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David Moye   |   December 1, 2015    2:09 PM ET

It's the most wonderful time of the year -- even if you're a bit weird.

Manufacturers and entrepreneurs have spent the last 11 months figuring out exactly what kind of gifts and products will appeal to kooks, nutjobs, screwballs and weirdos.

People just like you.

HuffPost Weird News has also been hard at work almost as long, narrowing down the many bizarre and wacky items available to a select few.

Whether it's ugly sweaters, bizarre Bigfoot gifts, or strange gadgets, there is something for every weirdo in your life.


David Moye   |   November 30, 2015   11:25 AM ET

For advertisers, Christmas is a way to get people to buy by doing whatever it takes.

One German company, Edeka, goes all out to pulling the heartstrings and yanking the chains of viewers.

It just might be 2015's weirdest holiday commercial.


David Moye   |   December 18, 2014   12:01 PM ET

A painting of a pot-smoking Santa has some Los Angeles residents all out of joint.

As part of its holiday decorations, San Pedro's Harbor House of Dank marijuana dispensary displayed window drawings of a kush-toking Kringle and a snowman holding a prescription bottle, CBS Los Angeles reports.

After photos were posted to Facebook, the pot shop received hundreds of blunt complaints.

Residents weren't high on the fact that the paintings were prominently displayed where children could see them, according to

The controversial cannabis Christmas pictures were scraped off the window on Tuesday, reports.

However, the pot paintings may have attracted the heat to the Harbor House of Dank.

The office of Los Angeles Councilman Joe Buscaino told NBC Los Angeles that this particular dispensary may not be following state guidelines.

NBC reports that the City Attorney's Office and the LAPD are investigating whether the Harbor House of Dank is operating legally.

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  |   December 15, 2014   11:39 AM ET

ROLLING HILLS ESTATES, Calif. (AP) — Thieves have made off with a statue of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer that's been a holiday fixture in a Los Angeles-area neighborhood for half a century.

Residents of Rolling Hills Estates say the 200-pound wooden statue was taken sometime Friday night.

The Ugliest Ugly Christmas Sweaters Of The Season

David Moye   |   December 8, 2014    2:11 PM ET

This is one of the ugliest Christmas seasons in recent memories -- and that's the way some clothing retailers want it.

Sales of Christmas sweaters purposely designed to be ugly are looking pretty good at this point, according to the companies that make them.

However, daring fashionistas who want to push the style envelope may want to take the advice of Tricia Eichler, the director of merchandising at, which sells T-shirts that look like ugly Christmas sweaters, but without the itch.

"If you really want to be a maverick of ugly Christmas sweaters, wear one for Christmas in July," she told HuffPost. "Now that’s true pioneering."

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  |   December 5, 2014    2:25 PM ET

Christmas songs are great, but some of the messages in the carols are downright horrifying when you really stop humming along to think about them.

YourTango has uncovered the seedy underbelly of some classic carols, but be warned: you may never be able to hear "Santa Baby" again without thinking of one of those "Seeking Arrangement" websites.

Bad Santa Robs Bank By Brandishing Wrapped Gift

Michael McLaughlin   |   December 24, 2013    3:14 PM ET

A bank robber disguised as St. Nick held up a Florida bank by threatening to harm the teller with a gift-wrapped package, WPTV reported.

The thief, wearing a Santa hat, beard, white gloves and sunglasses, fled with an unspecified amount of money from a SunTrust Bank in Port Orange on Monday, WJXT reported.

The package in red wrapping paper was placed on the counter and the bad Santa passed a note implying that it contained something dangerous, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

The evil Kris Kringle walked out with cash and left the package in the bank.

Police evacuated the branch and called in the Volusia County Sheriff's Office bomb squad, according to the Daytona Beach News Journal. Although they wouldn't reveal what was inside the box, officials said it was harmless, the Sentinel said.

WATCH: Christmas Folklore Takes The Season To A Whole New Level

Antonia Blumberg   |   December 23, 2013    2:32 PM ET

This might sound utterly blasphemous, but did you know that in some traditions Santa Claus is akin to a devil figure?

He rides a chariot pulled by horned creatures, rules a fantastical underworld and turned a holiday of love and charity into one of greed and materialism.. At least that's what one folklore expert describes in a conversation about bizarre Christmas traditions on HuffPost Live.

Even if we'll never know how these stories and traditions really came about, their popularity persists in communities around the globe. More in the video above.

