10/24/2011 09:48 am ET | Updated Dec 24, 2011

Everyone's Doing it! Be the First to do it Right

Everyone's going back to school.

Okay, I'm going to get a little depressing. Soon the beaches will be empty with only the sound of the waves waiting for you to come back next summer and dunk your younger brother in the water, the pools will yearn to be overcrowded, and water parks will envy their open year-round sister amusement parks as they shut down rides until next summer. However, I believe every sad situation can be turned into a fun gift from the shopping gods!

Everyone's going back to school. You can be the first to do it right.

Everyone is going to buy a book bag, a reminder that the school year lasts nine months. You can be the first to do it right and with style. Why not take the trends for Fall 2011 and make them your new study buddies? This is collegiate bags 101.

All the energy you used to pick out the perfect bathing suit, waterproof makeup, and an awesome beach tote can be recycled for buying a fabulous collegiate bag. That's right, collegiate bag-you are way to stylish and mature for a backpack. We all know the wrong bag can ruin your back-to school-outfit. Here's how to find the perfect colligate bag to hold your phone, makeup, and oh yeah, your textbooks.

The Tote Bag

Coincidence that tote means "to carry"? I think not. Tote bags are roomy and cute. The best part? No need to carry around a purse and a bag. Look for neutral shades for fall or play around with the new polka dot trend.

The Messenger Bag

No bicycle needed. Messenger bags hold everything! Miss the cushy straps that protect your back and shoulders on a backpack? Messenger bags come with long straps that you can adjust around your chest for style and comfort. Keep it preppy with a leather messenger or send a hipster vibe with a messenger decked out in fringe.

The Weekend Bag

For those of us who carry way too much stuff and look good doing it. The weekend bag has so much space that your friends may ask you to carry something for them. Go ahead -- share and than tell them where to read this article so they can get their own. Stay away from looking like you just got home from the army with bright bold colors and floral patterns.

Purchasing a school bag is essential for starting your school shopping off to an awesome start.

With all the choices, you are bound to find a great collegiate bag at an affordable price. Don't get discouraged if you can't find the perfect bag right away-it's a great excuse to keep shopping until classes start! Strut your stuff and when June rolls back around, your locker will be wishing it could hold your stylish bag again. No matter what collegiate bag you choose for school this fall, make sure it screams you and makes the summer look like last season.

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