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Transgender The Huffington Post

Here's How You Can Help Improve The State Of Healthcare For Trans People

'Your Taboo Is My Family': Trans Individuals In Italy Share Their Stories (PHOTOS)

'Imagine Being Laughed At When Using A Public Toilet'

Should All Bathrooms Be Gender Neutral?

Transgender Individuals Recognized For First Time Ever In A State Of The Union Speech

'Glee' Had Huge, Emotional Reveal Last Night

WATCH: This Trans Couple Is Sharing The Story Of Their Beautiful Family With The World

Tyler Clementi's Mother Speaks Out About Leelah Alcorn's Suicide

Jay Duplass On The Impact Of 'Transparent'

Golden Globe Speeches Highlight Trans Issues, AIDS Epidemic, Civil Rights

Why Leelah Alcorn's Suicide Is Indicative Of Greater Issues For Transgender Youth

Here's The Beautiful Story Of How A Trans Teen And Some Pancakes Are Inspiring The Internet

Russia Bans Trans People And Those With 'Disorders Of Sexual Preference' From Driving [UPDATE]

Catholic Deacon Pens Inspiring Letter On Parenting Transgender Children

This Magazine Dedicated To Trans Issues And Culture Just Passed A Major Milestone

Siamese Spots Is The New Queer Female Music Duo You've Been Waiting For

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