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Teaching Kids Gratitude

Finally, a Cool Formula for Teaching Kids How to Be More Grateful, From a Gratitude Researcher (and Dad)

Paula Spencer Scott | Posted 11.18.2015 | Parents
Paula Spencer Scott

Kids don't come by an attitude of gratitude naturally. Just like sharing or turn-taking, it's a social skill they need to learn, says psychologist Jeffrey Froh, an associate professor at Hofstra University who's a leading gratitude researcher.

A New Kind Of Valentine's Day

Mary Hickey | Posted 03.30.2015 | Parents
Mary Hickey

I want you to learn another way to feel love in the world. It doesn't just have to come from the people you already have in your life. There are always people in the world who are alone or having a hard time who could use a smile in their day and you have the power to give that to them.

The Friends Who Were My Son's ‘Best Medicine'

Julie Guillot | Posted 07.27.2014 | Parents
Julie Guillot

There is no way to adequately thank "BFF" Julia and the kids who made time for and stuck with him -- those who brought doses of the best medicine known to Man -- doses of "normal" during his years-long illness.

11 Ways To Teach Your Kids True Gratitude

Andrea Reiser | Posted 04.07.2014 | Parents
Andrea Reiser

Teaching our kids to say "thank you" is important, but truly instilling a sense of gratitude in them is another matter entirely. Gratitude goes beyond good manners -- it's a mindset and a lifestyle.

5 Ways To Teach Kids Gratitude This Thanksgiving

Pam Allyn | Posted 01.27.2014 | Parents
Pam Allyn

Thanksgiving gives us a chance to renew our commitment to living full lives of gratitude, and to help our children do the same.

10 Ways To Teach Kids Gratitude This Thanksgiving

Jenny Witte | Posted 01.26.2014 | Parents
Jenny Witte

Toddlers and young kids are self-centered by nature, and thankfulness needs to obviously extend beyond just basic good manners. The default mode will always be "satisfy me," and putting others first and being grateful is not natural. It has to be taught.

Teaching Kids Gratefulness in an Ungrateful Society

Valerie DeLoach | Posted 01.25.2014 | Parents
Valerie DeLoach

As we approach Black Friday and that seemingly insignificant day that just happens to fall before it, I find myself sickened at the greedy consumerism that has taken over our society. It pains me that our children are growing up with this as their "norm."

Gratitude = Happiness

Christine Carter, PhD | Posted 01.24.2012 | Healthy Living
Christine Carter, PhD

If we want to be happy, and to raise happy kids, we need to practice gratitude -- deliberately, and consistently, or we may end up feeling more entitled than appreciative.