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Stephen Breyer

Supreme Court Torn Over Whether Constitution Should Apply To Cross-Border Shootings

The Huffington Post | Cristian Farias | Posted 02.21.2017 | Politics

WASHINGTON ― As the administration of President Donald Trump readies a new crackdown on undocumented immigrants, the Supreme Court on Tuesday weighe...

Obama Lawyer Urges Supreme Court To Shield High-Ranking Officials From Lawsuits

The Huffington Post | Cristian Farias | Posted 01.18.2017 | Politics

WASHINGTON ― Two days before President-elect Donald Trump takes office, the Obama administration did him a big favor by telling the Supreme Court it...

Supreme Court Weighs If Some Credit Card 'Swipe' Fees Violate The 1st Amendment

The Huffington Post | Cristian Farias | Posted 01.11.2017 | Politics

WASHINGTON ― The last thing the U.S. Supreme Court wants is to regulate how the corner bagel shop does business. The justices on Tuesday puzzled ove...

Chief Justice Roberts Will Sit Out Patent Case Over $175,000 Stock Conflict

Reuters | Cristian Farias | Posted 01.04.2017 | Politics

WASHINGTON ― Chief Justice John Roberts will no longer participate in a patent dispute at the Supreme Court involving a unit of Thermo Fisher Scient...

Suffering On Death Row For 40 Years May Be Cruel And Unusual, Justice Breyer Says

The Huffington Post | Cristian Farias | Posted 12.12.2016 | Politics

The Supreme Court on Monday declined to hear the appeals of two inmates, one from Florida and one from Ohio, who questioned whether their death senten...

Supreme Court Name-Checks Kim Kardashian While Trying To Define A Legal Term

The Huffington Post | Cristian Farias | Posted 10.04.2016 | Politics

WASHINGTON ― The Supreme Court, in the course of trying to pin down what exactly constitutes bank fraud under federal law, brought up an unexpected ...

Only Two Justices Want To Tackle Whether The Death Penalty Should End

The Huffington Post | Cristian Farias | Posted 06.01.2016 | Politics

The Supreme Court on Tuesday turned away an appeal from a Louisiana death row inmate that posed a question that has long vexed the justices: Is the de...

Justice Breyer Insists Death Penalty Is Cruel, Even When Supreme Court Won't

The Huffington Post | Cristian Farias | Posted 05.03.2016 | Politics

The Supreme Court on Monday declined to take up the case of a death-row inmate that might have struck down California's death penalty system. The cour...

Supreme Court Rules Political Speech Is Protected Even If You Didn't Actually Speak

The Huffington Post | Cristian Farias | Posted 04.26.2016 | Politics

The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday sided with a former police officer who was demoted by his supervisors because they thought, mistakenly, that he had ...

The Supreme Court Could Throw A Lifeline To Debt-Swamped Puerto Rico

The Huffington Post | Daniel Marans | Posted 03.22.2016 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Puerto Rico had a good day, or at least a hopeful one, in court on Tuesday. The Supreme Court seemed receptive to Puerto Rico’s argume...

The Real Reason Republicans Won't Give Obama's Supreme Court Nominee A Hearing

The Huffington Post | Jonathan Cohn | Posted 03.17.2016 | Politics

Senate Republicans are refusing to hold hearings on Merrick Garland, President Barack Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court, supposedly because of t...

Obama Has Every Right, Nay a Duty, to Nominate Scalia's Replacement

Michael Russnow | Posted 02.15.2017 | Politics
Michael Russnow

Almost immediately upon hearing the shocking news that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia had unexpectedly died Saturday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said he would not permit the president to fill the court seat. This is a new one.

The Republican Supreme Gamble: Is a Deal the Smarter Move for All Concerned?

Aaron Harber | Posted 02.15.2017 | Politics
Aaron Harber

Despite knowing President Barack Obama has the right and obligation to nominate Scalia's successor, all the Republican presidential candidates and many others on that side of the aisle have called for the [resident to defer nominating anyone for a year so the next president can make the selection.

Supreme Irony: GOP Peddles Denial of Justice!

Martin Lewis | Posted 02.14.2017 | Politics
Martin Lewis

Republicans have shown enormous respect for the Constitution of the United States of America and their hero Associate Justice Antonin Scalia by instantly using his death to demand that President Obama ignore the Constitution for the next 340 DAYS.

Justice Breyer Is Dying For A Case That Will Kill The Death Penalty For Good

The Huffington Post | Cristian Farias | Posted 01.22.2016 | Politics

The U.S. Supreme Court gets last-minute death penalty appeals all the time, even when it's on summer recess. It seldom grants them. It refused two req...

The Most Important Election Ever?

Jason P. Steed | Posted 01.06.2017 | Politics
Jason P. Steed

Assuming the next president gets to replace all four of the oldest justices (Ginsburg, Scalia, Kennedy, and Breyer), we're in for a big shift. A Democrat could transform the Court's somewhat reliable 5-4 conservative majority into a solid 6-3 liberal majority.

Chief Justice Roberts Made 'Human Error' In Overlooking Conflict Of Interest

The Huffington Post | Cristian Farias | Posted 12.18.2015 | Politics

Earlier this year, a Supreme Court justice took action in a case where he had an unintended conflict of interest. Actually, that happened twice this y...

A Conversation with Justice Stephen Breyer: Millennial Take

Harvard University’s Institute of Politics | Posted 11.11.2016 | College
Harvard University’s Institute of Politics

We have now come to expect the head-to-head clashes between politicians with opposing views. At first appearance, the Supreme Court may seem to fall in line with this rule with its frequent nail-biting cases. But according to United States Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, the opposite holds true.

Justice Breyer Won't Sit Out Big Energy Case Where He Had Conflict Of Interest

The Huffington Post | Cristian Farias | Posted 10.17.2015 | Politics

Under federal law, a Supreme Court justice must recuse from a case when he or his spouse have a "financial interest" in it. Justice Stephen Breyer di...

Teens Sentenced To Die In Prison May Not Get A New Day In Court -- Yet

The Huffington Post | Cristian Farias | Posted 10.14.2015 | Politics

Henry Montgomery has spent more than 50 years behind bars after his conviction for killing a sheriff's deputy in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He was 17 at ...

You Can Now Listen To Justice Scalia Call Obamacare 'SCOTUScare' Over And Over

The Huffington Post | Cristian Farias | Posted 10.09.2015 | Politics

Every major Supreme Court decision has two parts: a written opinion and an oral announcement. The former is made public immediately, but the latter is...

Justice Breyer Couldn't Save Richard Glossip, But He Won The Day Anyway

The Huffington Post | Cristian Farias | Posted 10.03.2015 | Politics

When lawyers for Richard Glossip filed a last-minute request with the Supreme Court late Tuesday to halt his execution, the justices were already fami...

Stephen Colbert Overrules Supreme Court Justice In Rare 'Late Show' Interview

The Huffington Post | Cristian Farias | Posted 09.15.2015 | Politics

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer made a rare stop at "The Late Show With Stephen Colbert" on Monday to promote his new book, but instead the host ...

The Supreme Court Has Had Enough Of The Lethal Injection Debate

The Huffington Post | Cristian Farias | Posted 08.28.2015 | Politics

The Supreme Court won't be reconsidering an explosive ruling it issued in June that upheld the legality of the lethal injection in Oklahoma. In a one...

Is the Death Penalty Unconstitutional?

Jessica S. Henry | Posted 06.30.2016 | Crime
Jessica S. Henry

Monday, Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, joined by Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, suggested that the death penalty is unconstitutional. They did so in dissent. But what a powerful dissent it was.