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HuffPost What's Working Honor Roll: Blind Auditions Are Leveling The Playing Field For Job Applicants

The Huffington Post | Aaron Barksdale | Posted 07.31.2015 | Media

As journalists, we dutifully report on what's going wrong, from scandals and corruption to natural disasters and social problems. But far too often th...

HuffPost What's Working Honor Roll: An Ingenious Invention Is Getting Disabled People Back On Their Feet

The Huffington Post | Aaron Barksdale | Posted 07.30.2015 | Media

As journalists, we dutifully report on what's going wrong, from scandals and corruption to natural disasters and social problems. But far too often th...

You Can Now 3D Print Your Own Clothes From Home

Brian Hanley | Posted 07.31.2015 | Technology
Brian Hanley

Need new clothes? Who needs a store? Danit Peleg is printing them herself. ...

These Are The World’s Leading Startup Cities

Citylab | Jenny Che | Posted 07.30.2015 | Business

This story originally appeared on Citylab.  Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area have long been the world leaders in high-tech startups...

HuffPost What's Working Honor Roll: Anonymous Messaging App Provides Suicide Intervention On College Campuses

The Huffington Post | Aaron Barksdale | Posted 07.29.2015 | Media

As journalists, we dutifully report on what's going wrong, from scandals and corruption to natural disasters and social problems. But far too often th...

Are We All a Bunch of Narcissists?

Brian Hanley | Posted 07.29.2015 | Technology
Brian Hanley

If we weren't narcissists by clinical standards, I wondered, what were we? People with too many gadgets to think clearly? To feel clearly? People with good intentions, short attention spans and a propensity to do what's best for ourselves? People trying to figure out this mess of a universe one bus ride at a time? Whatever we were, we needed to become something else, more compassionate.

What Are We Doing Today?

Amanda Magee | Posted 07.29.2015 | Parents
Amanda Magee

It's a question I hear, often before the girls are even dressed. Their gangly legs poke out from beneath t-shirts. Sometime over the last year they shifted from their dad's shirts to mine. The hems aren't as long as before, the v-neck dips and are yanked up by still-modest hands.

15 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before Launching a Startup

Quora | Posted 07.23.2015 | Technology

Start-up ideas work best when they are based on your ability to access and control the necessary means required for it gain timely traction in the market and then grow to financial sustainability.

6 Electronics You Should (and Shouldn't) Unplug

Trulia | Posted 07.22.2015 | HuffPost Home

Did you know that those gadgets -- the ones that are always plugged in -- are constantly adding to your electric bill? It's called phantom power use: Even when not turned on, these devices are using power just by being plugged in.

Dear Apple, Your Chargers Are Crap

Caslee Sims | Posted 07.21.2015 | Technology
Caslee Sims

The point is that, while Apple is a wonderful company that keeps me on my heels and has made me a fiend for iOS updates and the newest hardware, one thing hasn't changed about the company for as long as I've bought your products: the chargers.

How NewYork-Presbyterian Is Leading the Way for the Future of Health Care

Aurelia Boyer | Posted 07.20.2015 | Technology
Aurelia Boyer

As technology continues to advance and more people have access to mobile technology and the Internet, health care must keep up with advances not only in medicine, but also in patient communication and engagement.

Tech 101: Interview With 'Tech Catalyst' Lori H. Schwartz

Sandy Abrams | Posted 07.20.2015 | Business
Sandy Abrams

Lori Schwartz has carved out a niche as a self proclaimed 'Tech Catalyst' or what I would say is a 'tech translator' for people who are outside the tech world but want to learn how to integrate tech in a manageable way into both biz and life.

8 Fascinating Facts About How Teens Use The Internet And Social Media

The Huffington Post | Carly Steyer | Posted 07.20.2015 | Teen

Surprise -- teens love the Internet! OK, so it's not exactly a surprise. What is a little shocking are the statistics revealed in a recent study ...

