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Voting Rights The Huffington Post

Nancy Pelosi Says Steve Scalise Controversy Reflects 'Bothersome' GOP Attitude Toward Minorities

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The 3 Fixes Our Government Needs Most

Wife Of Slain Civil Rights Activist Rips Congress For Failing To Fix Voting Rights Act

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Supreme Court Weighs The Role Of Race In Alabama Redistricting

Believe It Or Not, The Election Had Good News For Voting Rights

This Is What Happened Because Congress Didn't Fix The Voting Rights Act

It's 2014, But It's Still Difficult For People With Disabilities To Vote

Voting In America 'Doesn't Come With A List Of Instructions'

Here Are Five Common Voter Suppression Tactics To Watch For

Voters In 14 States Navigating New Rules While Trying To Cast Ballots

New Voting Restrictions Could Swing The 2014 Election

Ginsburg Was Right: Texas' Extreme Voter ID Law Is Stopping People From Voting

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