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Voter ID The Huffington Post

Nevada Republicans Fail To Pass Voter ID Bill, Anger Conservative Voters

Attempts To Limit Voting Rights Stunted As Efforts To Enhance Voting Access Prevail

Federal Appeals Court Considers Controversial Texas Voter ID Bill

Four Years Later, Texas Is Still Defending Its Voter ID Law

Ohio Legislature Advances Controversial Bill That Could Deter Students From Voting

Supreme Court Won't Consider Challenge To Wisconsin Voter ID Law

Nevada GOP Lawmaker Says Voter ID Bill Can't Be Discriminatory Because Obama Was Elected President

9 HBCU Students Just Made The Voter-ID War Hot Again

Colin Powell Has A Pretty Good Suggestion For Fixing Voter ID Laws

Supreme Court Asked To Hear Voter ID Case As Crucial Year For Voting Rights Commences

Nevada GOP Unsurprisingly Prioritizes Voter ID Law With New Majority

Texans Slam Voter ID Law: 'Now That It's Happened To Me, I'm Devastated'

This Is What Happened Because Congress Didn't Fix The Voting Rights Act

Rand Paul: Voter ID Push Is 'Dumb,' But The Laws Are Reasonable

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