Digital Skills Urgently Needed to Bridge Digital Literacy Gap

Lisa Chau | Posted 07.15.2015 | Education
Lisa Chau

Digital technology has changed our world for the better, but the innovation that helps some rise also threatens to leave millions behind. As technology transforms our economy at a blinding pace, more and more people are being locked out of a job market increasingly dominated by the demand for computer skills.

Charleston, South Carolina Outpaces the Nation in Tech Growth

Lisa Chau | Posted 07.15.2015 | Business
Lisa Chau

In April, I was invited to speak in Charleston's third annual DIG SOUTH -- the Southeast's first and foremost event celebrating the digital economy with over 200 presenters from companies such as Google, Instagram, Twitter, TechCrunch, BuzzFeed, and Inc.

16 Tweets That Totally Explain How Kids Relate To Technology Today

The Huffington Post | Hollis Miller | Posted 07.15.2015 | Parents

 Raising kids in today's digital world can be a challenging experience. On the one hand, kids are hopelessly lost when it comes to your cultural ...

13 Great Kids' Games That Require Zero Tech Devices

The Huffington Post | Carly Steyer | Posted 07.10.2015 | Parents

It's oftentimes a wave of boredom which prompts the, "can I watch TV/play on the computer?" lines from kids. If you turn to Google to solve that probl...

Startup Insider: ZipMatch CEO John Dang Shares His Startup Journey to the Philippines

David Ongchoco | Posted 07.10.2015 | Business
David Ongchoco

When John Dang first stepped into the Philippines, he couldn't help but notice the sheer number of new buildings being developed. Dang was excited to be seeing the country changing right before his eyes--he saw an opportunity to be part of this change.

11 Comics About Kids' Plugged-In Lives To Make You Laugh -- Or Cry

The Huffington Post | Hollis Miller | Posted 07.09.2015 | Parents

Here's a scary thought: Kids born in the last decade will never know what the world was like pre-iPhone. Today, there are apps for everything, WiFi is...

The Newest Tech Gadgets All Cyclists Will Want

Kayla Matthews | Posted 07.07.2015 | Technology
Kayla Matthews

If you're looking for a way to beef up your bicycle with gadgets that make each journey more enjoyable, keep reading. Manufacturers are regularly developing and producing devices that cater both to cyclists who only ride occasionally and to those who jump on their bikes every day.

Decoding the Future: ELLE Women in Tech

Emillio Mesa | Posted 07.07.2015 | San Francisco
Emillio Mesa

It's no secret that the tech industry has been dominated by men. But did you know a woman is responsible for some of the core innovations that drive the internet today? In 1843, Ada Lovelace published instructions for the world's first computer program.

One Of My Greatest Life Decisions: Becoming An Engineer

Shraddha Chaplot | Posted 07.01.2015 | Impact
Shraddha Chaplot

Have you ever believed that you could do or be anything? That in your heart and gut, you knew that you were destined to change the world in your own way, exciting, empowering and enabling so many others so they may do the things they never thought they could?

Hey Boss -- My Product Strategy Is Telling you "NO!"

Brian de Haaff | Posted 06.26.2015 | Technology
Brian de Haaff

Here is how it goes down. You turn the corner and the big boss (who never uses the product or speaks with customers) says "I have a great new idea for a feature."

Startup Insider: 5 Insights From Day 1 of the Echelon Asia Summit 2015

David Ongchoco | Posted 06.26.2015 | Business
David Ongchoco

The Echelon Asia Summit was started back in 2009 with the goal of bringing Asia's top startups, innovators and investors into one conference hall. I got to attend this year's summit, listen to the speakers, speak with delegates and sit down with startup thought leaders in Asia.

14 Tools to Turn Game-Obsessed Kids Into Genuine Game Designers

Common Sense Media | Posted 06.23.2015 | Parents
Common Sense Media

Whether your kids enjoy creating fun new game elements, editing existing game content, or fully designing their own games from scratch, these programs can help bring their ideas to the screen.