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Unplanned Pregnancy

How Planned Parenthood Has Helped Millions Of Women, Including Me

The Conversation US | Posted 02.02.2017 | Women
The Conversation US

By Maureen Miller, Columbia University Medical Center Planned Parenthood has allowed generations of low-income women to survive childbirth, to combat...

Motherhood Looks Better From The Inside (A Letter To Those Who Fear It)

Emily Casali | Posted 08.02.2016 | Parents
Emily Casali

Here is what I learned on that morning three years ago. It's what every woman learns when she gives birth or signs those adoption papers or gets that custody. This is the secret, at once the most obvious and hidden: motherhood looks better from the inside.

Why I'm Glad I Had A Child Before Marriage

Gabrielle Pfeiffer | Posted 07.15.2016 | Parents
Gabrielle Pfeiffer

I fully believe in soul mates, and I believe that when you find the right person it will work out somehow, someway. You will fight for what you really want, and some of these teaching tools come disguised as issues. Don't feel ashamed if you also find yourself taking a different road than your parents had hoped.

This Short Film About An Unplanned Pregnancy Is Wonderfully Honest

The Huffington Post | Minou Clark | Posted 03.15.2016 | Women

Having an abortion is a deeply personal experience, but one that nearly 3 in 10 women will face in their reproductive lifetimes. A new video from Buzz...

My Academy Award Nominations for Best Health-Themed Movie of 2015

Cary A. Presant, M.D. | Posted 01.04.2017 | Entertainment
Cary A. Presant, M.D.

Although there is no Oscar for the best health-themed movie, each year I nominate films for the year that have the best health themes. I select the w...

6 Candid Tips from Birth Mothers to Help Expectant Parents Considering Adoption

Felicia Curcuru | Posted 12.15.2016 | Parents
Felicia Curcuru

"Is adoption right for me and my baby?" While hindsight can be 20/20, it can be hard to figure out the right thing to do when the unexpected has happe...

Planned Parenthood Saved Me

Jennifer Wright Knust | Posted 12.07.2016 | Religion
Jennifer Wright Knust

Here's what I remember: the dingy office, the beige carpeting, the glasses my nurse wore, and sitting in a plastic chair while she confirmed my fears. She was very kind. She spoke to me quietly and patiently while I shook uncontrollably and accepted my fate.

Coming Soon: The All-in-One Solution to Sexual Health

The Conversation Africa | Posted 12.03.2016 | Women
The Conversation Africa

The current sexual and reproductive prevention methods have significantly improved the health and well-being of women and their families. But this is not enough.

How Do Women Feel After Placing Their Baby For Adoption?

Felicia Curcuru | Posted 10.15.2016 | Women
Felicia Curcuru

Adoption can be a joyous and beautiful process that creates love and family. However, with every adoption and every union, there is also loss, a biological parent being separated from their child. Even if a birthparent is happy with her choice of adoption, there is still a grieving process.

My Unintended Son: I Didn't Intend to Get Pregnant at 21

Tina Plantamura | Posted 07.28.2016 | Parents
Tina Plantamura

I wasn't ready. I did not plan to get pregnant. I was completely uncertain of everything about my future -- my relationship was new, my "career path" took a temporary detour, and my finances were basically nonexistent and nowhere near in order.

Why I Chose To Keep My Unplanned Child

Danielle Campoamor | Posted 07.20.2016 | Women
Danielle Campoamor

I chose my son because, when the moment came and I had the option, he felt like the only choice to make.

This Small Change Can Dramatically Reduce Unintended Pregnancies

The Huffington Post | Anna Almendrala | Posted 06.17.2015 | Healthy Living

Simply informing women about intrauterine and hormonal implant birth control options when they ask for family planning advice can dramatically decreas...

Millennials Value Birth Control, So Why Aren't More Using It?

Laura Stepp | Posted 05.27.2016 | Impact
Laura Stepp

Among teens ages 15 to 19, pregnancies (about 85 percent of which are unplanned) and births are at their lowest rates ever. The teen pregnancy rate has dropped 51 percent since 1990, and the teen birth rate 57 percent since 1991. But teens' older, unmarried sisters, ages 20 to 29, cannot say the same thing.

