Where Do You Stand on Fair Elections?

11/06/2007 03:45 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

With the wealth primary for the 2008 presidential election in full swing and millions of dollars rushing into campaign coffers, it's time to see where the candidates stand on making elections about voters and not big campaign donors.

Over at, we've posted a new video asking presidential candidates a simple question: Would you support a Fair Elections system that provides public money to candidates who agree to spending limits and who give up all big contributions?

Voter apathy and disillusionment with the political process is high. We need a system that puts nurses, waitresses, and teachers on a level playing field with high powered executives and political insiders; a system where well-qualified candidates can run for office without large personal wealth or access to it. Let's ask the candidates where they stand.

Decrying the problems with the current system isn't enough. It's time that the presidential candidates go on record in support of a solution based on the model of Clean Elections programs in states and the Fair Elections Now Act introduced in Congress.

You have the opportunity to make sure the nation's next leader answers the question about Fair and Clean Elections. Click here to vote and let these candidates know this issue matters to all of us.