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Virginia Supreme Court Rules Against Restoring Voting Rights To 200,000 Ex-Offenders

Appeals Court Strikes Down Texas Voter ID Law As Violation Of Voting Rights Act

Federal Elections Observers Will Only Be Sent To 5 States This November

This Bill Could Automatically Register 50 Million People To Vote

45 Years Ago, Americans As Young As 18 Gained The Right To Vote

Ex-Offenders Can Be Permanently Stripped Of Their Right To Vote, Iowa Supreme Court Rules

Ohio Allowed To Purge Inactive Voters Despite Disenfranchisement Concerns

Over 220,000 Ballots Didn't Count In The Presidential Primaries

Most Americans Don't Prioritize Voting Rights When Voting

Federal Court Rules Ohio Voting Restrictions Are Unconstitutional

Prison Gerrymandering Is Unconstitutional, Federal Judge Rules

Supreme Court Bars GOP Congressmen From Defending Racially Gerrymandered Map

NRA's Wayne LaPierre Freaks Out About Ex-Felons Voting, Is Fine With Them Carrying Guns

Ben & Jerry's Just Started A New Political Fight In North Carolina

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