When What You Wear Says It All: Book Love as Fashion Accessory

04/08/2011 06:43 pm ET | Updated Jun 08, 2011

Next week I am scheduled to give a talk about my year of reading a book a day and my own upcoming book, Tolstoy and the Purple Chair. Although not exactly the kick-off to my magical book tour (Tolstoy and the Purple Chair doesn't come out until June 7), and certainly not the first time I've spoken to a group about my year of reading, next week's talk will be a first for me. It will be the first time I indulge in a newly-discovered thrill: book love as fashion accessory. Fashion as a statement of book love.

What do I mean? I mean that my inner love of books can now be displayed in my outerwear. I am planning on a black dress for next week's talk. Why not add both flair and a display of book love with nifty To Kill a Mockingbird earrings, from Designs by Annette:

An afternoon reading can be livened up by a white and blue pin that says it all, from The Light Fantastic.

For Sunday events, I'll opt for a shirtwaist dress and a favorite author on my chest, choosing perhaps a well-known image of Virginia Woolf from Sujette.

Friday nights, I prefer my accessories to swing. A black t-shirt provides perfect background to this fellow we all know and love, set as a pendant and available from Inknpaint.

I look forward to summer readings, maybe even outdoors, appropriate for linen dresses and these whimsical rosettes, crafted from book paper and felt, made by Nellie and Elsie.

A school event is best accompanied by these bold bracelets, reminding students to be brave in their reading and in their lives. Made by Carolyn Forsman, they celebrate reading as an act of both independence and comraderie:

I can wear one of the fabulous t-shirts available from Out of Print Clothing ANYWHERE, and to ANY kind of book event (even my favorite kind of book event, reading in the backyard all by myself). Not only are these t-shirts great to look at, and surefire conversation starters, featuring iconic and often out of print book covers, but for every Out of Print t-hsirt purchased, a book is donated to a community in need.

I am bowled over by all of these original and clever statements of book love. No matter where I may go on my magical book tour, there will always be a fashion choice appropriate for the occasion. But perhaps my favorite fashion statement of all is the carrying of a book. Book tucked under my arm, hopeful determination on my face, a bounce in my step: fashion statement as a shout-out of appreciation to writers and publishers and booksellers everywhere.

No matter how I do on my Magical Book tour in trying to spread the message of Tolstoy and the Purple Chair about the power of books, I know that at least my accessories will get the message across: book love is the only accessory, in fashion and in life, that I will ever need. Because with love of books, everything is possible.