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Biden's Office On Pennsylvania Voter ID Law: 'Justice Is Served'

GOP Lawmaker: Don't Expect Wisconsin's Voter ID Law To Get Fixed By 2014 Elections

GOP Attorney General Candidate Raises Cash Off Rejected Voter ID Law

If The Supreme Court Says Racism Is Pretty Much Over, Why Are So Many People Still Being So Racist?

In-Person Voter Fraud Is Virtually Nonexistent, Federal Judge Rules

Rand Paul: GOP 'May Have Over-Emphasized' Voter Fraud Fears

Obama: The 'Real Voter Fraud' Comes From 'People Who Try To Deny Our Rights'

Dem Candidate Calls For Federal Investigation Into Ohio Voting Restrictions

Texas Legislators Forced To Turn Over Emails In Voter ID Lawsuit

Appeals Court Rules Against Rick Scott's Voter Purge

Republicans Must Turn Over Emails On North Carolina Voting Law, Federal Judge Rules

Alabama GOP Has A Plan To Win Back Black Voters

Wisconsin State Senate Delivers Blow To Early Voting

Walker Will Push Wisconsin State Legislature To Modify Voter ID Requirements

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