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Supreme Court Throws Out 2 GOP-Drawn Congressional Districts As Unconstitutional

ACLU Files FOIA Demanding Facts Behind Trump's Vote Fraud Claim

The Guy Helping Lead Trump's Voter Fraud Probe Likes To Exaggerate Voter Fraud

This Election Official Could Be Breaking The Law To Help Register People To Vote. He's Fine With That.

Restrictive North Carolina Voting Law Is Dead After Supreme Court Refuses To Review It

A Record Number Of Virginians Have Gotten Their Voting Rights Back, Governor Says

Eric Holder Rips Republicans For Trying To Make It More Difficult To Vote

One State Shows Just How Easy It Is To Get More Americans To Vote

Georgia Is Trying To Block Newly Registered Voters From Taking Part In Fierce Runoff Election

Kansas Official Thinks Thousands Of Non-Citizens Voted. It Took Him Two Years To Convict Just One.

Iowa Secretary Of State's Office Released Statistics That Its Own Staff Objected To

Missouri GOP Wants To Keep Voter ID Policy But Not Pay To Tell People About It

Jesse Williams Says Voter Fraud Is A 'Myth': 'It's Bulls**t, It's Not Real'

Congressman Tells Trump To His Face Why His Comments About Black Communities Are 'Hurtful'

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