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67,000 Virginia Ex-Felons Just Got Their Voting Rights Back. This Man Wants To Make Sure They Keep Them.

Indiana Officials Attack Voter Registration Drive After Finding 10 Bad Forms

Texas Runs To The Supreme Court With Voter ID Law, But It Won't Matter In This Election

John Lewis Calls For Federal Observers To Be Placed At Polling Stations On Election Day

Texas Got Caught Flouting A Court Order On Voter ID, And Now It's Under Supervision

Scott Walker Hawks Voter ID Law Despite Proof That 'Fraud' Claims Are Largely Made Up

Here's What Hillary Clinton Said About Obama's Supreme Court Pick

Missouri Lawmakers: You Don't Need A Permit, Or Training Or Even A Background Check To Carry A Concealed Weapon

Bill O'Reilly Offers The Most Outrageous Defense Of Voter ID Laws Yet

Veteran Federal Judge Blasts Ruling That Will Disenfranchise Poor, Black Ohio Voters

Appeals Court Blocks Voter ID Laws In 3 States

Supreme Court Shuts Down Michigan's Push To Eliminate 'Straight-Ticket' Voting

Michigan Begs Supreme Court To Reinstate Ban On 'Straight-Ticket' Voting

Democrats Turn To Supreme Court To Save 'Golden Week' Of Early Voting

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