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‘Modern Family’ Makes History By Casting TV’s First Transgender Child Actor

This Comic May Be The First To Center Specifically Around A Trans Protagonist

Chelsea Manning Sentenced To Solitary Confinement Over Suicide Attempt

Transgender Former Navy SEAL Says TSA Humiliated Her

Trans Teen Gives Tear-Jerking Speech After Student's Ridiculous Complaint

Get An Up-Close Look At Israel's First Transgender Beauty Pageant

Michelle Rodriguez Responds To Claims Her New Movie Is Transphobic

How Two Producers of ‘Transparent’ Made Their Own Trans Lives More Visible

Transgender Woman Found Slain On Chicago's West Side

What It's Like To Get Your Period As A Trans Guy

NC Governor Wants To Know Why We're Talking About His Anti-Trans Law

Laverne Cox Pays Tribute To Iconic Black Women In Beautiful Magazine Spread

Cher Calls Out Trans-Exclusionary Group Of So-Called 'Feminists'

Finally! A Safer Sex Guide Just For Trans Folks

People Are Pissed That Matt Bomer Is Going To Play A Trans Woman

Teen Says She'll Fail High School If Trans Students Use Her Locker Room

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