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Voting Rights The Huffington Post

Alabama Risks Making It Much Harder To Get Required Voter ID

Native Vote Could Make The Difference In Canada's Elections

Obama: I Am Where I Am Today Because Of Voting Rights Heroes

Political Parties In Different Universes On Voting Rights

It's Been 50 Years Since The Voting Rights Act And Black Churches Are Still Fighting Voting Restrictions

HUFFPOLLSTER: Americans See Progress, Room For Improvement On Voting Rights

Why A Victory For The Voting Rights Act In Texas Feels More Like A Defeat

Obama Calls Out GOP For Backing Voting Rights In Theory, But Not In Practice

GOP Celebrates Advancement Of Voting Rights They've Undermined

The Evolving State Of Voting Rights For Prisoners Explored

50 Years After The Voting Rights Act, Here's How Far We Still Have To Go

Federal Appeals Court Rules Texas Voter ID Law Violates Voting Rights Act

If Congress Can't Fix Voting Rights, Let's Make Voting Easier, Senator Says

The Voting Rights Act Is 50 Years Old Today. So Why Do Things Still Seem So Bad?

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