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Why 2014 Was a Good Year

Why 2014 Was a Good Year

So let's enter 2015 looking forward to a better future. Let's not be a nation of complainers who find nothing good to smile about but plenty...

Obama on a Roll

Even Obama's supporters sometimes express frustration because the president has refused to act for the sake of acting, shoot from the hip,...

Islam, Religious Dogmatism and Terrorism

Here are some indisputable facts: the vast majority of Muslims are not terrorists and a majority also reject terrorism and violence as...

The Christmas Hope: A To-Do List for a Better World

Each year, I wish for the same things -- an end to war, poverty, hunger, violence and disease -- and each year, I find the world relatively...

Peshawar Attack: A Deadly Embrace

I was heading home from the University of Karachi when my phone buzzed with a text message from a kin. '20 dead, APS in Peshawar under...
Cyberwar or Cybervandalism?

Cyberwar or Cybervandalism?

Does hacking into a private entertainment corporation's computer files constitute an act of war? Against whom, exactly?

How to Save the World -- A Simple Answer

Divisive thinking doesn't settle anger or fear but fuels both. In our common future, the problem is always the same everywhere--acting...

Hysteria Over North Korean Hacking Is Unwarranted

Although John McCain's sidekick in threat exaggeration and bellicose strutting, Lindsay Graham, was outraged that President Obama called...

Potential UK Club Acquisition Could Help Qatar Polish Its Image

A Qatari acquisition of Tottenham would no doubt at least temporarily refocus some of the negative reporting on the country. But it could...

Sadly, Rachel Maddow Just Insulted Every Independent Bookseller in America

Will the truth ever be told about the courage exhibited by independent booksellers during that period? We can only hope so. In the meantime,...

2015 Predictions for Islamist Terrorism Worldwide

What's in store for 2015? Here's what we can expect of Islamist terrorism in the coming year.

War on Poaching: 'Saving the Wild' Quotes of 2014

There are a growing number of global citizens that refuse to believe in a world without elephants and rhinos, who believe that man has...

Who Would Jesus Waterboard?

Ben Franklin once wrote that "it is better 100 guilty Persons should escape than that one innocent Person should suffer." Dick Cheney,...
Muslims 'Cannot Be Held Responsible' For The Minority Engaging In Terrorism

Muslims 'Cannot Be Held Responsible' For The Minority Engaging In Terrorism

Antonia Blumberg  12.17.2014
On Monday the international community was rocked by news that a "deeply disturbed individual” had taken 17 people hostage in a cafe in...