Women's Reproductive Liberty: A Football in a Match Played By and For Men

Michele Goodwin | Posted 06.01.2015 | Politics
Michele Goodwin

Pro-life advocates in Congress recently infected an uncontroversial anti-human trafficking bill that had strong bipartisan support with a contentious amendment that prohibits taypayer-funded abortions. Women's reproductive health should not be the euphemistic football in a match played mostly by and for men in Congress.

'A Stronger Love': Alaska Teen Gives Breast Milk to the Baby She Gave Up for Adoption

Alaska Dispatch News | Posted 04.04.2015 | Good News
Alaska Dispatch News

The news, delivered by a doctor at a routine appointment, was so startling it took two additional pregnancy tests at home before she believed it.

I Fell In Love Carrying Another Man's Child

Herina Ayot | Posted 02.28.2015 | Women
Herina Ayot

I fell in love across the Atlantic in a country more beautiful than God himself while four months pregnant with another man's child.

#ShareaCondom Campaign Proves (Safe) Sex Sells

Eva McEnrue & Mel Owens | Posted 12.23.2014 | Comedy
Eva McEnrue & Mel Owens

Educators, parents, and condom manufacturers have worked to make safe sex appealing to young people for decades with minimal success - until now. Shadowing Coke's marketing tactic, Poke's "#ShareaCondom" campaign is enjoying similar success while also preventing unplanned pregnancy and STDs.

Well-Known Scholar Says Planned Births, Not Marriage, Top Priority for Child Well-Being

Laura Stepp | Posted 11.22.2014 | Impact
Laura Stepp

Years of research show that a baby who was unplanned or unintended is at risk for any number of things including premature birth, low birth weight, and later, doing less well in school than children whose births were planned. The sad thing is that it has never been easier to plan pregnancies.

Not All Protesters Are Plump Lil Old Grandmas

Yirssi Bergman | Posted 03.24.2014 | Politics
Yirssi Bergman

In McCullen v. Coakley , the plaintiff describes herself as "plump." She is short, and is 77 years old. They try to make it sound as if all protesters are and look like her. But that's not what we see and experience, week after week, in front of our health center.

When I Was 27, I Discovered That I Was 34 Weeks Pregnant

Katie Mgongolwa | Posted 03.18.2014 | Parents
Katie Mgongolwa

I don't always tell people that I didn't know I was pregnant. Although I'll never forget the surprise, I often wonder, "Why didn't I know?"

The Shadows of Advent

Tara Woodard-Lehman | Posted 02.02.2014 | Religion
Tara Woodard-Lehman

For most of my life I paid little attention to Advent. I had vague childhood memories of singing melancholy hymns with minor chords. I occasionally lit candles around an Advent wreath. But one day, about 12 years ago, that changed.

The Most Valuable Lesson I've Learned From My Kids

Herina Ayot | Posted 01.23.2014 | Parents
Herina Ayot

Like an alarm clock on Monday morning, my children brought me back to reality, and in that moment taught me that life doesn't have to follow a plan.

Federal Judge Strikes Down Key Texas Abortion Limits

Steve Siebold | Posted 01.23.2014 | Politics
Steve Siebold

Overturning Roe v. Wade has never been about saving babies. It's about controlling women, and the religious extremists will continue masking this hidden agenda until they are exposed.

Katy Hall

LOOK: Where Unplanned Babies Are Born | Katy Hall | Posted 11.11.2013 | Women

About half of the of the 6.7 million pregnancies in the U.S. each year are unplanned, according to a new state-level analysis by the Guttmacher Instit...

What if I Don't Love My Baby?

Maia James | Posted 08.11.2013 | Parents
Maia James

I spent pretty much my entire pregnancy convinced I wasn't going to love my child. While other moms-to-be claimed they fell head over heels the minute they saw the plus sign on the EPT, my reaction was far different.