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Time Cover

Time Magazine's Virtual Reality Cover Spawns Hysterical New Meme

The Huffington Post | Ed Mazza | Posted 08.07.2015 | Media

TIME’s new cover: Virtual Reality. Why it’s about to change the world— (@TIME) August 6, 2015 Time's newest co...

Time Magazine's Breathtaking Cover

The Huffington Post | Katherine Fung | Posted 03.06.2014 | Media

The cover of the latest issue of Time magazine is simply stunning. The new cover features a 360 degree panorama view from the top of 1 World Trade...

Time Magazine's Tough Obama Cover

The Huffington Post | Posted 11.21.2013 | Media

Time magazine is coming down hard on President Obama with this chilling cover summarizing his failure in rolling out the Affordable Care Act: ...

PHOTO: Time Magazine's Stunning Cover

Posted 06.06.2013 | Media

Time magazine revealed the cover of its latest issue, done by artist and activist Ai Weiwei, on Thursday. Editor Rick Stengel unveiled the cover o...

PHOTO: Time Magazine's Chilling Tornado Cover

The Huffington Post | Rebecca Shapiro | Posted 05.21.2013 | Media

Time magazine published a preview of its cover on Tuesday for a special edition on the devastating tornado that wreaked havoc in Moore, Oklahoma. ...

Does TIME Need a Timeout?

Danielle Moodie-Mills | Posted 05.29.2013 | Media
Danielle Moodie-Mills

We have come too far to just relegate the gay and transgender experience to sex; we are full and complex people worthy of more than two tawdry images to tell the breadth and depth our story.

PHOTO: Time's Stark Gay Marriage Cover

The Huffington Post | Jack Mirkinson | Posted 05.28.2013 | Media

Time magazine went all-in on gay marriage Thursday, releasing two covers with the stark headline "Gay Marriage Already Won." The covers show two me...

The Big Latch On Organizes Massive 23-Country Wide Nursing Event

The Huffington Post | Meredith Bennett-Smith | Posted 08.03.2012 | Parents

At 10:30 a.m. at 590 locations spread across 23 countries, mothers around the world breastfed their children in an attempt to break a simultaneous bre...

PHOTOS: Time's Bold White House Cover

Posted 08.02.2012 | Media

The latest cover of Time magazine offers a dark take on the 2012 election. It shows the White House with a "For Sale: Asking $2.5 billion" sign on...

Special Needs Motherhood: Are You Mom Enough?

Laura Rossi Totten | Posted 07.15.2012 | Parents
Laura Rossi Totten

We may practice attachment parenting (or not), we may chose the bottle over the breast, but we are all bound by the fact that we never, ever feel like we can do enough for our special needs child(ren).

The Breastfeeding Brouhaha

Janet Walsh | Posted 07.15.2012 | Parents
Janet Walsh

The question isn't who is "mom enough" as the TIME title suggests, but whether policymakers are smart enough to devise sound policies for breastfeeding, work, and paid family leave.

Dear Time Magazine

Jess Wilson | Posted 07.14.2012 | Media
Jess Wilson

I have no problem with a respectful discussion of different types of parenting techniques, or about breastfeeding's benefits and our cultural squeamishness about it. But a respectful discussion never starts with a calculated attempt to shock.

The Funniest Twitter Reactions To TIME Magazine's Breastfeeding Cover

The Huffington Post | Posted 05.10.2012 | Comedy

Well, TIME Magazine sure knows how to make a splash. The newest TIME cover features a controversial and revealing photograph of a California mom breas...

PHOTO: Time Magazine's Shocking Cover

Posted 05.10.2012 | Media

The cover of the latest issue of Time magazine is sure to turn heads and draw gasps from readers. It shows a three-year old boy sucking on his mot...

Reading the Pictures: TIME's Rick Perry "Near-Nomination" Cover

Michael Shaw | Posted 11.15.2011 | Media
Michael Shaw

2011-09-16-Screenshot20110916at8.32.49AM.pngConsidering that TIME has always reserved the "big floating head" treatment for shoe-in nominees, their Rick Perry cover suggests an air of inevitability.

Time Magazine Got it Right in Publishing Graphic Cover Photo

Larry Atkins | Posted 05.25.2011 | Media
Larry Atkins

While I believe that this situation was a close call, I think that Time made the right decision. These media debates on showing graphic images aren't new.

'Decade From Hell': Time Mag Trashes The '00s

Posted 05.25.2011 | Media

As the first decade of the 21st Century draws to a close, Time has taken a look back and concluded that it is the "worst decade ever": Bookended by 9...

Reading The Pictures: Glenn Beck's Organ. TIME's Dime.

Michael Shaw | Posted 05.25.2011 | Media
Michael Shaw

2009-09-18-GlennBeckTIME_fp.jpgWith so many confused and troubled people being politically exploited right now, Time has, in effect, gone beyond good sense to pull its own Joe Wilson.

Reading The Pictures: On Verge Of Nomination Speech, Obama The Menace

Michael Shaw | Posted 05.25.2011 | Media
Michael Shaw

2008-08-27-shaw_time_obama.jpgI'm concerned as to how the traditional media will frame Barack Obama. If the cover of TIME's convention preview is any indication, we're in trouble.