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The Meaning of Malala

It's been awhile since I was inspired by something, but it happened the other day. I was listening to a girl give a speech on her 16th...

Rolling Stone Cover of Tsarnaev: How a Face Can Divide a Nation

The controversial cover photo revealed how narrow-minded and virulent the online community can be -- before even reading an article.

Salon's Shocking Comparison: Obama is George Zimmerman, Trayvon is Al-Awlaki

What we're hearing from mostly white purists on the left is that the first African American president is a thuggish crook who should be...

Reality Check for Egypt

Egyptians want accountable and responsible leadership that cleans up government, creates economic growth, and provides opportunities. It...
'Dear Malala, From The Taliban'

'Dear Malala, From The Taliban'

Fatima Manji  07.17.2013
Channel 4 News sees a copy of a letter sent to Malala Yousufzai from a senior Taliban commander berating her "smear campaign" against them...

Honoring David McCourt, a Hero of 9/11

McCourt's story of immeasurable grief and the ability to overcome hatred makes him another hero of the 9/11 tragedy. He recently passed...
Meeting Malala

Meeting Malala

She is now the voice of millions of girls around the world who are also fighting an everyday battle for access to the education we often...

Egypt: Haven't We Learned Our Lesson!

After the second wave of the Egyptian revolution, the interim declaration should have clearly spelled out the ultimate vision for the...
UK Suspects Terrorism In Mosque Explosion

UK Suspects Terrorism In Mosque Explosion

LONDON -- An explosion near a mosque in central England is being treated as suspected terrorism, British police said Friday. No injuries...

Privacy, Security and Sanity

What I keep longing to hear, in the hemorrhaging national debate about Edward Snowden, whistleblowing and the NSA, is some acknowledgment...

Political Violence and Privilege

07. 9.2013
The numbers couldn't be clearer: right-wing extremists have committed far more acts of political violence since 1990 than American Muslims....

American Politics Needs More Drama

07. 8.2013
Like baseball, political events in Washington, D.C. tend to be long and boring, punctuated by the occasional home run speech or graceful...
Radical Muslim Cleric Pleads Innocent To Terrorism

Radical Muslim Cleric Pleads Innocent To Terrorism

07. 7.2013
AMMAN, Jordan — A radical Muslim preacher described as a key al-Qaida operative in Europe rejected terrorism charges Sunday linked...

Contemplating Suicide

07. 6.2013
The next time you or someone you love begins to eye that third rail or bridge with lust, try to discern the message that would be sent...