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U.S. Supreme Court Declines To Review North Carolina Voting Law

The Surprising Voting Rights Issue Both Democrats and Republicans Support

Ohio Legislature Advances Controversial Bill That Could Deter Students From Voting

Supreme Court Won't Consider Challenge To Wisconsin Voter ID Law

Slain Civil Rights Activist To Receive Posthumous Degree

Millions Of Convicts Would Get Restored Voting Rights Under New Bill

Policlips Now: Obama's NCAA Bracket And A Lawmaker's Challenge To Voter ID Laws

Nevada GOP Lawmaker Says Voter ID Bill Can't Be Discriminatory Because Obama Was Elected President

9 HBCU Students Just Made The Voter-ID War Hot Again

Rand Paul Pushes For Criminal Justice Reform At Historically Black College

John Lewis Says Voter ID Laws Are 'Poll Taxes By Another Name'

Selma's Senator Not Really Sure What's Going On With That Voting Rights Stuff

ACLU Sues Florida County Over 'Prison Gerrymandering'

How The NAACP Is Fighting Local Voter Suppression In North Carolina

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