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Concerns I Have on Feeding My Family

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I am deeply concerned on what I am feeding my Farmer and myself. Is the food that we eat really healthy for us? Will it be healthy for our kids? I have concerns about my food, just like you.

My Farmer is concerned what he feeds his pigs too. His pigs provide healthy, wholesome meat for my family and yours. We feed our hogs with the best food available for them. My Farmer has a working relationship with a nutritionist to make sure he is providing his pigs with the best possible diet. He doesn't feed or supplement any extra hormones (it's illegal to use hormones in pork and poultry production, there is no added benefit to using them, so your pork and poultry is naturally hormone free!) and only uses antibiotics when absolutely necessary. When he does use antibiotics, there is a withdrawal period he has to abide by. (A withdrawal period is a certain amount of days that his pigs have to wait before entering the market after receiving an antibiotic, to ensure the antibiotic has completely left the pigs system)

My family consumes the meat that my Farmer raises. It's in my Farmers best interest to feed his pigs the best diet, because we want the best product possible for our family, and yours. I am completely confident that the meat I am consuming raised on our farm, is safe for me and my family.

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