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6 Things You Should Know About The County Where Sandra Bland Died

North Carolina Just Relaxed Its Voter ID Law, But Will Voters Get The Memo?

States Rethink Laws Denying The Vote To Felons

What's At Stake In The Trial Over North Carolina Voting Restrictions

Voting Rights Group Pushes Automatic Registration As 2016 Issue

Rick Perry: African-Americans Are Better Served By The Republican Party

John Lewis, Civil Rights Veteran, Asks Black Clergy To 'Fix' Voting Rights Act

Virginia Makes It Easier For Ex-Felons To Vote Again

North Carolina Makes Last-Minute Change To Voter ID Law Facing Challenge In Court

Nevada Republicans Fail To Pass Voter ID Bill, Anger Conservative Voters

As Hillary Pitches Voting Rights On The Trail, Her Counsel Looks To Fight For Them In Court

GOP Support For Automatic Voter Registration Is Way, Way Down

Hillary Clinton Calls For Automatic, Universal Voter Registration

Hillary Clinton Will Call For Voting Rights Overhaul

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