RAMIT PLUSHNICK-MASTI   |   December 23, 2013    9:47 AM ET

HOUSTON (AP) — He usually has black hair and a black beard, sometimes just a mustache. Like Santa, he wears a hat — though often it's a sombrero. He dons a serape or a poncho and, in one case, a red and black zoot suit. And he makes his grand entrance on lowriders or Harleys or led by a pack of burros instead of eight reindeer.

Meet Pancho Claus, the Tex-Mex Santa.

  |   December 20, 2013    3:26 PM ET

Don’t be fooled by the festive cheer in all the Christmas songs you grew up loving. If you heard them sung in April, you’d realize just how dumb some of those lines can be.

Dumb As A Blog has attempted to isolate some of the dumbest lyrics from your holiday favorites.

Read carefully: It may change the way you listen to these songs for years to come…

  |   December 18, 2013    5:00 PM ET

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) — A Connecticut man named Noel who climbed a tree decorated with Christmas lights has been arrested.

The electricity for the lights was cut as police and firefighters responded around noon Wednesday after Noel Delgado climbed the tree on the New Haven Green, a 16-acre park in downtown New Haven near Yale University.

David Moye   |   December 16, 2013    3:25 PM ET

Practically everyone knows classic holiday songs like "Jingle Bells," "Silent Night" and "Rudolph," but beyond those venerable ditties are a whole bunch of less-heralded carols that, in some cases, are unbelievably strange.

Ripley's Believe It Or Not! plans to sing the praises of the weirdest Christmas carols ever created with a special holiday "oddcast" airing on Ripley Radio starting Dec. 23.

But it's not for everyone, warns show host Tim O'Brien.

"If you're a traditionalist, you're not going to enjoy Ozzy Osbourne singing 'Silent Night.'"

O'Brien and crew have found 16 or so weird carols, but may only play excerpts of some because, "they're just too weird to be heard all the way through."

Some of the artists whose carols will be played include Weird Al Yankovic, the South Park gang, and a teenage Jon Bon Jovi, who can be heard on the immortal Christmas classic, "R2D2, We Wish You A Merry Christmas."

O'Brien hopes the "oddcast" becomes a Christmas tradition in its own right, but doubts these songs will be sung by caroling parties of the future.

"Well, it depends on what neighborhood you live in, I guess," he said.

David Moye   |   December 14, 2013    8:34 AM ET

When it comes to Christmas, Brandon Smith might be accused of not being able to see the forest for the trees.

But there's a good reason: He has 86 Christmas trees -- all inside his Greenwood, Ind., home.

Smith's collection has branched out into red trees, blue trees, green trees, themed trees and more than 52,000 lights. As a result, his house is about 85 degrees, according to WLS-TV.

Smith inherited his holiday spirit from his parents, who also used to deck the halls and trim the trees, as a kid.

“My parents always put up a pretty good display and I just have grown and expanded on it over the years,” he told Good Morning America, adding that many of the trees come from donations.

“It’s not uncommon for us to come home in the middle of July and find a Christmas tree on the front porch,” Smith explained. “We’ve had a lot of donations from elderly people that don’t want to put up decorations anymore, and we’re happy to take them.”

It's not easy though. There are so many trees that Smith has been forced to cram some in his bedroom. In addition, getting his holiday display ready is an arduous job that takes a month of hard work, according to KEYT-TV.

Smith doesn't just keep the trees to himself.

Every December evening, he opens his home to visitors to view his Christmas tree collection. Some years, he's seen more than 1,000 people trudge through.

"The looks on people's faces and the reactions is the best part," Smith told "We've had a few people who said they're Grinches, but when they leave, they're grinning from ear to ear."

"We love Christmas," Smith said. "There’s no denying that."

David Moye   |   December 7, 2013   11:17 AM ET

Holiday shopping presents certain challenges when you have a weird person in your life.

Try as you might, it's hard to find something suitable for that special strange person, something that will fit their suitably bizarre world view.

At HuffPost Weird News, we are amply qualified to help thanks to our extensive experience dealing with weirdos, kooks, geeks, and crazies (and that's just at staff meetings).

Got a person obsessed with Sasquatch? We've got you covered. Same with zombie aficionados and even lovers of crime scenes and terrariums.

The one problem, of course, is that the recipient of any of these wonderfully weird gift ideas is so likely to be thrilled you got them what they want that they may want to get closer to you.

Trust us, that could be a problem. If you're willing to take that risk, check out the suggestions below.

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