11/08/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

"That Won": Twitter's Wit on the Second Presidential Debate


My God, does he realize how much gas it will take to drive to the moon?! — michael

I was watching PBS, but turned to CNN, because they've got the "'tardometer" that tracks the responses of uncommitted voters. — jason_pontin

Next up, a special NBC must-see event: A COOL HAND AT THE TILL — melissagira

Blood is America's most precious asset. Which is why I support our "blood for oil" program. — al3x

They're both name-dropping like the Baron de Charlus. — jason_pontin

"I am very cross with Russia! There is the possibility we may get into a row." — seanhussey

Have you seen Putin with his shirt off? That is going to be a HOT war. — mulegirl

If CNN puts one more person on the panel they'll be able to apply for incorporation as a hamlet or township. — jdickerson

The only thing John McCain and I agree on are what to call his wife. — Mike_FTW

McCain really took the gloves off tonight. Like on E.R., when they take the gloves off, sigh, and say, "Time of death, 10:30 PM." — mogrify

1st debate: McCain wouldn't look him in the eye. 2nd debate: McCain wouldn't say it to his face. — mat

I look forward to McCain dusting off the "that one" line when picking out his Christmas turkey back in Arizona next year. — bcompton

John McCain continues to pussyfoot around choosing a side in the critical Werther's Originals vs. Root Beer Barrels debate. — phyllisstein

That won. — scottsimpson

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