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Scared Of Trans People In Bathrooms? Here's One HUGE Thing You're Forgetting

Texas Republican Wants Schools To Decide How To Police Bathrooms -- Unless They Decide Wrong

Canadian Prime Minister Announces Transgender Rights Legislation

Donald Trump Says It's Up To States To 'Protect' Transgender Rights

Trans Rocker Laura Jane Grace Burns Birth Certificate On Stage In North Carolina

'Family' Group Member Can't Answer Simplest Question About Trans Bathrooms

If You Think Trans Bathroom Access Doesn’t Matter, Listen To This Girl’s Story

Caitlyn Jenner's Rep Slams Rumors Of The Star 'De-Transitioning'

Trans Actress Plans To 'Piss In All The Wrong Bathrooms' On NC Tour

How The Fight Over North Carolina’s Bathroom Law Could End Up Hurting Domestic Violence Victims

12 History-Making Transgender Politicians From Around The World

North Carolina's Top Attorney: Governor Didn't Tell Me He Was Suing Over Bathroom Law

Obama Administration Sues North Carolina Over Anti-LGBT Bathroom Bill

Dan Savage Takes On Ann Coulter Over Transgender Bathroom Rights

Hillary Clinton Backs Transgender Woman Allegedly Attacked On Subway

This Teen Learned To Accept His Sexuality And Gender 'In Different Ways'

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