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My Iowa Predictions

Chris Weigant | Posted 02.01.2016 | Politics
Chris Weigant

The primary season officially gets underway tonight, as Iowa voters brave the winter weather and head to the caucuses. This will give political wonks some actual hard data to discuss, instead of just opinion polling and sheer speculation, so it's a big day on the political calendar for us.

Huge Growth in Businesses Owned by Women Veterans

Craig Newmark | Posted 02.01.2016 | Business
Craig Newmark

Folks, I'm a big supporter of both veterans and small businesses. Recently, I heard some good news regarding women veterans success in business. Ac...

Turning Out the Latino Vote in the Iowa Caucus

Brent A. Wilkes | Posted 02.01.2016 | Latino Voices
Brent A. Wilkes

For the past decade, the Latino population in Iowa has been growing faster than the national rate, and has resulted in a larger Latino population within the Hawkeye State. As a result, the Latino community can impact an important caucus, provided they turn out and participate.

The Worst Reason to Not Vote for Bernie Sanders

Cody Gough | Posted 01.31.2016 | Politics
Cody Gough

But what does it say about the United States if its citizens are afraid to vote for a candidate because they don't believe their government will allow the leader of the free world to address the biggest domestic problems it faces?

Iowa Caucus: Playing Field of Dreams

David Trumble | Posted 01.31.2016 | Politics
David Trumble

First published in The Des Moines Register:...

America Inc?

Jeffrey P. Colin | Posted 01.29.2016 | Politics
Jeffrey P. Colin

For some time now, there has been a constant stream of nonsensical assertions about the nature of and proposed course for America's future, from people in political and business "spheres of influence."

This Is What Spiritually-Guided Politics Could Look Like

The Huffington Post | Antonia Blumberg | Posted 01.29.2016 | Religion

Presidential debates tend to bring out some of the worst aspects of American politics. Already, this election year has witnessed its fair share of vit...

Voting with Your Head and Your Heart

Mary Steenburgen | Posted 01.28.2016 | Politics
Mary Steenburgen

I will vote for Hillary with my head and my heart. I will be hopeful that a woman who does think before she speaks is not completely perceived as "guarded," because a man who thinks before he speaks is called "thoughtful."

Want to Be a 2016 Power Player? Just Ask.

Max Burns | Posted 01.28.2016 | Politics
Max Burns

When a young Civil Service Commissioner named Theodore Roosevelt wanted to publicize his corruption-busting in 19th Century Washington, he couldn't turn to Twitter or Facebook.

Climate Change This Week: Solar Job Boom, US Blizzard Gloom, and More!

Mary Ellen Harte | Posted 01.27.2016 | Green
Mary Ellen Harte

Save and regrow tropical forests -- says an expert, as nations continue to curb carbon emissions.

The Rise of Independents and the Weakening of the Two-Party System

Matthew Dowd | Posted 01.25.2016 | Politics
Matthew Dowd

Two independents are not just doing extremely well. They are major players creating havoc for the establishment in the nomination process. This shows the broken nature of the two political parties and the depth of the desire for change from the status quo.

Advice for a Young Voter (a Letter to My Son)

Katherine Meadowcroft | Posted 01.25.2016 | Politics
Katherine Meadowcroft

Last summer my son turned 18 years old. I enthusiastically said to him, "Wonderful, you can vote for our next president." He answered, rather gloomily, "I feel it is pointless, they all make promises they never fulfill. How can I choose a candidate?"

How Would Jesus Vote?

Mark Gerzon | Posted 01.22.2016 | Religion
Mark Gerzon

What would this man, based on love and forgiveness, make of our political culture today? How would he respond to the intense battle between the Democrats and Republicans, who each seem to determined to portray the other as the devil himself?

These Three Charts Show Why Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders Are Important in 2016

Karthick Ramakrishnan | Posted 01.20.2016 | Politics
Karthick Ramakrishnan

Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are gaining attention earlier in 2016 than in the 2008 and 2012 elections. Here are three charts that help to understand why AAPIs are fast gaining political attention.

It's time to honor Dr. King's commitment to voting rights @HuffPostBlog

Jose Calderon | Posted 01.20.2016 | Latino Voices
Jose Calderon

It's time for Congress to get serious about protecting the voting rights of all Americans. Dr. King wouldn't expect any less from us.

Climate Change This Week: Future Major Power Disruption, Clean Energy Pays, and More!

Mary Ellen Harte | Posted 01.20.2016 | Green
Mary Ellen Harte

Deforestation is one of the fastest ways that environments are changing dramatically, while climate change is creating vast fast changes on a global scale.

Another MLK Day and Still Going Through the Motions

Kanu Iheukumere | Posted 01.16.2016 | Chicago
Kanu Iheukumere

So, as we commemorate the life and legacy of Dr. King this weekend, the civil rights movement brings us back to core strategies that still apply if tactically adjusted for the millennium struggle for racial and economic justice.

Solutions to the Influence of Big Money in Politics: Heeding President Obama's Call

Stephen Spaulding | Posted 01.15.2016 | Politics
Stephen Spaulding

President Obama's valedictory State of the Union last week brimmed with optimism. Refraining from a traditional laundry list of policy proposals, he stayed rooted in big themes about America, our future and the challenges ahead. He spoke eloquently about how our democracy is built upon "voices of unarmed truth and unconditional love."

Callused Hands: The Shrinking Working Class White Vote

Keith Gaddie | Posted 01.14.2016 | Politics
Keith Gaddie

Once upon a time, the white working class was the colossus of U.S. politics. White working class voters were the largest bloc in the electorate. They provided the foundation for the New Deal, the most durable political coalition in U.S. history Today, the white working class vote faces multiple challenges to exerting influence, as their numbers and clout have declined.

Population Shift to Red States Should Make GOP Nervous

Kevin Price | Posted 01.14.2016 | Politics
Kevin Price

The future looks bright for conservative friendly states on paper, but this will only be the case if new voters support the very policies that have made these states so attractive in the first place.

SOTU: We the People Includes All Generations

Donna M. Butts | Posted 01.14.2016 | Fifty
Donna M. Butts

Co-authored with Jaia Peterson Lent, Generations United's Deputy Executive Director This week President Obama's message was clear: "We the People....

Donald Trump Faces The Music

Malcolm Kushner | Posted 01.13.2016 | Politics
Malcolm Kushner

Many political pundits accuse Donald Trump of blowing his own horn. So much that they sound like a broken record. But maybe it's time they changed their tune. Because when it comes to his presidential campaign, Mr. Trump may have to march to the beat of his own drum.

Presidential Hopefuls Are Excluding Millennials, According To Survey

Kelsey Clark | Posted 01.13.2016 | Politics
Kelsey Clark

A new survey from GenFKD has confirmed our suspicions: Presidential candidates are not discussing the issues important to America's largest eligible voting demographic, the millennials. And Gen Y has noticed.

Presidential Election Year? Not For Millions of Ex-Felons

Yosha Gunasekera | Posted 01.12.2016 | Politics
Yosha Gunasekera

Incoming Kentucky Governor, Matt Bevin, set to work quickly. Through a series of executive orders, Bevin ensured that thousands of poor and minority individuals would not vote this year or potentially ever.

Why We Should Abolish the Electoral College

Tyler Lewis | Posted 01.21.2016 | College
Tyler Lewis

Voting for President of the United States Come this November, many of us Americans will journey to our specified polling place to cast a vote for t...