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Anxiety Is Inherent to Motherhood, and That's Not All Bad

Carly Snyder, MD | Posted 02.03.2016 | Parents
Carly Snyder, MD

The 'What Ifs' of motherhood can boil down to instinctual anxiety about our children's safety, the drive to protect, and awareness that we can't stave off every hazard. Anxiety is often considered the enemy, something to be avoided. However, in many ways, maternal predisposition to anxiety can be seen as a positive, adaptive process.

Carry That Weight

Phil Corless | Posted 01.15.2016 | Parents
Phil Corless

"Carry me, daddy!" My son, all of 5 years and 50 pounds, did a little dance in front of me, waving his arms in the air, insistent that I bend down an...

5 Things You Seriously Should Stop Worrying About | Posted 01.15.2016 | Healthy Living

Here, a few suggestions for things you can stop giving a crap about in 2016 -- because YOLO.

How Terrified Should We Be?

Robert Leahy, Ph.D. | Posted 12.23.2015 | Healthy Living
Robert Leahy, Ph.D.

An objective look at the evidence suggests that any given person is highly unlikely to be the victim of terrorism in the United States. Continual news coverage, videos of carnage, speculations about terrorist cells, dramatic memories, personal stories about how it could happen and one's fertile imagination are no substitute for the facts.

8 Ways to Reduce Your Child's Anxiety During the Holidays

Daniel B. Peters, Ph.D. | Posted 12.18.2015 | Parents
Daniel B. Peters, Ph.D.

It is normal for our children to experience more stress and worry during the holidays. Among the traditional stressors of everyday life come common se...

Three Words That Change Everything

Eric Leroy Wilson | Posted 12.17.2015 | Religion
Eric Leroy Wilson

It's hard to imagine what was going through Mary's head when receiving word she was to bear the Divine within her. Here you have one of the most insignificant individuals, in one of the most insignificant ethnic groups, in one of the most insignificant parts of the world at the time.

Having Anxiety Might Be A Sign Of Intelligence

The Huffington Post | Kate Bratskeir | Posted 12.11.2015 | Healthy Living

If you worry about the fact that you worry so much, take a deep breath: We have some good news. Researchers have found that people with anxiety often ...

Worried You're Not Good Enough? Here's Why You're Perfect

Claudine Chicheportiche | Posted 12.09.2015 | GPS for the Soul
Claudine Chicheportiche

As conscious, intelligent, proactive people who are in control of the way we live our lives, let's aim to spend as much time as possible in a state of confidence, and as little time as possible being stressed out that we suck, worrying we're not good enough and that we're probably going to fail.

10 Ways To Live Life With No Regrets

Grace Bluerock | Posted 12.02.2015 | Healthy Living
Grace Bluerock

This impactful experience became a huge motivator for me to start living as if any day could be my last. We never know how long we will live, so we must make conscious choices each day to live fully and make the most out of each experience we have. Here are ten ways to start living life with no regrets.

It is Part of the Dad Contract

Elliot Begoun | Posted 11.25.2015 | Business
Elliot Begoun

Saturday night I received a call from my middle child. A couple of weeks ago her keys to her car and apartment were missing. In the last couple of days, she had noticed a few nondescript items missing from her car. She was alone in her apartment and scared.

Moms, Marriage & Mindfulness

David Kanegis | Posted 11.12.2015 | Fifty
David Kanegis

As I sit in the wee hours of the morning my mind is drawn to the date. It was two years ago that my Mom moved on to life's next great adventure. I've written a tribute before, yet find myself propelled to share additional random thoughts about her and relationships in general.

Instant Stress Relief: When You Realize No One Notices or Cares

Terri Trespicio | Posted 10.21.2015 | Women
Terri Trespicio

It was a teeny-tiny and impermanent change. Just another drop in the bucket of thousands of hair cuts I have had and will have over the course of a lifetime. I was itching for a change, and I got it, and it was very much a personal experience because it affected not a single person other than myself.

Is Worry Useful?

