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Sen. Tim Kaine Calls Fight Against ISIS An 'Illegal War'

‘Immoral’ Congress Ducks War Debate, Goes On Vacation

One Year In, Congress Still Hasn't Authorized The War Against ISIS

Obama Nuclear Deal Gets Three Key Backers In The Senate

Here's What Southern Congress Members Think About The Confederate Flag On State License Plates

Senator Pushes For Ban On Ground Troops In War Against ISIS Before 2016

These 3 Senators Are Democrats' New Leaders On Foreign Policy

At Last, Senators Give Bipartisan Push To War Authorization Debate

Dem Senator: Congress Hasn't ‘Earned The Right' To Criticize ISIS Strategy

After 9 Months Of Bombing, Tim Kaine Reminds Congress It Still Hasn't Authorized ISIS War

Northeast Dems Revolt Against Obama's Proposed Atlantic Oil And Gas Lease Sale

Operation ____ : Here's Why The U.S. Hasn't Named Its Latest Bombing Campaign

Dem Senator: Congress Has Opened The Door To The 'Cheney Pre-emptive War Doctine'

Dem Senator Proposing Legislation To Authorize Military Force Against ISIS

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