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North Carolina's GOP Senator Says State's Anti-LGBT Law Goes 'Too Far'

Whoopi Goldberg Is Producing A Show About Trans Models

Transgender Woman Attacked, Beaten in Brooklyn

‘Family’ Group Vows ‘Next Level’ Target Protest With Outrageous Anti-Trans Video

Telling Trans Stories Beyond 'Born In The Wrong Body'

Oklahoma Lawmakers Call For Obama's Impeachment Over Bathroom Rights

Mercedes Successful, Black Trans Woman, Becomes 11th Reported Trans Person Murdered This Year In US

Tiq Milan Opens Up About Trans Male Visibility, His Advocacy Work And Liberation

Trans Artist Recreated Her Mother's Old Photos In Stunning Tribute

Greg Abbott's Anti-Trans Jab At Obama Doesn't Even Make Sense

Scared Of Trans People In Bathrooms? Here's One HUGE Thing You're Forgetting

Texas Republican Wants Schools To Decide How To Police Bathrooms -- Unless They Decide Wrong

Canadian Prime Minister Announces Transgender Rights Legislation

Donald Trump Says It's Up To States To 'Protect' Transgender Rights

Trans Rocker Laura Jane Grace Burns Birth Certificate On Stage In North Carolina

'Family' Group Member Can't Answer Simplest Question About Trans Bathrooms

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