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Voting Rights The Huffington Post

How The Fight Against Voting Rights Restrictions Could Decide This Year's Marquee Senate Race

Black LGBT Activist Arrested For Distributing Voting Rights Information

Texas Voter ID Law Heads To Trial In U.S. Court

Appeals Court Questions Controversial Proof-Of-Citizenship Rules

Controversial GOP-Backed Voting Law Allowed In North Carolina

Only Case Of Voter Fraud Cited In Wisconsin Voter ID Ruling Involved A Scott Walker Fan

Wisconsin Supreme Court Upholds Anti-Collective Bargaining Law

Obama Administration Joins Suits Against GOP-Backed Voting Restrictions In Wisconsin, Ohio

Biden Slams Voter ID Laws As 'An Attempt To Repress Minority Voting'

Biden Calls Out Cheney On Cuts To Food Stamps, Transportation

Obama Administration To Join Swing State Voting Rights Cases

Justice Department Asks Judge To Block State's Sweeping Voter Law

Disabled Often Banned From Voting In LA

Opponents Ask Judge To Halt Sweeping Voter Law In North Carolina

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