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Ben Carson Doesn't Think Voter Suppression Laws Are Racist

Why The Historic Bipartisan Consensus On Voting Rights Has Disappeared

Alabama Risks Making It Much Harder To Get Required Voter ID

Why A Victory For The Voting Rights Act In Texas Feels More Like A Defeat

Obama Calls Out GOP For Backing Voting Rights In Theory, But Not In Practice

If Congress Can't Fix Voting Rights, Let's Make Voting Easier, Senator Says

The Voting Rights Act Is 50 Years Old Today. So Why Do Things Still Seem So Bad?

North Carolina Just Relaxed Its Voter ID Law, But Will Voters Get The Memo?

What's At Stake In The Trial Over North Carolina Voting Restrictions

North Carolina Makes Last-Minute Change To Voter ID Law Facing Challenge In Court

Nevada Republicans Fail To Pass Voter ID Bill, Anger Conservative Voters

Attempts To Limit Voting Rights Stunted As Efforts To Enhance Voting Access Prevail

Federal Appeals Court Considers Controversial Texas Voter ID Bill

Four Years Later, Texas Is Still Defending Its Voter ID Law

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