of cars that say, "My child's on the honor roll." Well I think there should be ones made for kids like this one that says, "My kid just stood up to a bunch of 'little league' jerks who don't get it."

Even in Defeat, Jordan Spieth Wins

Steven Petite | Posted 07.21.2016 | Sports
Steven Petite

Jordan Spieth is young enough to be the son of a lot of the players on tour, but he did what is sometimes difficult for even seasoned veterans. He lost graciously, respectfully and admirably in heartbreaking circumstances.

Sportsmanship: It Truly Is What It's All About

Ken Reed | Posted 05.27.2016 | Sports
Ken Reed

I believe that no matter how long your sports career lasts, whether it ends after Little League, or after winning the Super Bowl, what you will most be remembered for is what kind of competitor you were, what kind of teammate you were, and whether or not you respected the game.