11/04/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Noel Irwin Hentschel with Sarah Palin and Joe Biden at the Neighborhood Beauty Salon

I tried to be a fly on the wall as I listened with great attention to the "after debate" Friday morning lively discourse amongst America's true decision makers, women of diverse economic, political, ethnic and faith persuasions with a common practice and gathering spot -- the beauty shop.

Patty, my Hair Colorist (originally from Bakersfield, Fresno and now Carmel Valley):

"I like her spunk, her humor, her moral values. I'm scared of Hillary, but Sarah's strong in a different way, her lack of DC experience is a real positive, her being governor is a big plus, she knows how to juggle well. I was really moved by what I heard on a Rush Limbaugh interview, about her stopping on a bus to hold a 5 year old down syndrome child she happened to notice with a parent on the side of the road. That showed her compassion. And did you ladies know that her shoes were deep red like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz? She wore them with a dark suit and some of the media loved that. She's genuine, even Joe Biden was impressed; he even put his hands on the shoulder of her cute little girl, Piper. Anyone in shoes like Dorothy wore in The Wizard of Oz can't be bad. And her husband Todd, being an at-home Dad, that takes away any argument for her working as hard as she does."

Sue, The Shop Owner, (a 40ish Asian American, number 12 in a family of 16 kids):

"Sarah's a quick study! The debate was a tie. They both did well but she shined."

Margaret, Regular Customer for 15 years (silver haired and 60ish):

"I really truly think she knocked it out of the ball park! I really think that if she was running for President against Obama she would beat him. I think she has more experience than he does! I got the impression that Obama selected Biden because he needed help to run the Presidency, but with the crisis of the economy and the terrorists and other things, it would be better for Biden to be President and Obama VP. Actually, the best person to be head of our government at this time is John McCain. His mother is 90 something so why are people worried, and in any case Sarah is ready to be President. She's smart and a quick learner, better than Obama's experience. Heck, she's been a governor of a state."

Patti, Manicure Customer (40ish, said as she was getting a 'french manicure'):

"I thought both candidates were equally versed and I liked the way they handled themselves. Joe Biden answered well. Sarah was well versed on world affairs. No winner, except Joe had more Washington experience, he was a better speaker. Did it sway the way I will vote? Not yet, I am still undecided. I felt Governor Palin evaded a couple of questions but presented herself very well. I found it interesting that the scorecards shown at the debate went straight down by party line. Also the 6 people they interviewed after the debate only spoke the party line.

Could not hear a real honest opinion from anyone. Did not see the entire Katie Couric interview but I heard it made her out to sound; well, [pause], less than informed, so I felt she came across much better informed. She is a good debater, I was impressed. Joe Biden is a wonderful statesman. Normally, by now I have made up my mind but this time the next McCain/Obama debates will make the difference and I am going to research their tax proposals, they are both confusing. Then I will decide!"

Yolanda, Pedicure Customer (a Latina with a beautiful head of long raven black hair, who has a 28 year old grandchild): conversing with Rene, the blonde 35ish pedicurist (who reminds one of the actress-manicurist in Legally Blonde):

Yolanda:"The pundits must have been watching something else. It's amazing how they slant it their way. My impression was she was very comfortable, knowledgeable and when you compare her experience with Joe Biden's, he's been in the Senate forever, and she did really well. There were 14 instances when he stretched the truth , well I don't want to call him a liar."

Rene: "Why not? A liar is a liar."

Yolanda: "Okay he lied! I read that in the Wall Street Journal, but I don't know if I can believe that either. But I do know I heard for myself Obama saying he would sit with the Iranian President with no conditions and later he denied it. Obama lied and Biden swears by it. She was refreshing. I liked her winking, it was kind of cute. She connected with the ordinary person. I'm a registered republican but I vote for the person I believe in. I've voted for democrats. I almost don't feel like voting, it's really tough this year. The debate didn't move me completely but I was pleased she did well. I will vote. I think it's wonderful a woman is running. I even thought it was wonderful Hillary was running. This year we have it all, two senior citizens, a black and a woman. My husband is a Democrat and he will only vote for a Democrat. The main reason I don't like Obama is his association with Reverend Wright and Bill Ayers and the Chicago gangster. I don't like his associates. I will vote republican this year, cause of Sarah!"

Patty: " I bet that Tina Fey will keep really making fun of her, I wonder what else she will try to pick up on. Some commentator said they hated Sarah winking. I know it was just because she needs her bangs cut a bit. She is really good about moving them out of the way without making a big deal about it. She's quite a gal."

I asked Rene: "In the South they call the ladies in beauty parlors 'Steel Magnolias.' What would you say fits this place?" She laughed and said, "We're The Watering Hole, with Diet Pepsis until we move on to the Margaritas!"

Interesting "undiluted talk" in a democratic district. These ladies in the neighborhood beauty shop were either undecided or voting for Sarah!

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