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Goodbye Friend

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Today the world lost a Great Inventor and one of the last great geniuses of the 20th century. Steve Jobs took the world further into the 21st century than anyone could have imagined. He was an innovator in all four mediums of the world: Movies, Music, TV, and Technology. He created more innovation in the last ten years than Bill Gates and Warren Buffet combined, although truth be told ... without Steve Jobs, there would be no Facebook because it takes one person to create an idea and another to launch it.

Steve Jobs was responsible for half the highest grossing Pixar Films of all time -- because of him we have Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Cars among others. He brought Disney to where Walt himself couldn't even imagine. Pixar Films are some of the highest grossing motion pictures of the last 50 years, not mention some of the most creative ideas ever envisioned.

This man is solely responsible for entertaining nearly a generation of kids and creating some fantastical merchandise opportunities. He'd easily put Jim Henson to shame.

Mr. Jobs took an idea for computers and created a new information super information highway through personal computers -- a new age of technology was created and we've never looked back.

Because of his work with Apple, we've been able to experience a new world with iPods, iTouch and iPads among other celluar communication. We can now access the world at our finger tips and take communication to a new level -- with one small touch we can learn news in a moment's notice. Because of this man's visionary, we are able to reconnect and learn about the world.

And he only not only improved computers and music, he also invested in speakers and keyboards among other things. He took the world by the horns and made it his own, and when he stepped down from Apple, the technology world mourned and they mourn him today.

Although he didn't invest in philanthropic ventures, he still managed to create a legacy that will go on. Because of his work with Apple, we'll be able to see beyond the stars and into a future that brings a new dimension of a way of thinking.

So let's not mourn Steve Jobs, let's celebrate the life of man, who although we cursed his existence whenever we bought his latest invention only to have a better version put out four months later, taught us to become more in tune with the technology around us, to experience what communication can be and what we can accomplish with a simple idea and a dream.

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. -- Steve Jobs

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