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Scott Walker Hawks Voter ID Law Despite Proof That 'Fraud' Claims Are Largely Made Up

Missouri Lawmakers: You Don't Need A Permit, Or Training Or Even A Background Check To Carry A Concealed Weapon

Bill O'Reilly Offers The Most Outrageous Defense Of Voter ID Laws Yet

Appeals Court Blocks Voter ID Laws In 3 States

Wisconsin Gets To Enforce Restrictive Voter ID Law, With One Big Twist

Supreme Court Denies North Carolina's Plea To Restore Swath Of Voting Restrictions

A Majority Of Republican Voters Fear Something That Virtually Never Happens

North Carolina Took 17 Days To Ask Supreme Court To Rescue Its Voter ID Law

Donald Trump Doesn't Seem To Understand How Voting Works

Judge Orders Texas To Spend At Least $2.5 Million To Not Enforce Voter ID Law

North Carolina Governor Ready To Take Voter ID Fight To The Supreme Court

Judge Strikes Down Parts Of Wisconsin's Restrictive Voting Laws

North Carolina Voter ID Law Targeted African-Americans, Appeals Court Rules

Gun Advocate Says Only Voter ID Can Prevent Right-Wing Armed Insurgencies

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