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Our Nation's Unfinished Business

Marian Wright Edelman | Posted 07.22.2016 | Politics
Marian Wright Edelman

Almost fifty years later historians and scholars look at the Kerner Commission Report as another reminder of how much is still unchanged and needs changing to make the promises of American democracy work for all. Division is not inevitable. When will we hear and heed and act?

Are Gifted Kids More Sensitive To Screen Violence?

The Conversation US | Posted 07.22.2016 | Education
The Conversation US

One commonly held belief is that gifted students don't need help and will do fine on their own. This perception may be due to the empirical evidence showing that many gifted students do end up quite successful later in life.

The Superpowers Are Violent Powers

Lawrence Wittner | Posted 07.22.2016 | World
Lawrence Wittner

Is this really the best that these large, economically productive, educationally advanced, and technologically sophisticated nations can do? If so, the world is in big trouble.

When We Knew War Meant Death

Susan R. Lichtenstein | Posted 07.20.2016 | Politics
Susan R. Lichtenstein

We need to be reminded that, in global geopolitics, the cost of having only force as our approach to the most complex situations is paid in the blood of our sons and daughters, and in their desperately destroyed serenity.

Things Aren't As Bad As They Seem - An Optimist's View of the World

Kaia Roman | Posted 07.20.2016 | Healthy Living
Kaia Roman

Bad news abounds these days. Violence. Hate. War. Terrorism. Environmental destruction. Political insanity. It all seems so...bad. And I don't know ab...

The Power Of Activist Art: Looking At Police Brutality, A First Step To Healing

Theresa BrownGold | Posted 07.19.2016 | Arts
Theresa BrownGold

Before everybody loses their sh*t over this painting about police brutality, know that art can ask big questions and stir strong emotions for a reason...

Taking Stock of the Now: An Anthropological Persepctive

Paul Stoller | Posted 07.19.2016 | Politics
Paul Stoller

Silly season in America is going into high gear. The webs of fiction that spinners spin at our national political conventions--both Democratic (DNC) ...

Atheism Advocate: Religion Is Harming Society And Lives

Zoltan Istvan | Posted 07.19.2016 | Politics
Zoltan Istvan

The fundamental problem with religion is that believers--about 5 billion people right now on Planet Earth--are so sure they're "correct" on anything and everything they believe.

And Again We Mourn

Aaron Todd | Posted 07.18.2016 | Politics
Aaron Todd

We have seen this too many times to still have it catch us by surprise. The names of the cities that have been rocked by violence just roll off our tongue and we need now only say the name of the town to conjure up the images shown to us on the evening news.

Americans Don't Give A Shit About Racism

George Elerick | Posted 07.19.2016 | Politics
George Elerick

After yet another series of race-related shootings, America doesn’t seem to be changing, it’s eating its own. The Guardian has been documenting po...

How Should You Respond To World Tragedies?

Zac Thompson | Posted 07.15.2016 | HuffPost Live 321
Zac Thompson

At least 84 people are dead after a man in a truck plowed through a crowd celebrating Bastille Day in Nice, France, on Thursday. The past few weeks have been so inundated with news like this that it's easy to ask yourself "how should I react?"

'They' Aren't The Problem Of Violent U.S. 'We' Are.

Daniel Davis | Posted 07.15.2016 | Religion
Daniel Davis

No system is perfect and even the best governing philosophy will never be universally applied. But if there is no worldview accepted as a standard, then each person will act in accordance with whatever is good in their own eyes, which often includes using force to get what they want.

Media Massacre

Cylvia Hayes | Posted 07.15.2016 | Media
Cylvia Hayes

If you are watching "Breaking News", beware! You are not being informed so much as entertained. You are watching speculation and emotional spin-doctoring. And, you probably like it because it is carefully constructed to get and hold our attention!

Who's behind South Sudan's return to fighting, if it isn't Kiir or Machar?

The Conversation Africa | Posted 07.15.2016 | World
The Conversation Africa

Clemence Pinaud, Indiana University Heavy fighting in the South Sudanese capital of Juba over the past few days has led to hundreds of deaths and the...

Mourning in a World of Broken Light

Jonah C. Steinberg | Posted 07.15.2016 | Religion
Jonah C. Steinberg

(photograph by the author) I feel as though the window in which you are reading this post should be hung with black this week, and silent. From Ba...

Us and Them: The Sociobiology of Bias, Fear, and Hatred

David Katz, M.D. | Posted 07.14.2016 | Healthy Living
David Katz, M.D.

I concur with the New York Times editorialists who, among others, declared President Obama’s speech in Dallas this week a rhetorical highpoint of a ...

Cure Police Violence As If It Were A Disease

Marc Gopin | Posted 07.18.2016 | Politics
Marc Gopin

There are many advantages to thinking about police violence against unarmed citizens as a disease in need of a cure. There are excellent results emerg...

Presidential Candidate Dr. Lynn S. Kahn: The Government Mechanic

Judy Frankel | Posted 07.13.2016 | Politics
Judy Frankel

Hillary Clinton isn't the only woman with government experience running for President. Clinical psychologist and presidential candidate Dr. Lynn S. Kahn has been reinventing and transforming government from the inside for 32 years.

Fart Proudly In Philadelphia?

Chris Weigant | Posted 07.13.2016 | Politics
Chris Weigant

In 1781, Benjamin Franklin wrote a satirical letter, purporting to be a proposal for a subject for European scientists to study. Franklin, an amateur scientist himself, was making a snide point about what he considered to be rather frivolous research by the Europeans.

History The Great Teacher... Reflections on Last Week's Tragedy

Carol J. Carter | Posted 07.13.2016 | Education
Carol J. Carter

CLIFTON L. TAULBERT ...but as a people, we have been tardy. We have been absent! We have not gone to class as we should. It is in the classroom as...

A Loss For Words

Kristen Noel | Posted 07.13.2016 | GPS for the Soul
Kristen Noel

I don't know what to say. I love to write. It's what I do first thing in the early morn before the sun rises and it is often the last thing I do befo...

Hate Is A Public Health Emergency

Aletha Maybank, M.D., MPH | Posted 07.12.2016 | Queer Voices
Aletha Maybank, M.D., MPH

Orlando is a wake-up call, an opportunity to say "never again," not only to obvious acts of violence like the Pulse Nightclub massacre, but to the more subtle but equally lethal acts of violence fueled by every day, systemic hate.

On Struggle In Our Historical Moment

Anthony B. Pinn | Posted 07.12.2016 | Religion
Anthony B. Pinn

The idea that love is the guiding force serving to bring U.S. citizens together is an old fallacy without historical evidence. This is theological slight of hand, a theologically driven wish without grounding. This nation is built on bodies brutalized and disregarded.

A Story Of Racism In Italy

Christina Pacella | Posted 07.11.2016 | Impact
Christina Pacella

There is only one "war" humanity should be declaring. That is war on hate and violence. For there is but one race in this world: the human race.

In Addition To Race, We Must Talk About Men And Violence

Beth Green | Posted 07.11.2016 | Politics
Beth Green

While we're finally awakening to the pain of racism and bigotry of all kinds, and we're also awakening to the prevalence of gun violence in America, we may be missing one other outstanding point: most of this violence is being committed by men.