Andrea Wachter | Posted 10.20.2015 | Healthy Living
Andrea Wachter

It's not always easy to let go of our worrisome thoughts. Some are stronger and more convincing than others. But if we can stay committed to living more in the present moment instead of believing every thought that pops up in our minds, it can really make a difference.

How to Change Bad Habits in 4 Easy Steps

Pragito Dove | Posted 09.29.2015 | Healthy Living
Pragito Dove

Question: I cannot stop the habit of over-eating (worrying, being late, or whatever your habit is). Life is continuously changing; it is a flow. Habi...

How Can We Not Sweat the Big Stuff?

Allison Carmen | Posted 09.21.2015 | Healthy Living
Allison Carmen

Most often you begin to see that each situation you face has many possible outcomes and some of them might be better than you imagined. Maybe you will feel less stressed and worried about the SMALL stuff and the BIG stuff and more hopeful about what life has to offer!

Top 10 - 2 of 10: 8 Reasons Not to Worry

Richard Koch | Posted 09.15.2015 | Business
Richard Koch

This blog is the second most popular of all the blogs I have ever posted. Next week we will be revealing my number 1 blog. Everyone wants to worry le...

In Transition and in Doubt?

Victoria A. Tiller | Posted 09.03.2015 | Business
Victoria A. Tiller

Today was the first day of school for my children. The first day of school is always a time of excitement and uncertainty. This year the uncertainty is even more prevalent for my children. As I have mentioned before I am a military spouse.

Don't Borrow Trouble

Dennis Merritt Jones | Posted 09.02.2015 | GPS for the Soul
Dennis Merritt Jones

"Don't worry about the world coming to an end today. It is already tomorrow in Australia." -- Charles M. Schulz Does your mind ever scamper out in f...

6 Tips to Reduce Our Children's Stress During the School Year

Allison Carmen | Posted 08.27.2016 | Parents
Allison Carmen

There is certainly a lot to explore regarding whether our children are being overworked and whether school homework policies should be examined. But what can we do for our children right now and during the rest of the school year to help them be less stressed and worried?

85 Percent of What We Worry About Never Happens

Don Joseph Goewey | Posted 08.25.2016 | Healthy Living
Don Joseph Goewey

Five hundred years ago, Michel de Montaigne said: "My life has been filled with terrible misfortune; most of which never happened." Now there's a study that proves it. This study looked into how many of our imagined calamities never materialize.

6 Signs You Worry Too Much About What Others Think: Why It's a Problem and What to Do About It

Dr. Gary Trosclair | Posted 08.24.2016 | Healthy Living
Dr. Gary Trosclair

This being true to your whole self -- this individuation -- isn't easy. It takes courage and perseverance, but in the long run it feels better. And for many people, bringing their unique offerings to the world is what gives their life meaning.

5 Things I Can't Worry About Anymore

Stephanie Harper | Posted 08.12.2016 | Healthy Living
Stephanie Harper

My focus should be on wellness, on getting better and continuing to learn how to cope with my situation, how to find joy and gratitude in my life, in the people who surround me. I should be focused on this. There are some things I just can't worry about anymore.

When the Fever Breaks...

Michael Neill | Posted 08.04.2016 | Healthy Living
Michael Neill

A few years ago, I had the experience of sitting up with the daughter of a friend as she went through a real-time nervous breakdown. A nearby psychiat...

Bruises, Batteries and Beauty: Life Lessons From One Long Night

Deirdre Maloney | Posted 08.03.2016 | GPS for the Soul
Deirdre Maloney

I recently found myself on a mountain in the middle of the night. Again. Unlike the last time, this event wasn't quite so...traumatic. Though this a...

Why Worry?

Sue Shanahan | Posted 07.29.2016 | Good News
Sue Shanahan

I've spent a good amount of my time on Earth fretting. A defense developed in childhood, worry was my talisman, my rabbit's foot. I believed it kept me safe. Delving into my spiritual yearning has brought me to a place of openness and questioning.