02/04/2014 12:12 pm ET | Updated Apr 06, 2014

Looking toward the Dark Side

There's a well-known club in Hollywood that many celebrities under 30 aren't exactly eager to join. It's the 27 Club which is for young celebrities join after dying young and tragically, the list for the 27 club is sadly growing larger every year due to alcohol and drug dependency but there are some who've joined the club by simple tragic circumstances.

Celebrity tragedy goes all the way back to the early days of motion pictures and dying under a specific age isn't exactly a new trend but it seems to have developed a new following the more time passes because we live in an age where we are allowed to access to files normally kept hidden, we all have an urge to uncover the past and in this age of internet, we can explore our death hag desires all we want.

Being a Death Hag isn't just about being a goth or wanting to joining some suicide, it's an understanding of one of the greatest mysteries there is, what happens after we die, we're not so ready to jump into the grave so by taking a look at some famous deaths, we can get a sense a real sense of what the person was about, more than just a public figure but an actual person who was prone to the same things we are.

Many famous people who've joined the 27 club include Amy Winehouse, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain and actor Jonathan Brandeis, victims of their own demons and addictions who's legacy is that they created iconic music and movies but that they died before they really got their chance to shine.

An unfortunate extension of the 27 club is the 33 Club, actors and singers who managed to make pass the 27 club but didn't quite make it all the way into their 30s. They imprinted a piece of what they started but couldn't finish including Mama Cass Elliot, John Belushi and Chris Farley.

In pop culture, we pick our favorites and even when death takes them, we still hold them into such regard and overlook the things that caused them to prematurely join these clubs, we still re-watch the movies or play the songs over and over again and nothing beats going back to the actual place a famous person dies or participate in tributes.

I admit, I'm fascinated by the Hollywood death scene, I love researching and getting into the meat of a story and I'm lucky -- I've managed to stumble upon some of the greatest Death Hags in the world, who every year gather together in a Hollywood cemetery and swap information, almost like a really cool cult that doesn't involve drinking laced Kool-Aid in the end.

In the social media world, like high school, you assimilate yourself into a specific group that shares a similar interest and a common bond -- sometimes good sometimes bad. But in the end we are just all searching for a connection. It takes all kinds and in the end who are we to judge when there's already enough craziness in the world?

Do you have an interest that's a bit out there? Something that people think your strange about?

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