04/04/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Help! Where Should This Reader Propose to His Girlfriend?

A Scouting NY reader is planning on proposing to his girlfriend, and needs your help!!

Central Park - Wedding

I recently got a letter from a fan of the site telling me that he is planning on proposing to his girlfriend, and is looking for the perfect NYC location to do it. Both he and his girlfriend are huge fans of NY history and enjoy exploring the city together, and he really wants to choose a location that ties the city into his proposal in a unique, intimate and historical way, a locale they will remember for the rest of their lives.

His first thought was Gramercy Park - neither of them has ever been inside, and his hope was to work something out with the Gramercy Park Hotel for access, take her on a tour, then ask the big question when she was least expecting it. Great idea, right?

Of course, it comes as no surprise that the douchiest park in NYC is bordered by the douchiest hotel in NYC. They said the rules are very strict, and that he could only gain access by paying the $500/night room fee, which he can't afford.

Coming up short on ideas, he wrote me a very thoughtful letter asking if I could suggest any other locations. His only requests were that it be somewhat off the beaten path, pretty, intimate, and historical. My first thought was Bannerman's Castle, an incredible abandoned castle-like structure located on an island in the the Hudson. Then again, perhaps visiting decrepit ruins on an island in the middle of the freezing winter doesn't exactly scream romance. Other ideas include Staten Island's Snug Harbor, Governors Island...Bethesda Fountain is probably too cliched, no? Perhaps he could gain access to Grove Court by talking with a neighbor? Gantry State Park in Queens is a pretty amazing location.

Rather than limit the options to my knowledge of the city, I promised I'd turn it over to SNY readers: where should this guy propose?? Historical, intimate, off the beaten path, and New York-centric. Hell, if one of you comes up with something that he uses, maybe I'll come up with a cool Scouting NY prize for you. Just post your ideas in the comments.

Ready? Go!


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PS - "The park was at one time opened to the public on Gramercy Day (which changed yearly, but was often the first Saturday in May). In 2007, the Trustees of Gramercy Park announced that it would no longer open the park on that day." Fuck you, Gramercy Park. Seriously, go fuck yourself.

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