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Jesse Williams Says Voter Fraud Is A 'Myth': 'It's Bulls**t, It's Not Real'

Congressman Tells Trump To His Face Why His Comments About Black Communities Are 'Hurtful'

Are Baby Boomers A 'Generation Of Sociopaths'?

Supreme Court Sides With Democrats In Challenge To Virginia's Racially Drawn Districts

DOJ Fought Texas' Voter ID Law For Years. Now It Just Wants To Wait For A Fix.

Trump's DOJ Will Drop Claim That Texas Voter ID Law Was Purposefully Discriminatory

State GOP Chair Opposes Bill To Make It Easier To Vote, Claiming It Will Hurt Republicans

Nobody Seems To Have Liked Working For Donald Trump’s New Labor Pick

New Hampshire Republicans Seem Really Determined To Make Voting Harder

New Group Organizes To Punish Politicians Who Push Voter Suppression Laws

Arkansas Pushes For Voter ID Law That State Supreme Court Already Ruled Unconstitutional

Texas City Begs Court To Let It Hold Election Under System Found Unconstitutional

States Are More Likely To Pass Voter ID Laws Right After Republicans Take Power

Donald Trump Is Helping Republicans Make It Harder To Vote

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