08/25/2010 04:23 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The Coward Is in Newspapers Across Texas

Texans all over the state are sending us photos of the Perry Is A Coward ad in their newspapers! Here's the list of newspapers that our Perry Is A Coward ad appeared in on Tuesday morning:

Dallas Morning News
Fort Worth Star Telegram
San Antonio Express news
Austin American Statesman
El Paso Times
Corpus Christi Caller
Amarillo Globe News
Beaumont Enterprise
Tyler Morning Telegraph
The Monitor
Waco Tribune Herald
Texarkana Gazette
Victoria Advocate
Longview News Journal
San Angelo Standard Times
Valley Morning Star
Laredo Morning Times
Lufkin Daily News
Midland Reporter-Telegram
Herald Democrat
Temple Daily Telegram
Lubbock Average Journal
Galveston County News
Odessa American

Here's a challenge for you guys--if you live in one of these cities, please go out and grab a copy of the newspaper from Tuesday. Take a photo of the ad and post it on our Facebook fan page!

We've also gotten a lot of coverage on our newspaper ad in newspapers and blogs. Here's a great article from Talking Points Memo about our Perry Is A Coward ad:

"He's afraid of the record he's established," [Cliff] Walker said. The advertisement cites several topics that the group says Perry should answer questions about, including on his record on the deficit in Texas, his record on education and his tax policies. "These are things that Texans deserve to know. He's using clear stall tactics," Walker said.

As Perry has become a national figure in the tea party movement, Walker said Texans deserve to examine his record and hold him accountable. "The Governor is trying to play a game here where he tries to convince people he's some sort of outsider who is crusading against the government," Walker said. "He's no newbie."

Even Fox News, one of the biggest promoters of the tea party movement, took notice of our ad as you can see here. Here's the list of newspapers and blogs covering the news about our ad:

"New Ad Calls Perry A Coward"
Dallas Morning News

"PAC'in a Punch"
The National Journal

"Day 119 Of Perry Refusing To Debate: Coward"
Burnt Orange Report

"Perry Is A Coward. Got Any Questions?"

"PAC to Gov. Perry: Face Texas Like A Man"
Talking Points Memo

Also, our newspaper ad calling out Governor Perry on his cowardice to face Texans over his miserable record made it onto television in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area last night. Here's the video from the WFAA station, and the transcript is below:

"I think what they're trying to do is jab the bear with a sharp stick to get it up on its hind legs," said SMU political science professor Cal Jillson. "They want Perry to say, 'All right, I better debate this guy.'"
The Back to Basics ad uses a true fightin' word in a state that loves its cowboy ways.

So far today, Governor Perry has refused to stand up and face Texans. His spokesman, Mark Miner, excuses Perry's hiding like a coward:

"We've made the decision that a better use of the governor's time is to talk directly to Texans and reporters throughout the state," spokesman Mark Miner said. He noted the Perry campaign would continue to use social media.

What a lame excuse. Governor Perry needs to face Texans about his miserable record, and the longer he hides from them, the more of a coward he is. It makes us wonder what he's hiding, and Texans deserve better than what we've gotten out of Governor Perry.

Please help us spread the word about Perry's refusal to stand up and face Texans like a man on Facebook and on Twitter!

Also, if you live in one of the many Texas cities we're running our print ad in, please go out and grab a copy on Tuesday so you can post a picture about it on our Facebook fan page!

Disclosure: Donations will be used by the Back to Basics PAC to advocate on behalf of Texans against the hypocrisy of self-serving politicians.

written by Noelle Bell aka slinkerwink, Director of New Media, at Back To Basics PAC