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These Virtual Tours of Tough-To-Visit Destinations Will Take Your Breath Away

The Huffington Post | Minou Clark | Posted 12.30.2016 | Travel

Is your 2017 resolution to travel the world? Well, thanks to Google Maps, you can virtually escape to almost anywhere on the planet - without even boo...

Random Sunsets Around the World - Part 4, Arctic and Antarctic regions - Sinking Low on the Looney Front

Mike Arkus | Posted 10.30.2016 | Travel
Mike Arkus

Moving on from Africa, the blog series on sunsets goes sweeping off to the far north and far south, once again focussing not only on the sun's technic...

A Unique Norwegian Choir Is United By Coal As Mining Industry Suffers

Arctic Deeply | Jesselyn Cook | Posted 03.05.2016 | Home

In Longyearbyen, Svalbard, a choir united by coal takes to the stage in an abandoned building – but the future for local coal mining looks uncertain...

18 Peculiar Things About the North Polet

Alyssa Ramos | Posted 02.24.2017 | Travel
Alyssa Ramos

The people there refer to it as "Next to the North Pole" or the "North Polet", because it's the closest location that commercial flights operate to, and well, because it's right next to the North Pole. It's peculiar in general that people are eager to travel there, but what I found even more interesting is the way of life there.

Syrian War Causes The Global Doomsday Seed Vault's First Withdrawal

The Huffington Post | Nick Robins-Early | Posted 01.03.2017 | Home

The doomsday seed vault on Norway's remote Svalbard archipelago houses the world's back up supply of seeds to ensure crop diversity. It contains depos...

The JT Insider Food Guide: Norway

Jacada Travel | Posted 01.17.2015 | Travel
Jacada Travel

Norwegian chef Andreas Viestad -- presenter of the TV show New Scandinavian Cooking and former Washington Post food writer -- talks to Jacada about Norway's exciting culinary scene.

The Far North, Part 1 -- The Glaciers of Svalbard: Going Arctic on the Looney Front

Mike Arkus | Posted 06.27.2014 | Travel
Mike Arkus

It prides itself on being the world's most northerly city, albeit with only about 2,000 residents; it's way beyond the Arctic Circle, just 813 miles f...

Svalbard: 5 Fun Summer Adventures

Marcus and Kate Westberg | Posted 04.20.2014 | Travel
Marcus and Kate Westberg

Svalbard lies at the end of the world. At 78 degrees north, Longyearbyen is a pretty remote settlement, although getting there is surprisingly easy.

Arctic Adventure: Looking for Summer Snow

Stewart A. Swerdlow | Posted 11.09.2013 | Travel
Stewart A. Swerdlow

We live in Western Michigan, where the summers are delightful and fruits and veggies are in abundance. We thought, what a great idea it would be to go way north where snow still hangs around for July. So we did!

Look At This Eerie Arctic Island

The Huffington Post | Suzy Strutner | Posted 09.05.2013 | Travel

Welcome to Svalbard, a tiny little archipelago (a.k.a. island grouping) waaay off the coast of Norway. Svalbard is known to be an awesome place for po...

PHOTOS: A Dispatch From Ground Zero For Climate Change

Lindblad Expeditions | Posted 11.01.2012 | Travel
Lindblad Expeditions

At more than 70º north of the Equator, I'm standing at ground zero for climate change. Nowhere else on Earth is it warming as quickly as in Greenland, the world's largest island.

They Left Us... Bones

Carl Safina | Posted 08.05.2012 | Green
Carl Safina

We walk around whale jawbones the size of building beams, skulls larger than people, improbable ribs and vertebrae the size of hassocks. It's a garden of death. It is bleak poverty to pick through what others discarded centuries ago, when the now-silent bay should be full of whales.

PHOTOS: 15 Adventures For Winter's Discontents

Black Tomato | Posted 03.12.2012 | Travel
Black Tomato

From Bhutan to Iceland to Belize, there are incredibly things to be done in 2012. Here is a tasting menu of the journeys this new year has to offer.

PHOTOS: Gardens of Death and Other Horticultural Marvels

Atlas Obscura | Posted 11.30.2011 | Travel
Atlas Obscura

Extraordinary flora and fauna abound in our round-up of the globe's most unusual gardens, greenhouses and Arctic Doomsday seed vaults.

Explorer Wakes Up In Jaws Of A Polar Bear

Yahoo! News UK | Posted 05.25.2011 | Home

An explorer has described the moment he was attacked by a polar bear - waking up to find the animal's jaws around his head....

Polar Bear Listing Defended | | Posted 05.25.2011 | Home
Read More: Svalbard, Home News

Andrew Revkin just posted a nice link to a recent response by one of the world's foremost polar bear experts to an attack on global-warming based pred...

Take Action During a Bad Week for Polar Bears

Frances Beinecke | Posted 05.25.2011 | Green
Frances Beinecke

It's been a hard week for polar bears. Last Wednesday, the New York Times reported that scientists and officials from the five Arctic nations conclude...