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Thinning Hair

Struggle With Thinning Edges? Follow These 6 Tips To Maintain A Healthier Hairline

The Huffington Post | Dana Oliver | Posted 11.28.2015 | Style

Thin hair edges, or hair loss along the hairline, is a pretty common problem that many women face. Even celebrities like Naomi Campbell, Britney Spear...

What Women Can Do About Hair Loss

Next Avenue | Yagana Shah | Posted 10.20.2015 | Fifty

SPECIAL FROM Next Avenue By Sheryl Kraft Everyone loses hair. In fact, it’s normal to lose between 50 and 100 hairs a day, according t...

Does Your Hair Really Change Every 7 Years?

Allure | Posted 10.16.2015 | Style

If you've ever run your fingers through your hair and thought to yourself, "Gosh, my hair feels different than it did when I was a kid...or in high school...or even college," you are not alone.

7 Reasons Women Lose Their Hair --And 7 Fixes

Posted 01.27.2015 | OWN

Your ponytail is shrinking...or your part's getting wider...or there's more hair in the shower drain. Take heart -- you're not alone. According to...

The Myth About Thinning Hair That Too Many Women Believe

OWNSHOW | Posted 01.09.2015 | OWN

For many women, it's a familiar scene: more than a few strands of hair collecting at the bottom of the shower, coming out more than usual in a hair br...

5 Habits That Are Making You Lose Hair

2013-02-21-grandparentslogo.jpg | Jessica Dysart | Posted 03.30.2014 | Fifty

SPECIAL FROM Suddenly seeing clumps of hair on your pillow in the morning or clogging up the shower drain can be scary. But hair l...

The Best Treatments For Female Hair Loss

Posted 10.30.2013 | OWN

Our obsession with our hair reaches a whole new level when we start losing it. What we could once bend (or straighten or color) to our will feels ...

7 Signs That Your Hair Is Getting Older

The Huffington Post | Dana Oliver | Posted 10.14.2013 | Style

Gray hairs and thinning locks are two of the most tell-tale signs that your hair is getting older. However, there are at least five other indicators t...

The Trick To Making Thin Hair Look Thicker

The Huffington Post | Michelle Persad | Posted 10.03.2013 | Style

Ruby Katilius' bedhead locks, glowing complexion and piercing green eyes immediately caught our attention when we were out and about in Union Square. ...

An Affordable Fix For Thinning Hair

The Huffington Post | Dana Oliver and Raydene Salinas | Posted 08.05.2013 | Style

We had no idea how much we missed our '80s braided headbands until we spotted Marlies Bauer sporting a modern version. The acting student looked effor...

4 Tricks To Fake Fuller & Thicker Hair

The Huffington Post | Dana Oliver | Posted 07.09.2013 | Style

No matter which beauty trends we uncover backstage at Fashion Week, healthy, full hair is always in style. But if you're among the 30 million women in...

4 Signs Of Aging Hair (And How To Fix Them)

The Huffington Post | Anthonia Akitunde | Posted 07.03.2013 | Fifty

More hair in your comb? Hair texture that could spark a brush fire? These are just some of the signs of aging hair, a reality many post 50 men and wom...

Thin May Be In -- But Not in the Hair World!

Janet Zeitoun | Posted 10.11.2012 | Style
Janet Zeitoun

It's very disheartening to realize that the great mass of hair you once had has now taken a grand bow. Why are more women now experiencing the plight of hair loss when many thought this problem only afflicted men?

3 Simple Solutions For Thinning Hair

Posted 03.14.2012 | Fifty

Concerned about thinning hair and hair loss? While aging may be the most obvious culprit, "The Doctors" warn that various factors may be to blame -- r...